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Innovative ceiling décor ideas to add zest to your child’s room

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Sep 25, 2022
Plain ceiling design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Turn your kids' room into fantasy land with these exciting and innovative ceiling designs

The ceiling is often left unadorned in modern design- a missed opportunity if you were to ask us. But the children's room is one space where you can unleash your creativity and experiment. Children's rooms can be fun, magical, fantastical— in short, whatever they want it to be. And a brilliant way to create a full 360-degree experience is to incorporate the ceiling into the design. We've compiled a bunch of ceiling ideas. Pick a leaf and make it happen or use them as a starting point and give it a personal touch.


Ceiling Design for Kids' Room

1. Fibre Optic Galaxy

The beauty of space and everything astronomical can leave even adults awestruck; no wonder then that children are quite taken with it. After all, who wouldn't like to fall asleep looking at the starry night sky, trying to point out constellations? If you have your hands full with a little stargazer, galaxy ceiling décor ideas might be an excellent way to surprise them with a magical and modern children's bedroom ceiling design.


It is time to move over ceiling ideas with the fluorescent glow-in-the-dark stickers. You can now create a realistic starfield with fibre optics and tiny LED bulbs. With this relatively new ceiling design, you can go all out and add "stars" of different colours, ones that flicker and even shooting stars. Paint some clouds using glow-in-the-dark paint, and you'll have an entire galaxy scene.

Space-themed modern childrens bedroom ceiling design - Beautiful Homes
New ceiling design with POP clouds - Beautiful Homes

2. Blue Skies with POP Clouds

Cloud gazing might be underrated, but we can all admit how stunning they are. Children especially enjoy looking up at these bulbous giants and looking for shapes, objects and animals in them. Why not indulge the little ones and bolster their imaginations with a sky-themed ceiling design peppered with clouds?


You can start by simply painting the ceiling a serene blue or covering it in an intricate wallpaper that mimics the daytime sky. And now comes the fun part, add a 3D element to it with POP clouds. You can use cotton or polyester fluff for a tinge of realism. 

Take it a step further and add LED bulbs or fibre optics before you stick the fluff. It'll add a whimsical touch to the design. If you decide to do that, use polyester instead of cotton, as the latter can heat up and catch fire.

3. Travel-Inspired Ceiling Décor

Do you have the wanderlust bug and are looking to share this love for travel and culture with your children? Then you might want to consider travel-inspired ceiling décor ideas for children's bedroom interior design.


Turn the ceiling into the focal point with a map mural or wallpaper. Personalise it by highlighting the places, routes your family has already taken, or ones you want to. Not only is this a great way to stir children's imagination, but it can also become a great learning tool.


Alternatively, you can suspend travel-themed décor from the ceiling, such as aeroplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, etc. Pair it with more travel-inspired décor around the room, such as framed pictures, mementoes, a globe, a map and so on.

Ceiling decoration with lights - Beautiful Homes

4. Fabric Ceilings for that Warm and Cosy Effect

Are your children obsessed with being royalty? A fun way you can make their dreams come true is with ceiling drapery. Make a canopy with gathered fabric and let it flow down and around their bed. Accentuate the ceiling with a chandelier or a pendant fixture with warm lighting. Choose soft, flowy fabrics in your children's favourite colours and patterns for a personal touch.


5. Solar System Ceiling Décor

Another astronomy-inspired children's bedroom ceiling decoration is the classic solar system. Prepare the base just as you would with the galaxy-themed ceiling décor, with a midnight-blue paint base and LED bulbs or fibre optics for far-away stars. The cherry on the cake is the suspended planets around the sun. Turn the making of these globes into a fun project and get the kids involved.

Simple children bedroom ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

6. Floral Ceiling Décor

Floral designs and décor are a classic choice; it is timeless and elegant. If you're looking for a simple children's bedroom ceiling design, floral wallpaper is the way to go. You have ample options for design and style- vintage, geometric, tropical, stylised or realistic, and so on. Whatever your choice, ensure it fits well with the primary design style for kids' bedroom interior design.


Add a dramatic flair with POP floral ceiling décor. Whether you opt for large singular flowers or a few clusters, don't forget to add details to the design. Choose the colours depending on the primary colour scheme in the room. 

For example, if the room primarily has warm neutrals, opt for muted tones such as olive, sage, soft peach, rust and dusty rose for the ceiling flower decoration. Metallic accents are always a great addition. Suppose you're looking for something a little less permanent. In that case, you can make the floral décor out of paper, cardboard, papier mache, etc.

7. Football Field Ceilings

Is your kid a budding football fan? Turn the ceiling into art that mimics the field. This modern children's bedroom ceiling design would work well in a sports-themed room. You have tons of themed décor options- football-like pendant lamps, framed pictures of their favourite players, jerseys, bedding, etc. If your child likes another sport, fret not, you can use the same strategy to decorate their room.


8. Nature-Inspired Décor Connecting Walls and Ceiling

A nature-inspired theme for a children's room is a great way to add multiple exciting aspects to the interiors. It is a great way to introduce them to the vast nature with animal and plant murals, natural materials and various tactile elements. 

Ceiling décor for a football-themed childrens bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Create a camping atmosphere in the room with a tree canopy design for children's bedroom ceiling decorations. Complement it with a treehouse-style loft bed and soft lighting.

You could paint a tree in one corner with the trunk taking up the wall area, branches extending to the ceiling for room ceiling decoration and the roots coming onto the floor. Incorporate some makeshift seating "under" the tree to create a cosy nook. 

Childrens bedroom ceiling decorations - Beautiful Homes

9. Underwater-themed Children's Bedroom Ceiling Decorations

Turn the children's room into a magical sea world for a 360-degrees experience. Start with covering the walls and ceiling in paint or wallpaper that mimic water. Incorporate tons of fishes and other sea creatures in the form of wall décor, ceiling hanging décor, decals, etc. Add special effects with lighting for that life-like visual. 

10. Artsy Ceiling Hanging Décor Ideas

Suspended hanging and mobiles are a great and easy way to incorporate your child's current obsession into their room interiors. Whether it is birds, superheroes, flowers, butterflies, spaceships, or something else, you are sure to find suspendable ceiling decoration items for it.

Add ceiling hanging decor to add drama to your kids room - Beautiful Homes

Simple Children's Bedroom Ceiling Design

Here are a few simple children's bedroom ceiling designs that are both time and budget friendly:

Ceiling hanging décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
  • ceiling décor idea is to paint a rainbow from one end to the other for a touch of colour and whimsy.

  • You can add patterns to the room by turning the ceiling into an accent wall. Cover it with fun but simple patterns such as stripes, polka dots, random geometric shapes, etc., for a modern children's bedroom ceiling design.

  • Unleash the art attack on the ceiling with splash painting. It works brilliantly as a ceiling décor idea because it is not theme-specific, and there are no rules to do it right. Each outcome is unique.
  • If you're looking for temporary ceiling hanging décor ideas, consider ceiling decoration with balloons, fairy lights, lanterns, etc. It will add instant charm to the interiors.

  • If you're looking to add just a pop of colour, then a solid-coloured room ceiling decoration is the way to go. Don't forget to spruce it up by decorating with ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Choose the Ceiling Décor for a Children's Room?

If you're a DIY enthusiast and want to work on your children's bedroom ceiling decorations,  head to our online shop to find all the necessary tools. Pick from a wide variety of peel and stick wallpapers, single coat emulsions, spray paint stencils, ceiling decoration items, etc. You will also find colour selection tools to help you nail a colour palette for the room. We also have a wide range of options for lighting, furnishing, décor items, etc., that can help create the perfect modern children's bedroom ceiling design.


But DIY may not be for everyone. And in that case, Beautiful Homes' Interior Design Services can help you create personalised home interiors. Our experts will ensure that the room's design is highly customised and best suited to your little ones' needs. From signature walls and furnishing to woodwork and lighting, our professionals will care for all your needs. Whether you want a fantastical space ceiling design for a bedroom or ceiling flower decoration, we've got you covered.

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