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Terrace flooring ideas

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Nov 10, 2021
Give your terrace a new look with these terrace design ideas - Beautiful Homes

During this time, where many of us are stuck at home and no longer have access to public parks and other natural areas, having private outdoor spaces is particularly important. If you don’t have the luxury of a home garden but still long to go outside, terraces, balconies and patios provide a safe and accessible escape into nature. Whether you choose to add seating and other furniture to these spaces, or leave them open and un-decorated, doing up the floor of your terrace in a way that’s durable and attractive is still a must. 


After all, not properly utilising these outdoor areas and making them a hassle-free, usable part of your home is a real waste of potential. So let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do up your terrace and what are the best flooring for terrace areas.

Terrace Garden Flooring : Artificial Grass & Natural Stone

Designing a terrace garden, with potted trees, hanging planters and a comfortable seating space, creates a private eco-retreat from your daily life. Incorporating the right terrace design ideas for flooring, such as natural stone or a lush, green lawn, can greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Unfortunately, maintaining real grass – with its mud and frequent watering needs, as well as the negative impacts caused by weather – can be a real hassle. A low-maintenance, easy option is to go with Astroturf or artificial grass carpet for terrace spaces. Made from synthetic fibres, they come in easily installable and replaceable tiles, which not only create a grass-like appearance but even feel like the real thing beneath your feet. While the initial costs can be a little high, this type of artificial turf is quite hassle-free and wallet-friendly in the long run, making it an excellent choice to add a cushy swath of green to your terrace.


When creating an organic look which is both easy to clean and climate resistant, natural stone flooring like granite or slate would be the way to go. In an open balcony or an area that might be impacted by weather, choose stone that is more impervious to humidity, heat or water damage and, with basic maintenance, it will look beautiful for years to come. Keep in mind that stone flooring can tend to be heavy and that expert advice on balcony or terrace weight restrictions should always be taken into account.

Artificial grass & Natural stone for your terrace garden flooring design - Beautiful Homes
Tiling designs with ceramic for your terrace with style - Beautiful Homes

Terrace Tiling : Adding Pattern & Style with Ceramics

Doing up your terrace space can be a great way to harmonise that inside-outside connection, this is certainly true when it comes to using ceramic tiles, as there are a lot of colour, pattern and finish options to choose from, allowing you to perfectly reflect the style from your inner rooms. Bright geometric patterns to create a fresh modern terrace spot, warm terracotta or stone like colours for terrace gardens, custom mosaic tile designs for a unique space - tiles are a wonderfully versatile solution for any design need.

Vitrified tiles, in particular, come in a wide range of durable styles and are excellent flooring for terrace areas that experience a lot of exposure to the elements. Today, tile is even available in a wide range of wood or stone looks and finishes, giving you the aesthetic feel of these high-maintenance flooring design options, in a very low-effort, low-cost avatar. If you enjoy entertaining, a wood look vitrified tile floor, some low seating and soft lighting will effortlessly create a party-ready terrace space that is still a breeze for clean up. 


Tiled terraces also give you the option to create a cosy, living room-esque nook that reflects your indoor environment. You can easily customise your terrace flooring to suit your taste and design needs by selecting a tile colour or pattern that enhances and complements your home interiors. With plush furniture and soft rugs, extend that homey, lounge feel and draw the eye outdoors. While a terrace carpet definitely requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance, you do get many weather friendly, outdoor options these days. Plus, with a proper overhang, this may not be a worry – keep track of how rain and wind impacts your terrace prior to making decisions on your décor.

Wooden Terrace Flooring : A Sustainable Classic

When it comes to your terrace wooden flooring looks both classy and understated. This is still a popular flooring choice for outdoor spaces because, despite needing careful upkeep and proper treatment and sealing, it gives an adaptable, classic charm to your space that can be easily enhanced with proper lighting, greenery and furnishings.


The versatility of wooden flooring means that you can match your outdoor space to fit your personal style with ease. Whether you prefer the rustic warmth of textured wooden planks and earthy colours, or a more luxurious gloss with polished compact wood tiles, your final look is certain to be aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden flooring designs for a sustainable classic terrace - Beautiful Homes

Wooden flooring on terrace spaces can even be lower maintenance if created with engineered wood planks or composite wood floorings, which give all the warmth and feeling of luxury at a more affordable price point and with fewer upkeep hassles. Available in a range of natural colours and grains, composite wood can be the most accessible choice for your ideal terrace, easily matching with the decor of your home interiors. This sort of flooring is especially suited to smaller terrace areas as it creates a seamless segue into the outdoors. To complete the look, add a cosy swing and a herb garden, and you have the ideal retreat for your morning tea or just a break with a book.

Cement & terracotta flooring designs for your simple terrace - Beautiful Homes

Simple Style : Terracotta & Cement Terrace Flooring

If you’re seeking less-expensive, yet traditional and simple terrace flooring ideas, consider looking into terracotta tiles or cement flooring. While being starkly different in available styles – cement offers you a wide choice of rustic look, bold patterns or colourful designs, while terracotta cultivates an earthy aura with it’s more restrictive clay tones – they are equally well-loved options for outdoor areas.


Look into terracotta flooring on terrace or balcony areas that are decorated with an organic, natural feel. These tiles come in a variety of shapes and beautiful red-brown shades, that provide an exquisite contrast to your outdoor greenery. One area of concern when using terracotta tiles is that they are highly porous. To keep your floors in optimum condition and looking great in the long-term, make sure to treat the terracotta tiles with penetrative sealants. This will help improve their durability while providing protection from stains, moisture absorption, damp and fungal growth.


Whether it’s a bold or a rustic look that you’re going for on your terrace cement flooring is also a good option. 

Both highly durable and inexpensive, cement can be left in its natural grey form for a more old-fashioned feel, hand-crafted with exquisite texture and patterns to create a truly unique and interesting effect, or given a solid coloured finish with cement oxides. Sun and rain have almost no impact on cement floors, so they can weather through harsh conditions with minimal upkeep, although regular cleaning is necessary. Since cement is also relatively resistant to scratches and stains, the addition of metal furniture, barbeque grills and standing pots or planters are a great way to increase the usability and aesthetic value of your terrace. 


Waterproof Terrace Flooring : Respecting the Elements

Regardless of the material you use, weatherproofing your flooring for terrace and other outdoor areas is very necessary. Having a waterproof, damage resistant finish greatly reduces the effects of the climate and the wear-and-tear caused by time. While natural stone, wooden planks and even terracotta can all be sealed to be water resistant, they all require frequent upkeep and maintenance to different degrees.


If you want that natural look in your interior design, as previously mentioned, one of the best and most durable waterproof options for floors are composite wood floors. And of course, ceramics, porcelain and even a mosaic of pebbles or small glass tiles are a smart choice when it comes to waterproof terrace tiling. But, the true hero that really shines for its enduring durability in heavy monsoons and wet weather is vinyl. In designs that match a variety of modern styles or trends, the new range of vinyls offer an inexpensive, easy-install, practical and high-performance solution for outdoor flooring. Similar to its resistance to water damage, vinyl deals equally well with high sun exposure, making it a flexible option in any climate.


Whatever your space constraints, price point, weather needs, decor scheme or design preference, there’s sure to be a perfect choice that’s ideal for your terrace floors. It’s just a matter of getting the right advice and expert knowledge when crafting the terrace of your dreams.


For all these big and little details, we at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints are here to lend a hand! Browse our curated collection and get in touch to discover how we can help you with the right flooring and more, for your terrace.

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