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The perfect children’s room colour combination ideas for your child’s bedroom

  • Colour Combinations
Nov 11, 2021
Bed designs for your kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

When making decisions about the décor of your children’s room, it’s best to start with the basics – what colour combinations do you choose? Keeping in mind their changing interests and tastes can be a challenge, but becomes a little less so with these simple ideas

When it comes to designing the bedroom interiors for kids, there are a few things to keep in mind that you may not need to consider when setting up a space for yourself or another adult. With children, not only is this the room where they sleep, but also where they study, daydream, play and even entertain friends. When planning a kids room to paint colours, choosing ones that are both fun enough to stimulate their imagination, yet let them relax and get a good night's sleep can be tough. What’s more, children are still growing – in both body and mind – the things they like, love and hate, and even their ideas of what they want to be or do will continue to change. This means that you have to choose a colour scheme that they like but that’s still neutral enough to grow with them.


So how do you navigate through these concerns? This guide should help give you some ideas!


Colour Schemes for Kids Room : Start with the Walls

Bedroom design is an important consideration when setting the tone for the whole room. It acts as a backdrop to their changing interests and the ever growing accoutrements of their lives. Therefore, when doing up childrens bedroom walls, it is important to ask for their ideas and opinions on what they want their room to look like. Of course, this does depend a little on the age of the child – pre-teen or teen kids may want to be included in the entire decoration process, while toddlers or younger children may lose interest after their initial enthusiasm. As for babies, bright colours or pale pastels are a great choice.


  • Baby and Toddler Bedrooms
    While bright colours and pale pastels are a great choice for toddlers bedroom, that still leaves you with a wide range of choices! For the lighter shades, many people immediately jump to powder blue, pale pink and pastel yellow when it comes to children's room colour ideas. These are all certainly good choices, but for something a little more unusual, why not try a light grey, soft green or lavender shade. Each of these colours allows for a lot of personal customisation, adding personality to the room, without dominating the space.

    If you’re more inclined towards bold colours, try to limit the use to a single wall, so that it doesn’t overpower the space. You could also soften the effect of bright colours with open shelving or lighter coloured artwork placed on that wall. Alternatively, a more unconventional choice, like adding a warm orange or pink tone on your kid's bedroom ceiling can make the space seem particularly inviting and cosy. For a chic and girly look, consider a pink two colour combination for bedroom walls with a soft, pale pink as the main shade and a deeper, rosy pink as an accent.
  • Bedrooms for Pre-teens
    As mentioned, when choosing colour combinations for kids bedroom walls, taking their interests and likes into account is a necessary part of the process. While younger children and pre-teens may not yet be old enough to make many of their decorating decisions, they’re sure to have fixed ideas of the colours that they like. Designing a bedroom for kids of this age is a lot of fun; including them in DIY mural projects, adding in an easily changeable border that depicts their favourite cartoon character, or using chalkboard paint that will allow them to constantly play around with their walls, is a great way to get them involved in the process.

    At this age, bright colour combinations like navy blue and white, with touches of orange, or a mix of pale pink, grey and lemon yellow, are often a big hit. With a blend of bright and pale colours – fun patterns, tones and themes in study or play areas, and soothing hues in sleep spaces – you can make sure they’re engaged and focused when they need to be, but relaxed at bedtime.
Pink & White colour combination for your kids bedroom walls - Beautiful Homes
Side table design for your kids bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Colour Schemes for Teenage Children
    Teenagers are young adults, and as such, will want to reflect their personalities in their domain. So when it comes to your teenage children's bedroom color ideas it is imperative that you include them in the process. While their opinion is important, if you’re thinking about the longevity of your colour scheme, keeping in mind the rest of the house is also a good idea. Try not to pick colours and themes that clash with the style of your home. But, if their ideas are in stark contrast, there are ways to get around this. 

For example, your house is in classic style, but you teenager wants to go goth-punk. Let them go wild on a single wall! After all, repainting a single wall is a much simpler, less-time consuming and cheaper option than having to re-do an entire room. As with younger children, you could also choose to divide the colour combination for children's room study and sleep areas. Allow them to decorate around their bed in the themes and tones that they find relaxing, while separating out the study space with a more neutral décor scheme. Muted tones, in green, blue or grey, with highlights in brighter shades of the same hues or contrasting purple, orange and red, are easy to mix and match to get a grown up look or a more fun feel. The two colour combination for bedroom walls, such as an accent wall in a jewel tone or highlights within the room, can add extra personality and be easily adaptable as your child grows. For more stunning dual colour combination ideas, check out our blog on two colour combination for bedroom walls.


Easy Change Children's Room Interior Ideas: The Soft Furnishings

Some of the major advantages to considering your soft furnishings while choosing your original colours scheme are:

  1. You’ve opened up the options for your children's room colour combination, while keeping the walls the same.

  2. Soft furnishings are easily customisable and can help a room feel extremely personalised with minimal effort.

  3. The soft furnishings are an important way to tie everything together when it comes to children's bedroom colour schemes.

  4. They also allow for longevity in your paint choices. For example, you’ve chosen to go with a combination of white and navy for your child’s bedroom – when your child is young, carpet, bedsheets and curtains with a superhero pattern and the colour that go with it, work well. As your child grows, you could shift to a space theme, and this colour scheme is still a perfect fit. Now you have a teenager and with just a change of the carpet to muted grey hues, and bedding and drapes that tie all three colours together, you’ve upgraded the room to a more mature feel without the hassle of having to repaint the space.
Customized study table design for your kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Storage space ideas for your kid's bedroom - Beautiful Homes

The Final Touches to your Child's Bedroom Colours

Larger pieces of furniture, the art, storage spaces and the little knick-knacks and decorations that your child collects, all add to childrens bedroom colours. Try to keep in mind all the things that will be going into your child’s space before you settle firmly on the colours and themes. The overall room colours should act as a foil for their interests and personality. If the colour scheme of the room doesn’t reflect this, your child might not feel happy and comfortable in that space.

Easy Tips and Tricks to get you Started:

  • When doing up your kid's bedroom, don’t forget to ask for their ideas and opinions.


  • With kids room paint colours, try to pick ones that can be adapted to suit their changing tastes and style.


  • Commonly used children's bedroom colour schemes, leaning heavily towards pastels or bright colours, are often the perfect choice for your child.


  • A classic children's room colour combination like blue and white, is gender neutral and can reflect your child’s interests through the other décor details that you choose.


  • You don’t need to stick to a dual colour combination for children's room spaces – having two main colours with highlights in a contrasting tone allows for a fun style that’s easy to change in the long run.


  • Look to favourite cartoons and other children’s media for fun children's room colour ideas.


  • Keep in mind that your children's bedroom design should reflect the various uses of the room; from study, to play, to deep and restful sleep.


Still unsure about how to create a personalised bedroom design that’s perfect for your child’s needs? We, at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, would be happy to give you a hand! From looking for unique accessories that will make your kiddos’ eyes light up, to helping you ideate and execute a room they’re sure to love; we’re here to navigate you through the design process, end-to-end. Get in touch with our expert team and start your design partnership right away!


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your home interior design, home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


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