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Choosing the perfect wall colours for home office

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Oct 21, 2022
Home office paint colours with minimalist design - Beautiful Homes

The rising trend of work from home situations has made a home office a must. Here are inspiring home office colour ideas to create a quiet but inspiring space

The rising trend of work from home in today’s post- pandemic world has made a home office necessary.  Whether your home office is a dedicated space for running a business, or a remote workspace, create a quiet and calm area that is inspiring and invigorating with the right office paint colours.


Tips to Pick the Best Colours for an Office

The right office wall painting ideas can influence your mood and productivity. Here are some factors to be considered when choosing the best paint colour for home office:

  • Purpose of Home Office

    Consider the main purpose of your office space when choosing office wall painting ideas. Understated tones, like shades of grey and blue, are the best colour for office walls if you want to increase focus. Vibrant colours for home office can be more inspirative.

  • Your Working Style

    Some of the best colours for an office of a creative worker are invigorating colours, like reds and yellows. More focused workers may do better with a serene small office office wall colour combination.

  • Dedicated or Shared Space

    Your office paint colours will depend on the space used. For instance, neutral hues are the best colour for office walls that double as a guest room. A dedicated space can have office paint designs to match your work style.

  • Amount of Light

    Light will significantly impact your choice of small office home office paint colours. Rooms with little to no natural light might need a lighter office room colour combination while a well-lit room can benefit from darker tones, like deep grey office paint colours.

  • Vastu Compliance

    You may want to incorporate Vastu Shastra rules when choosing your office room colour combination.

  • Size of Space

    Lighter small office office paint colours will open a space up. A large, expansive space will be more intimate with darker office painting ideas.

Choosing Best Paint Colour for Home Office

Here are inspiring office colour ideas to boost productivity and provide a stress-free work environment.


1. Clean and Uncluttered Office Paint Colours - Whites

If you want limited visual distraction, and a clean and uncluttered space, white is one of the best paint colour for home office. Warm whites with orange undertones, as small office office paint colours, can bring a hint of warmth to a room and make it feel bigger. They are also a great backdrop for inspired creative office wall design.

2. Best Colours for Home Office - Blues

Blue hues are the best colours for home office as they stimulate the mind and increase productivity. Cool blues, as a small office office wall colour combination, offers a relaxed vibe and are great for concentration. Darker, muted blues, as home office paint colours, can create a sophisticated workspace that is great for meetings.

Small office blue wall colour combination - Beautiful Homes
Brown & white colour combination for office walls - Beautiful Homes

3. Muted Colour Combination for Office Walls - Grey and Beige

If you have trouble concentrating, choose grey office paint colours and beige. This lovely colour combination for office walls will increase focus and stop your mind from wandering. They are also an excellent creative office wall design backdrop.

4. Soothing Wall Colours for Home Office - Greens

Quiet, relaxed greens, as office room colour, can be soothing, and most importantly, not distracting. Beige greens and yellow greens are stress-reducing modern office paint colours that also provide a marvellous canvas to decorate home office wall.

Cyan office room colour combination with wooden study table - Beautiful Homes
Cream office wall colour with open shelves - Beautiful Homes

5. Cheery Office Wall Colours - Yellows

It is important to foster an inspiring space and not play it too safe when it comes to office wall colours. Yellows are gorgeously bright and stimulating small office office paint colours that can liven up an uninspired home office, by infusing optimism and enhancing creativity.

6. Bold Modern Office Paint Colours - Reds

Red may seem like a bold choice for an office room colour but deep and dusky reds are a great way to energise a room. After all, an office space is not for relaxing; the space should feel dynamic. Shades of red are striking office wall colours that injects flamboyance, adds energy and fosters creativity.

Best colour for office walls with floating shelves - Beautiful Homes
White colours for home office with wooden study table - Beautiful Homes

7. Serene Home Office Paint Colours - Neutrals

Neutral hues as modern office office paint colours, whether they are soft ivory or warm creams, make spaces airy and provide an elegant feel. People feel more comfortable and more focused with these balanced colours for home office that makes few demands on the eye.

8. Charming Colour Combination for Office Walls – Coral and Peach

A visually inspired line of work will benefit from bold, playful shades of colours for home office, like coral pink and peach. A vibrant pink can keep energy up throughout the day. Glam it up and decorate home office wall with gold finishes, or tone it down with natural woods.

Home office wall paint designs for bedroom - Beautiful Homes


Office Painting Ideas for a Home Office

  • Create zones with Paint for Office Room

    Shut yourself away from the rest of the home by zoning with small office home office paint colours.

  • Get Inspired with Home Office Paint Colours

    Use bold office colour ideas to energize the space and inspire creativity.

  • Get Focused with Office Paint Colours

    Use cool office paint designs to promote concentration.

  • Decrease Reflection with Paint for Office Room

    Less saturated and muted colours can help lessen reflection on monitors.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you Choose the Best Colours for Home Office?

Are you looking for ideas to create a workspace in your home? From choosing the best design to picking the right wall colours for home office, our expert design team at Beautiful Homes will be able to help you. Browse through our curated, unique collection at our online store to decorate home office wall. Contact us for interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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