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Entertain in style with these 11 creative bar counter designs for your home

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Oct 07, 2022
Corner bar counter design for home - Beautiful Homes

House parties just got a lot more stylish with these home bar designs

Home bars can sometimes be overlooked elements in home interior design or just not high on the priority list given space constraints. We usually find some empty cabinet or space in a cupboard to store our bottles and use the dining table or kitchen counter to make those delicious drinks while entertaining. While that system technically work, home bars are a great addition to any home and we have listed great ways to incorporate a variety of home bar designs into any space. Bar counter designs for the home can range from the simple space savers to the luxurious and grand. Read on to explore some creative bar counter design ideas.




The first step in creating an Indian home bar design is to settle on the location. Understanding how much space you have will help you figure out the design of your home bar. From an awkward alcove or corner to an entire room or even using your outdoor spaces, your bar design will be dictated by the location. The most common area within the home is in the dining room or close to the kitchen so that you don’t have to keep making multiple trips to get what you need while entertaining. If you have the luxury of space, consider adding a bar sink and small workstation to your home bar along with extra storage for glassware, bottles, wine racks and bar accessories. A mini refrigerator is also a great addition if you have the space. An elegant wooden bar counter for home can neatly tuck away a few, if not all, of these elements. Add comfy bar chairs and your home bar is good to go.

Home bar designs with island counter & wall panelling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture



Simple bar counter design for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

The Modern Bar Counter for Home

Everything about this home bar design is sheer perfection. When it comes to bar counter design ideas, an abstract shape like this one in black paired with a sculptural light fixture will fit in perfectly with your modern home interior design. Sleek storage with open shelves and plush bar chairs completes the look. Novel geometric shapes lend a contemporary look so let your imagination run wild.



The Multi-Level Home Bar Design

From the smoky blue walls augmented by metallic shelves to the feature light, artwork and bold mustard bar chairs, this vignette screams maximal excellence. The metallic rimmed home bar countertop catches our eye for the effective multi-level design which allows one to use the lower, discreet level to create those spectacular cocktails while guests enjoy them on the upper-level marble countertop. The design also cocoons areas like the bar sink, extra storage, mini refrigerator and work counterspace. Even if you don’t have a large space for your home bar, look at creating a smaller and sleeker version of the multi-level counters within your space constraints.

Indian home bar design with yellow chairs & blue walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs



Bar counter design for home with wood ceiling design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

Indian Home Bar Design in Marble

Marble is one of those timeless materials that will always be elegant no matter what your interior design style. Even if you are imagining a simple bar counter design for home interiors, consider using marble to enhance the bar. You can go in for a marble ‘block’ as seen in this image or even try a marble waterfall edge countertop for your home bar.




The Kitchen Bar Counter Design for Home
A great way to add functionality to your open kitchen is by creating a semi-partition that houses a multi-use counterspace. This island counter can be used as a breakfast nook as well as doubling as a kitchen bar countertop. Use a simple bar unit to house your bottles, glassware and bar accessories.

Kitchen bar countertops for home décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard



Small bar counter for home for living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique

Save Space with the Partition Bar Counter Design

For smaller homes, interior designers are constantly looking for innovative ways to save space and multi-functional furniture is high on that list. Craft your home bar to double up as a room partition. Even in large and open rooms, this is a great use of a room partition that works as a home bar while the see-through home bar design of glass doesn’t completely block off the different zones.




A Portable Bar Counter for Cosy Spaces

If you don’t have the option of dedicating a lot of space for your bar, a portable bar counter might be just what you need. Paired with wall-mounted glassware racks, this simple bar counter design for home takes up very little floor space but is large enough to hold the favourites. You can also easily move it around to suit your needs while entertaining.

Portable bar counter for small homes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock



Corner bar counter design for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

The Corner Bar Counter Design for Home

Transform dead space like an awkward alcove or an empty corner into an ideal home bar and make use of the area that wouldn’t otherwise be used. Compact spaces will need small bar counters for home and a corner unit could be created with a corner wall-hung cabinet for glassware and a corner base unit with a simple bar counter to store bottles and other accessories. Sizable corners can house a bigger home bar design like the one seen here replete with seating and the works.




The Pull-Down Bar Counter Design for Small Homes

Putting vertical space to good use, a pull-down shelf can transform into a small yet effective home bar countertop that is perfect for small gatherings. The pull-down shelf closes back up to conceal your bottles and glassware when not in use. This is a great idea if you are really low on space, don’t have a multitude of big gathering or are just starting out with your collection.


Wooden bar counter for home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock



Modern bar counter for home with ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

The Sculptural Luxury Bar Counter Design

This sculptural home bar design just screams extravagance and enhances the drama of the home bar. The fabric cladding, black glossy finish, metallic highlights, drop ceiling with cove lighting and exquisite wall unit for storage all add to the luxurious setting.



The Industrial-Chic Home Bar Design

In this modern bar counter for home, the rawness of the metal shelving and bar unit detailing is beautifully balance by the warm wood and soft lighting. The sculptural pendant lights and backlit bar counter are a flawless example of how to use lighting to enhance home interior design. A black stone home bar countertop beautifully ties in the dark, industrial-chic aesthetic.

Home bar countertop with lighting & wood flooring - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Cane Boutique



Bar counter design for small home for terrace - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Gokul Rao Kadam

The Outdoor Bar Counter Design

Outdoor spaces like patios, rooftops and terraces are the perfect venue for house parties or intimate sundowners. A outdoor home bar will take your entertaining to the next level. And if you happen to have a pool with your new poolside bar, that’s just icing on the cake. Remember that any outdoor bar counter design will face the brunt of the weather so make sure to use weatherproof materials like natural stone and seal the countertops and storage areas periodically. A poolside bar will need anti-skid flooring as well.

From choosing the ideal location to adding the necessities and luxuries to crafting the perfect home bar for your needs and entertaining requirements, bar counter designs may require the help of experienced designers to turn your pipe dream into a reality. It is important to choose those who will give the proper time and effort to designing your home bar like the team of experts at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints. You will get the benefit of a panel of designers and skilled contractors along with a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way for a fuss-free solution. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retails stores in various cities for furniture, lighting and décor.

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