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Best wooden door designs for your home

  • Best Interior Design for Home
Feb 03, 2022
Wooden door design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Make a lasting impression with these wooden door designs

The design of the door is a hint of what lies beyond. It is often the first element of your home design that people will encounter. Therefore, it pays off to be intentional when choosing the doors for your home— be it for the entrance of your home or the rooms within.


Wood, of course, is an all-time favorite material. Nothing can truly beat its combination of versatility, durability and beauty. When combined with other materials, the possibilities are endless. We have compiled a list of some of the best wooden door designs. Take a leaf from any of the ideas listed below and jazz up the gateways in your home.

1. Teak Wood Door Design

Teak can be used in any woodwork door design. For a modern look, keep it plain. Let the natural grain and variegation be the highlight. A narrow glass panel in the center will allow you to see who your guests are before you invite them in. Alternatively, you can frame the food with glass panels on either side for a contemporary touch. 

Teak wood door design also lends well to more traditional wood carving designs for the wooden main door design. Elegant floral design of door in wood, intricate idol carvings, sophisticated Arabic design of door in wood are just a few options.

Teak wood door design for your home - Beautiful Homes

2. Wooden Sliding Door

Sliding doors work superbly in a studio or open-plan layouts. Bi-fold doors are one option. Open them up when you want to make use of the entire living room space. Wooden accordion doors will make the gateway look even more stylish.


Pocket sliding doors are a great way to divide a large open space. Open them up when you plan on hosting. You'll get easy, unobstructed flow between rooms as these doors slide into the walls and out of sight. Pocket sliding doors also work well in spaces with the indoor-outdoor design style, such as the rooms that open up to yards, patios, balconies, etc.


3. Wrought Iron and Wooden Main Door Design

Add some old-timey charm to your house by combining simple wooden door designs with ornamental wrought iron pieces. Retain the wood's natural finish and contrast it with a statement wrought iron handle and keyhole in a wooden single door design.


Another way to combine the two materials is to opt for wooden door frames and iron doors. Wrought iron doors are known for their intricate designs. For a more classic vintage style, choose intricate scrollwork or botanical design of door in wood. For a contemporary style, select simple geometric patterns. Atomic design of door in wood is one that mimics strobe lines and provides a futuristic aesthetic that is so typical of the mid-century modern design style. 


If you have double doors, you can experiment with asymmetry. For example, geometric patterns that don't exactly match up, or a single design of door in wood that flows from one door to the other instead of mirroring design.

Traditional wood craving designs for your main door in your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Traditional Wood Carving Designs for the Main Door

There's a rich selection of Indian wood carving designs for the wooden main door design for you to choose from. Each region of the country has something stunning to offer. If you want a grand and ornate entrance to your house, the diverse Haveli and temple inspired designs are the way to go. If you want a design that highlights the wood, the wada-esque doors are the way to go. 


The lotus, chakra, bel, jhalar, kalpavriksha, gopuram, elephants and peacocks are some of the popular motifs used in carvings. 

Inspired by temple architecture and design, many also opt for carvings of Hindu deities either on the door or on the door frame.


The hallmark of traditional carved wooden doors is that the door frames are equally beautiful. If you want the elegance of the conventional door but without the heavy frames, you can frame the door by painting a frame around it. Be sure to incorporate some of the design from the door in it. Complement the intricate design of the door with a statement metal knocking ring.


5. Wood Carving Designs for the Main Door

The colonial neoclassical and gothic architecture is another source of inspiration for wooden front door designs. They use a combination of molding, paneling and carvings. Borrow brilliant designs from Mughal art and architecture for your wooden main door design. The intricate jali patterns, geometric latticework, etc., are great options for the main entrance. 


Suppose you prefer simple designs but want to incorporate some carvings in the door. In that case, opt for a singly carved panel on the door. You may center the panel or place it on one end of the door. You may highlight the beauty of the wood by keeping the door plain and framing it with carved wooden panels around it or on either side of it.


Another fun option is to combine stained glass and wooden doors with carvings. When the light hits the glass, the entrance hallway will be filled with a myriad of colorful shadows and silhouettes.

6. Wooden Doors for Home with Paneling

Panel designs are no longer only for walls. Choose simple quadrangular moldings for a minimalist look. Beadboard paneling running the length of the door will create a sophisticated look. Board and batten paneling are good options for a wooden double door design. Suppose you like visual contrast, select shiplap paneling for the door. Break up the horizontal lines with a long metal door handle.

Opt for dual tones wood finish to add some visual interest to your paneled door. A textured vinyl or sunmica with pronounced grain will enhance the pattern and depth created by the paneling. Paint the door white for a contemporary aesthetic, or add a boho spin with a bright colour like blue or pink.

Wooden door design for your home with paneling - Beautiful Homes

7. Traditional Japanese Shoji Wooden Sliding Door

Shoji doors are a great option for areas that flow into outdoor spaces in your home, such as a courtyard, a garden or even a balcony. They allow you to create a blended indoor-outdoor space. With over 200 designs, there's a large selection.


Shoji doors with a combination of wood lattice and translucent material are excellent for a mid-century modern design since they allow the light to flood in. You can also incorporate them into a boho-inspired design by painting the doors. These can make for exceptional features.


Some standard wooden door designs include Aragumi Shoji, Yokoshige Shoji and Tateshige Shoji. Each pattern can have different variations. So, there is a lot of room for customization.

French doors with wooden door frames for your home - Beautiful Homes

8. French Doors with Wooden Door Frame

French doors are classic wooden doors for home options. They easily fit into many interior styles, including but not limited to glam, boho-chic, vintage-eclectic and minimalist. You can dress it up with arched wooden frames. For a slightly understated vibe, opt for the classic lattice pattern. Retain the natural wood finish in Scandinavian inspired interiors. Make a bold statement with black frames contrasting with the glass.

9. Wooden Double Door Design with Wainscoting

wooden single door design with wainscoting is a brilliant option not only for the entrance but also for interiors. It will enhance the exteriors of your home. You can pair the paneling with other materials to create exciting designs.


Board and batten wainscoting with glass above work well as balcony doors. They allow for the flow of light and provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. If you want more privacy, you can opt for frosted glass or drapes.

Best wooden door designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Incorporate some geometric designs to achieve the art deco aesthetic. Shiplap is perfect for the more rustic styles, such as the farmhouse or the barn. Wooden doors with wainscoting can easily be adapted for entrance and interior use.


10. Wooden Rectangular Block Door Design

The Wooden Rectangular Block Door Design is a modern and chic design that adds an extra layer of sophistication to your home's entrance. It uses multiple rectangular blocks, either of the same color or varying shades, arranged to create a stunning geometric pattern. This design is perfect for contemporary homes and can be customized to match the exterior color scheme of your house. Moreover, the block design adds depth and texture, making your entrance visually appealing.


11. A Circle-Headed Entrance Wooden Door

A Circle-Headed Entrance Wooden Door is a timeless design that infuses a touch of classic elegance into any home facade. The rounded top brings a unique architectural element that sets it apart from standard rectangular doors. This design is highly versatile, fitting perfectly in both traditional and modern homes. The circle-headed design is especially suitable for homes that carry an old-world charm or wish to incorporate some traditional elements in their decor.


12. Abstract Flower Curved Wooden Door

The Abstract Flower Curved Wooden Door is a true piece of art. The door features an abstract flower design carved into the wood, adding a creative and artistic touch to your home's entrance. The curved lines of the flower offer a sense of movement and fluidity, making this door a conversation starter. This design is ideal for homeowners who want their entrance to reflect their creative style and stand out in the neighborhood.


13. A Wooden Door with a Metal and Glass Panel

The combination of wood, metal, and glass in this woodwork door design creates a perfect balance between durability and style. The wooden frame provides a classic look and robust structure, while the metal adds a modern, industrial touch. The glass panel allows natural light to filter through, brightening up your entrance area. These wooden door design for homes are perfect for those looking for a contemporary and stylish door that doesn't compromise on functionality.


14. Entrance Wooden Door with a Glass Side Panel

This woodwork door design is a beautiful blend of wood and glass. The wooden door offers durability and a timeless aesthetic, while the separate glass panel on one side enhances the overall look. The glass side panel not only allows more light into your home but also gives your entrance a more spacious and open feel. This design is ideal for those who want to make their entrance look bigger and brighter.


15. A Door-On-Door Entrance - Entrance Wooden Door Design for Home

A Door-On-Door design is a unique and practical design that features a smaller door embedded within a larger one. This design provides flexibility in usage, as you can choose to open just the smaller door for everyday use or the entire entrance for occasions where you need a wider entrance. It's perfect for those seeking a unique yet functional woodwork door design.



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