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Carpet ideas for your living room

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Nov 30, 2021
Grey carpet design for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Selecting carpets for your living room can be overwhelming. Here is a breakdown of all the options available to you and how you can make the right choice

Living rooms are designed with comfort and functionality in mind. The goal is to make it feel cosy and inviting. Carpets are excellent in doing just that. You can use them to add visual interest in the living room through colour, pattern and texture. Alternatively, carpets also make for a lovely canvas against which other design elements in the room can shine. With low maintenance, eco-friendly and stylish options, you can easily incorporate living room carpet design into any aesthetic.


Carpets are no longer permanent flooring installations. Much like rugs, there are more mobile and functional options available. Carpet tiles and planks too are much easier to install than traditional wall to wall carpets. The only significant difference between a carpet and a rug is that the former is larger than the latter.


We have compiled a guide for carpet ideas for living room. Read on to find out more.


Tips on How to Choose Carpets for the Living Room

Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking carpet for your living room.

Carpet Fibre:

The living room sees a lot of foot traffic and other movements. You would want to pick a durable and easy to clean yarn. Stain and fade resistance are added benefits, especially for families with kids and pets.


Nylon is the most popular choice due to its strength and durability. Since it is a synthetic fibre, it is resistant to staining, crushing, mildew and fading. Triexta, polyester and olefin are other synthetic fibre options.


Wool, silk, bamboo, jute, cotton are natural fibres used in carpets. Apart from being environmentally friendly, each material has its own strength.

White & textured living room carpet design in an all white living room - Beautiful Homes

Carpet Construction:

Indoor carpets have one of the following three constructions: berber, pattern or texture. Patterned carpet is generally preferred for areas with a high movement frequency, such as the living room.


Carpet Padding:

Opt for a layer of padding underneath the carpet for additional comfort, insulation, and durability.


Pile Height:

It is the height of the carpet fibre, not including the backing. For high traffic areas like the living room, low pile carpets are best suited in terms of functionality. Low pile carpets have a flat and dense look. Its short fibres are durable and easy to clean since they do not catch dirt and debris. These can stand up to movement and weight without being crushed and maintain their appearance. With homes without kids and pets, medium pile carpets could work just as well and provide added warmth and comfort.


Face Weight:

Face weight is a measure to indicate the quantity of yarn in a pile. The higher the number, the higher the density and longevity of the carpet. Face weight directly correlates to the price of the carpet.



Wall to wall carpet isn’t the only option when it comes to carpeted flooring. Some carpets provide rug-like flexibility in different sizes. How you want to use it in the living room will determine the shape and size of the carpet.


Carpet Ideas for Living Room

Carpets are a fun way to experiment with colour, texture and pattern in a room. With limitless options, it can get overwhelming to make the right choice. Here are some ideas for the latest carpet for the living room to give you some inspiration.

Modern black & white patterned carpet for the living room - Beautiful Homes

1. Modern Carpets for Living Room:

The modern design style is known for its clean and clutter-free look. With its penchant for neutral hues, beige carpet for living rooms became pretty commonplace. In recent years, alternatives like taupes and greys have been rising in demand. Earthy tones of browns and ochres, too, have been incorporated.


In a modern living room with a monotone colour scheme, black and white patterned carpets are a subtle way to introduce interest in the room. With modern design style’s less is more approach, carpets with patterned weaves such as herringbone, ribbed, etc., fit in really well.


A monochrome or a self-patterned rug works best with this style. Some examples are off-shoots of the mid-century modern Beauvais, Siboney, Bretton, etc., styles.

2. Luxury Living Room Carpet:

There are multiple ways to achieve the glam, luxe aesthetic in the living room. A classic is a monochromatic colour scheme with ornate furnishings. The seating area is generally the focal point in this case. So a soft, plush carpet such as an eight frame weave or multi-level loop pile suits the glam aesthetic.


Another classic glam look is accents of crystal or metal against an otherwise all-white interior. The focal point is the glimmer and shines that these materials produce. A lustrous carpet such as velvet or Saxony would be the perfect fit.

Velvet luxury carpet design for living room with matching colour scheme - Beautiful Homes

3. Designer Carpets for Living Room:

For a custom, designer look, choose more stand out pieces that can function as the focal point in the living room. Layering rugs on top of a short pile carpet is one way to achieve a plush look.


Choose carpets with distinct motifs for a classy look, such as area rugs with the greek key motif or Persian rugs with the Herati pattern and floral motifs. Carpets with Celtic knots motif is another classic and elegant option.


Afghan rugs with their centuries-old techniques and specialised designs like herati and harshang offer unique options for the living room. More ornate, large-sized carpets designs that lend to a designer look include savonnerie carpets, Aubusson carpets, serapi carpets, Bokhara rugs and many more.

Stylish & small geometric patterned carpet design for living room - Beautiful Homes

4. Stylish Carpet for Living Room:

You can achieve a sleek and stylish look with carpet patterns like chevron, stripes, quatrefoil and carpet tiles. Geometric designs on rugs offer the same elegance as any other rugs without taking the attention away from the rest of the room.


Striped wall to wall carpets look sophisticated and can make any room appear longer or wider. For a touch of vintage style you can opt for latest carpets for living room that are rich in design but in faded or muted colours.

5. Beautiful Carpets for Living Room:

Various regions in the world boast of a rich artistic heritage in carpet making. The following are some carpet designs famous for their beautiful and complex artistry:

  • Silk carpets from Iran, Turkey and Kashmir boast of elegant Kerman lavar, aredbill, qum and Tabriz designs. Each pattern is made in a variety of colours, some earthy, others bolder. The masterful and detailed artistry make these some of the most sought after carpet options.

  • In carpet designs, Persian and Indian botteh or paisley motifs make for exquisite and imposing flooring options in the living room.
  • Bidjar, serapi and Bokhara carpet designs provide patterns that dexterously combine geometrical and naturalised motifs.
  • Indian dhurrie rugs, though designed primarily for functionality, present an understated charm. Available in both fine and coarse texture, with geometrical motifs, dhurrie carpets can complement minimalist, bohemian and rustic aesthetics.
Multi-coloured carpet ideas for the living room - Beautiful Homes
  • With their distinctive weave and design, Afghan carpets, such as the Khal Mohammadi and afghan aqche, are gorgeous choices for the living room.



6. Colourful Carpet Design for Hall

Neutrals and earth tones continue to dominate design trends when it comes to the wall to wall carpets. But with carpet tiles and planks gaining popularity, adding colour and pattern to your living room has become easy. Here are a few colour trends you’re likely to see in 2022.

  • Earth tones and warm hues are a staple for minimalist living room design styles like the Scandinavian and modern designs.

  • Soft and muted pinks and oranges tie in nicely with shabby chic and other romantic aesthetics.

  • Bold and sensual colours like jewel tones, berry hues, rich blues can add drama in bohemian design, or art deco inspired living room designs.


Big bohemian themed modern carpet for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised living room. You may select all the essentials you need from our shop. Our expert services include Interior Design Services to help you design a home best suited to your style and needs.


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Explore interesting ideas for living room décor and designs for your dream home.
Discover inspirational living room ideas for your home décor at Beautiful Homes.

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