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Chic kitchens with butcher block countertops

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Jul 26, 2021
Butcher block countertops for neutral & contemporary kitchen designs - Beautiful Homes

The options for kitchen countertop materials to grace a kitchen are endless. Just as the design themes you can pick from. However, the most functional yet chic countertop material is without a doubt, the butcher block.


A butcher block is different from all other wooden block surfaces. It is made of straight wood blocks glued together to form the most efficient level of sturdiness that lasts for years. Wondering what’s so special about butcher block countertop designs? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite kitchen designs featuring the them;

Matte And Modern
While most modern kitchen designs feature marble countertops, butcher blocks can add an element of surprise with sophistication. While the butcher block here matches with the stool and various tiny elements in the space, the matte cabinets make sure the wooden details are highlighted by providing a dark base. We love how the brick walls are white and the tap is in gold, perfectly balancing both rustic as well as refined design of this kitchen.

Modern kitchen design having butcher block countertop with matte colour palatte - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Butcher block countertops that match kitchen flooring & shelves making a rustic kitchen design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Michael Demarco/ Unsplash

Mix And Match
While it’s a great idea to have a butcher block countertop that stands out, it is sometimes even better to have one that matches the floor and shelves. To counter the bohemian vibe in this kitchen design, a couple of luxe velvet bar stools and golden pendant lamps are added. A modern yet rustic kitchen design, all yours.

An Industrail Inspiration
We’ve seen quite a few living rooms flaunting an industrial vibe. But an open kitchen that feels no less than an art studio? That’s a first and we are all for it! Whie the cabinets are in grey stone wood, surrounded by sleek overalls in white, the wooden butcher block countertop and shelves surely stand out in this kitchen. Speaking of kitchen design, the wooden butcher block countertop in this open kitchen adds a rustic touch to the industrial vibe, making it a perfect fit for the latest kitchen countertop design trends.

Open kitchen design with industrial colour palatte & butcher countertops - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Perfect kitchen design with white interiors & wooden butcher block countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Plüsch

White And Victraion
If you’re a fan of wood interiors and shades of white, this kitchen design must add fuel to your dreams. With the cabinets and walls painted in spotless white, and the butcher block countertop in symphony with the wooden floor, this kitchen design is both bohemian and sleek at the same time.

Natural In Neutrals
Butcher block countertops are perfect for neutral kitchen designs. While the butcher block is sleek in light wood, the brick walls and handmade pendant lamp shades add a surreal countryside feel to this kitchen design. Add bar stools in white and have yourself a minimal summer kitchen!

Butcher block countertops for neutral & contemporary kitchen designs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Jorge de Jorge/ Unsplash

Kitchen interior with yale blue cabinets & light wood butcher countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Plusch

Pop Of Colour
It’s common to assume that kitchen designs with butcher block countertops cannot be quirky. But a single pick of a vibrant colour for the cabinets can change the entire picture. We absolutely adore how balanced this kitchen design is with light wood butcher countertop and yale blue cabinets. The white walls and grey floor simply assist in highlighting the two.

A Running Butcher Block
Another interesting way of making your kitchen design unique and edgy is by adding a butcher block countertop like a table runner. Not only do you get the freedom to use different materials for different sections but also a mix of colours to keep it vibrant.

Interesting kitchen design with running butcher block kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Scavolini

Unique kitchen design with dark colour interiors paired with light wood butcher block kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ALDECA studio/ shutterstock

Dark Colours Light Wood
If you’re someone who loves a dark colour palette for kitchen interiors, using light wood for butcher countertops might just be the perfect match to complete your kitchen design. Another great way to add some life to the space, quite literally, is to pot house plants in your kitchen.

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen and incorporate butcher block countertops but aren’t sure of which materials and shades to go for to complement your kitchen design? Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints is here to help you turn your interior design dreams into a reality.

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