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How to design internals for kids’ wardrobes

  • Wardrobe Design
Nov 19, 2022
Modern wardrobe designs for children's room - Beautiful Homes

Nervous? Don’t be! We’ve compiled some excellent tips for wardrobe interior designs and how to dream up the perfect room for your young housemate

When it comes to house interior design, there is nothing fairly as fun as designing a kid’s room. Consider bright and cheery wallpapers, interactive décor pieces and obviously, so many nods to their favourite fictional characters. Whether you’re functioning around a particular theme or bringing in all of your kid’s favourite things together, there are also sensible considerations such as picking the right furniture, inner wardrobe design, storage for toys, and a ton of room to play.


The perfect wardrobe interior design for kids can add so much convenience to how you organise all their clothes, accessories, and more. An impractical or obsolete wardrobe inside design for bedroom always leads to cluttered piles of clothes that take far too long to sift through. Every parent looks for the best wardrobe design inside that is fit for their kids. The most difficult part is knowing where to begin and what to look for in getting the correct wardrobe inside for their unique room. If you are looking for how to design a wardrobe inside partitions, keep reading below to get modern wardrobe interior design ideas for kids bedrooms. We touch on areas including inner wardrobe design and kid’s wardrobe essentials.



Ideas for Kids’ Wardrobe Interior Design

1. Drawer Organisers for Wardrobe Interior Design

A cluttered space can often contribute to a cluttered mind in youngsters. The energy of a kid’s room can become agitated and make it more difficult. Having the capacity to store more begins with maximizing the available space effectively. All kids tend to stash more things, but if we can’t store and organize them in the most efficient and ergonomic way, where each sort of item is visible and accessible, they are unlikely to be actually happy and comfortable when they are in their closets. Drawer organisers for wardrobe internals are excellent for your naughty toddlers. Department off areas for socks, underwear, and other essentials to make it comfortable for them to locate the items.

Kids wardrobe with white drawers - Beautiful Homes

2. Storage Baskets for Modern Wardrobe Interior Design

Storage boxes allow your kids have all their fashionable choices at the fingertip and in a ready-to-wear condition, always. As they enjoy quick access to all their clothes, it is easier for them to mix and match. Thus, yond make use of all they have. Hence, they make the most of the toys and clothing they already have and spend less money buying new ones.

Open wardrobe for children's bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

3. Hanging Rods for Clothes for a Modern Wardrobe Design Inside

Hanging rods are the most popular kids’ wardrobe internal design accessory because they are convenient and easy to use. Its efficient use of space provides a sophisticated look that finishes off their closet. You will wonder how you ever got along without it once you start using it. You can hang up your kid’s clothes in clean sections for a neat look. For some added fun, you can colour-coordinate the clothes, thereby instilling a colour sense in your kid. What’s more, they are certain to return the colours to the designated compartments, giving the wardrobe a tidy look. Bliss! An extra benefit is that your kid can select what they want to wear, promoting independent thought.

4. Roll Up the ‘Ts’ for an Uncluttered Cupboard Interior Design

Whether you are trying to save space in your kid’s cupboard interior design for bedroom or just don't want wrinkled clothes, how you store their clothes matters. Your kid can certainly haphazardly shove clothes and shoes into their wardrobe, but there's a better way. The best way to battle this problem is by introducing pull-out trays in your kid’s wardrobe interior. All you have to do is roll the Ts up neatly and line them up in the trays. It gets super easy for your child to find the colour they wish to wear. You can do the same for socks and undergarments.


5. Dead Storage Idea for a Modern Wardrobe Interior Design

Sweaters, jackets and other woollens can become a huge trouble when they are not in use. And while your toddler cannot reach the upper shelves of the wardrobe, you surely can. Use the top shelves of the wardrobe interior to store clothing and other items that you will not need in the near future. The biggest advantage of this cupboard interior design for bedroom is that it leaves you with extra space for the ever-growing heaps of clothes you just could not resist purchasing as they looked so cute and quirky on your young one!


Once you have sorted out all the internal storage issues of the wardrobe design inside, here are a few ideas on how to give your kid’s room the right vibe.

6. Opt for a Pristine White Look and an All-white Inner Wardrobe Design

The most exciting part about decorating your kid’s room is that you don’t have to stress about experimenting with colours and themes. Astonishingly, a calm white hue too can upgrade your kid’s bedroom design. A pristine white look is also great to calm down the hyperactive youngster in them. You can also wallpaper your accent wall in shades of blue or grey. Let the white colour sweep through the furniture items and wardrobe internals, giving the room a relaxed and stylish atmosphere. If you enjoy adding colour to the melody, you can go for almost any shade on the colour expanse. It’s going to look just flawless in white.

Children's fitted wardrobe ideas - Beautiful Homes

7. Themed Décor

Bedroom designs are a reflection of an individual’s personality and when it comes to kids, this reflection gets more vehement. Kids have significantly specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, and those ideas are also usually inspired by epic film sets and intricate fairy tale settings. And let's face it, the only way their bedroom will mimic the interior of princess Cindrella is if they find their own fairy godmother. But not all amazing kids' room ideas live outside the domain of potential. It just takes a balance of young imagination with grown-up practicality and style.

Large wardrobe ideas for teenagers - Beautiful Homes

Kids Wardrobe Essentials

  • The wardrobe internal design is an evident consideration when making a purchase or fabricating your kid’s wardrobe.
  • If you are opting for a themed décor, the wardrobe will need to reflect the character and the flush of the theme.
  • Wardrobe inside dimensions matter, as many things have to fit in the given space.
  • Storage details of a wardrobe inside partitions will have to be sorted. If the kid doesn’t have separate storage for toys and games, these will have to be adjusted as well.

Safety and Accessibility of the Child

  • Make sure that you keep the shelves within easy reach of your kid. This goes for your drawers again.
  • Sliding doors are a more suitable bet as they are comfortable to use.
  • Safety features should be considered so that the child doesn’t get hurt. This means avoiding any furniture pieces with blunt edges and checking the finish to prevent shards.
Organized children’s design inside with racks - Beautiful Homes
Children's wardrobe design with boxes - Beautiful Homes

Cupboard Interior Design and Storage Space

  • All kids tend to hoard knick-knacks. Storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, baskets, and cubbyholes are perfect. You can also add a wardrobe inside mirror for added functionality.
  • Fixed drawers or baskets make it more comfortable for them to clean up after playing.
  • Shelving for books is a superb choice.
  • You can also put up a few door hooks where they can hang backpacks, water bottles, and other toys.


How did your room look like when you were a child? We are guessing not exactly like these colourful, creative, and undeniably cool spaces that we talked about. The bedrooms and modern wardrobe design inside of these uber-stylish modern children are studies in judicious editing, inspired ideas, and damn good taste. Looking for some help? Our team at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes knows all your child loves and adores. From a cute wardrobe inside mirror or a wardrobe inside design for bedroom to themed décor ideas, we know it all.

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