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The complete guide on marble: All you need to know about marble

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Oct 04, 2022
Marble guide for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

The royal appearance of marble is sure to draw attention like no other. Design creative spaces-both indoors and outdoors with the help of our complete marble guide

Home décor and design have become more essential than ever in our days. Together with engineers and architects, interior design professionals find the perfect functional interior design solutions to make a space practical, secure and pleasing to the eye.


The interior design varies in formats and formulas, sometimes completely distinct and other times with only the most gentle of differences. Yet each element presents its own character, finishing touch and experience that offer a space in unique layers of inspiration, history and creative endeavour. One such flavourful element is marble. Marbles for home indeed have started to pop up everywhere, from marble wall design pieces to marble flooring and fashion. Moreover, lately, there has also been an immense artistic décor comeback in the house interiors and marble design for home looks like the perfect material to embrace this new interior mood.


While marble design pieces are still synonymous with luxury and opulence, on the other side it has a novel contemporary connotation and works amazingly well for minimalist and modern house décor. Here are our complete marbles for home guides helping you pick the perfect style for your space and ambitions, and hence ensuring you achieve visual perfection with a lot less hassle.



What is Marble?

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock completed by recrystallized Calcite. These rocks are transformed over the years from the prevailing rocks. The process is called Metamorphism, which means an incremental change in the state. Nowadays, a marble design for home is becoming the most popular natural stone for various décor items in house interiors.

Properties of Marble

1. Aesthetics and Appearance: Eternal Beauty

Marble comes in a wide array of marble colours, including white, black, green, grey, yellow, and rose. A marble design has long been prized for its beauty and warmth with a natural grace and beauty that pairs well with any kind of décor. Out of all types of marbles, the most popular type is White marble. When you select any marble design in a room, you can be sure they will be as appealing in a century as they are today.

Classic white marble for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Using marble on your table for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

2. Durability: Immortal Strength

It is easy to get fooled by the maintenance needs of marble compared to other types of natural stones, however, marble is still an exceptionally strong stone. It has been used as a building material for centuries and many of the world's oldest and immortal landmarks are made from marble, including the Taj Mahal, Parthenon, and Lincoln Memorial. Marble's strength makes it naturally resistant to cracking and scratching.

3. Chemical Reactivity: Treat with Care

Marble has a pH on the base (alkaline) side, due to its origin as a sedimentary limestone. This means that it is highly reactive whenever it comes in contact with acidic items. This includes a wide variety of foods, sauces, beverages, and cleaning products.


4. Marble Finishes: Glamour Without Gloss

The most significant advantage of marble flooring is that it immediately boosts the impression of a space, giving it a royal approach that is difficult to imitate. And marble is available in numerous colours, and even in attractive multi colour mixes, delivering flexible options for a variety of adorning schemes. Tiles can also be cut into rectangles and triangles of varying sizes in order to create intricate mosaic installations.


5. Lustre

Marble for home has its own natural glow that reflects light in a room. If you have a bathroom or kitchen on the smaller side or without as much natural light as you would like, marble tiles are a good choice for making a room appear larger and brighter. Like other types of natural stone, marble polishing should be done regularly to maintain its quality and beauty.


6. Porosity

Marble flooring or marble tiles are fairly porous, hence you shouldn't allow water to puddle and stand on the surface. Standing water can penetrate inside the stone and discolour it.

7. Heat Resistance

A marble floor design or a modern marble mandir design is a great idea for your abode since marble is heat resistant. A kitchen marble design or countertop will not burn, melt, or catch fire, although it's still a good idea to use a trivet and avoid placing hot pans on the surface to prevent damage to the finish.


8. Scratch Resistance

Marble will scratch or if exposed to acid for a prolonged period, it will etch where the polish or sealant fades. You can hone marble to help hide etching. For light scratches and water spots, you can use dry steel wool to buff it out.

Marble designs for your kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes



Marble countertops have evolved as a standard kitchen element in the past few years. The beauty of kitchen marble design is that it works equally well with everything which makes it effortless to pair with various design themes and gadgets. Marble countertops go with every style, whether it’s classic, modern, rustic, or victorian.

Marble design for kitchen countertop design - Beautiful Homes


If you wish to incorporate contrast and impact to your kitchen instead of full-fledged counter makeovers utilising marble, marble kitchen islands are a great choice. They stand out from the rest of your kitchen and make a statement in a special way.



If your kitchen has a simple, pastoral feel for your kitchen countertops– a marble backsplash can bring a theatrical contrast. Pick subway marble tiles for a more industrial look, or a complete, solid marble backsplash to exhibit the extraordinary patterns.


Polished marble tiles have always been a great choice for glamorous bathroom floorings. If you really want to dare, you could also opt for an all marble bathroom décor by choosing marble both for flooring tiles and wall coverings. Ensure to play them with soft accessories and fittings in order to avoid a too cold and hostile ambience.




Whether you select bathroom marble design subway tile to line the totality of a modern glass walk-in shower or a differently shaped backsplash for a free-standing tub, Indian marble walls are a classic option for bathrooms.




If there is a half-wall in your house, building a pass-through for a kitchen, living room, foyer, or any other room, contemplate utilising marble to make this element into a focal point. Add a wall cap to form an extravagant statement, or consider concealing the whole of the feature in marble to contrast with the existing décor set.

Marble ideas for your bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes
Marble design ideas for your entry way interiors - Beautiful Homes


You can create spectacular marble flooring for the entryway of your abode. The elegance and grace that are available with the material in addition to cultured variants create bespoke flooring plans and patterns. The detailing and depth that marble brings to the space is beyond imagination.

How to Maintain your Marble Flooring and Walls?

A marble floor design or a marble wall needs routine TLC to increase its lifespan. That means sealing them once installed to prevent any stains from settling. Sealing needs to be done at least annually, though some advise doing so every six months if it gets heavy traffic and use.

Marble design ideas for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

You can remove stains with a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide or with refinish. It will also need regular cleaning and periodic marble polishing.


It’s most suitable to avoid acids on any marble design surface because the acid can dull the brilliance of marble. Marble is also sensitive to chipping, so beware of knocking things, like a sharp belt buckle or other heavy objects, across it.


Why Consider Marble for Homes?

1. Luxurious Touch

Nothing can match the luxurious look of marble design for home. There is a richness to it and a character to the stone that others can’t even come close to. The most attractive feature people find about Indian marbles is the veining.

2. Timeless Beauty

The passage of time does not leave its mark on a marble design, thus it maintains its original aspect. If we compare it with other décor materials, marbles for home are always at their best.


3. Long Lasting

When installed properly and professionally along with adequate maintenance, a marble design for home will hold up very well over time. Resistant to heat and cracking, marble stone can be conveniently relied on to perform impressively in the kitchen or bathroom and around a fireplace.

Luxurious marble ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Natural stone for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Natural Stone

Marble Stone is a statement building material that provides colour and grain to space. It not only adds vibrancy and rich beauty to a property but adds value.


5. Not much Expensive

Since marble stone is widely available, it is less expensive and more of an affordable option as compared to other natural stones.


6. Trendsetter

A marble design in the room highlights captivating tales to our minds while capturing our attention like no other. The utilisation of white marble or onyx marble in the interiors brings a new life to the gorgeous interior décor trends. The sheer brilliance of the stone makes everything appear heightened visually.

7. Less Maintenance

Marble tiles and floors are easier to clean than other items. When you think about rugs, dropping any kind of drink or food on it can leave a stain. If you have kids in your home or you invite guests over, spills are going to happen. Marble flooring resists moisture and is an easy-to-clean surface, no matter what you spill. Keep up with the sealant for protection and forget your concerns.


8. Matches every style

Any marble design for home enhances any décor style and upgrades the look and character of the space. Whether it’s a marble bathroom, a large onyx marble

Designer grey marble ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

entryway flooring or a modern marble mandir design, all give a finished glow that illuminates the light and makes the space more inviting. Most homeowners absolutely love the elegance that marble can bring to their home décor.


9. Patterns and Colours

A marble stone is available in a broad range of marble colours, patterns and marble designs, thus you can select from different types of marbles and their colours. No other material looks as elegant and beautiful as marble.


10. Durable Material

Marble flooring or a marble wall design is remarkably durable and long-lasting, it can withstand any external pressure, and any sudden change of weight can efficiently be handled. Hence it is appropriately suited for high-traffic areas such as restaurants, hotels, etc.


Turn your Home into a ‘Marvellous’ Masterpiece with Beautiful Homes

A house marble design is timeless and is one of the most prevalent options that come to mind when looking for home décor ideas. It’s extremely versatile and has many applications in every room in the house. From marble walls and marble floors to any marble design in the room, from kitchen backsplashes to accent wall panels, it makes for a chic addition to any space.


At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes our expertise is in crafting bespoke marble solutions for your interiors, based on your specific needs. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious house marble design or are looking for the best marble tiles price, Beautiful Homes has something for you and your abode.


We even make it easier for you to source the latest in décor, furniture, home accessories and styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.


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