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Clever colour blocking paint ideas to make your walls pop

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Oct 01, 2022
Colour blocking ideas for your home wall - Beautiful Homes

One of the most popular trends in interior design is colour blocking. Let’s take a look at innovative colour blocking ideas to make your interiors pop

A good interior design project requires knowledge and experience in space planning, furniture design, and architecture as well as focus on the aesthetics to make a striking and cohesive space.


Colour Blocking Meaning

One of the most popular trends in interior design is colour blocking. Colour blocking meaning is the use of contrasting colours and shades to bring a fresh look to your rooms.


Rules for Colour Blocking at Home

1. Clever Colour Blocking to Segment Space

A smart use of colour blocking walls ideas is to incorporate it as a way to delineate spaces beautifully in an open floor layout.  Accent the beautiful colour scheme with the help of cushions, chairs with distinct hues and woodwork, all merging cohesively yet lending an individual charm.


2. Ingenious Shaded Colour Blocking Walls Ideas

When it comes to making an impact with shaded colour blocking paint ideas, the key is to mix tones, to avoid the scheme from feeling too drab. Use the same rich colour in glorious temperatures and tones to create a timeless décor in your colour block living room.


3. Colour Block Wall Painting Ideas using Shapes

Blocks of bold colours in vertical and horizontal rectangles in complementing shades like teal on blue or mauve on purple on colour blocking walls can provide a very striking effect.

4. Innovative Colour Block Furniture

Don’t limit yourself to walls! Go overboard with chic colours on furniture, for instance, use bold colours like deep orange or a sunny yellow on odd chairs or tables for an energizing pop of colour.

Colour blocking with your colourful furniture for your home - Beautiful Homes
Monochrome colour blocking ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

5. Mesmerizing Monochrome Colour Blocking Walls

Using shades of your favourite colour blocking paint to create a space where every piece matches perfectly, but the approach doesn't feel overpowering can make for a harmonious and soothing colour block living room.


6. Get Quirky with Colour Blocking Pastel Shades

Pastel colour blocking paint ideas are fun ways to incorporate soft and quirky hues when colour blocking bedroom walls. Pair marine-inspired pale greens and blues on walls, furniture and cabinetry to echo the colours of a coastal landscape.

7. Dynamic, Dark Colour Blocking Paint Schemes

Create a brooding sense of intrigue by using colour block wall paint in tapering horizontal dark shades to add depth when colour blocking bedroom walls. Keep flooring pale and include hits of white on furniture for a cooling influence.


8. Accent Spaces with Colour Block Painting

Lay a solid foundation with warm neutrals and introduce bold colour block wall paint in small doses on doors and windows to create a focal point that doesn't overwhelm the interior colour scheme.

Enhance your master bedroom with amazing colour blocking ideas - Beautiful Homes


Add Depth with Colour Blocking

Colour blocking ideas that goes well with white home interiors - Beautiful Homes

1. A Visual Statement with Colour Block Panelling

Panelling in a bold, colour block wall paint can create an illusion of depth and make a striking statement in a small room. 


2. Clash and Contrast with Block Colour

Opposites attract and three or four vibrant colour blocking paint ideas add depth when properly combined.


3. Add Block Colour Stripes for a Whimsical Nursery

Simple pastel stripes as colour blocking walls ideas can look darling in a nursery and are a popular choice for children's rooms.

4. Dramatic Floors with a Colour Block Effect

Pair light and dark stained short wood pieces to create the illusion of three-dimensional building blocks in a parquet floor.


5. Use Block Colour Edging to Accent Mirrors

One of the neatest colour blocking walls ideas is adding an edging to a wall mirror or wall art in a different, bold shade for a 3D effect.


6. Unique Block Painting Colour Backsplash to Enhance Kitchen Décor

Enliven a tired looking kitchen with a bright colour block backsplash in an energizing tonal green, blue or yellow.

Enhance your colour blocking with wooden pieces - Beautiful Homes

7. Exquisite Accent Wall Colour Block Wall

An easy way to create an accent wall colour block wall is with wallpaper. Geometric designs in bold colours can add depth and character to a space.


8. Block Wall Painting Ideas for Exterior

Set a whimsical tone in a courtyard with exterior colour blocking walls ideas. A muted lime-green colour will blend gently into lush landscaping.


9. Accent Painted Woodwork with Colour Blocking Walls

Make a colour block statement by painting the walls and woodwork in contrasting colours. A dark blue matt-finish will add depth to a room and create a mellow contrast to white woodwork and trim.


10. Use Ceiling Colour Block Painting to Dramatic Effect

Pair a dark grey colour block ceiling with lighter wallpaper to create a high ceiling effect that makes the room feel much bigger.



Faq's for Colour Blocking:

1. What is Colour Blocking in Home Décor?

Colour blocking is using blocks of colours that contrast with each other to create an unusual and striking look in a home’s interiors.


2. How do you Colour Block Interior?

Painter’s tape is the easiest way to colour block walls to create crisp, sharp lines. Mark the area with pencil, lay masking tape and paint. Once dry, repeat on the other side for the contrasting shade.


3. How can I Make my House Pop?

Colour blocking walls ideas using striking geometric shapes and vibrant colours in different tones and complementing or contrasting hues is a great way to make a house pop.


4. Is Colour Block Flattering?

A colour block scheme could be just the tonic to transform a space in an instant. A stunning colour block pairing can make a striking and flattering visual.


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