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Different types of chairs designs

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Oct 29, 2022
Armchair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Find the perfect chair for your home with this detailed guide to chair designs

Wherever you are reading this, we suggest that you grab a chair.

Well, there is nothing to worry about, except we would like you to be seated as we take you on the journey of "Everything you ever wanted to know about chairs".

This list comprises popular old and new chair designs to help you make an informed decision.


1. Armchair

The core purpose of an armchair's design is to support your arms while sitting, hence the chair's name. They work well as a part of a seating arrangement. But with the right upholstery, armchairs can be an accent piece adding a flair to the room. There are numerous types of armchairs, and you are sure to find one that best represents your taste.

2. Winged-back

Winged-back chairs always have your back, quite literally. The wings on the chair were added to keep you from heat and sudden breeze while also giving the chair a standout design, making them a classy addition to your home.

Winged back chair design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Chesterfield chair design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Chesterfield

Are you looking for something timeless that adds an elegant touch to your home? Then look no further than Chesterfield chairs. The combination of leather upholstery and extraordinary tufted sofa back design is both aesthetically pleasing and provides the utmost comfort. Use other plush fabrics such as velvet and damask instead of traditional leather to better suit your interior style.

4. Recliner Styles of Chairs

Have you ever sat on a Recliner in a movie theatre? If yes, then you know they are the go-to chairs for superior comfort. There are standalone recliner chairs and sofas that come with additional support and accessories. They are an excellent addition to living rooms, patios, and media rooms.

5. Rocking Chair

Ever imagined yourself in a Rocking chair, lost in a world of fairy tales with no worries whatsoever? Bring them home for their vintage appeal. Add a lumbar pillow and chair pad for additional comfort. A staple in nurseries, they're also a great addition to patios and studies.

Rocking chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Ghost chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

6. Ghost Chair

Before you get spooked by the name, let us tell you that there's hardly anything scary about these chairs. The ghost chair gets its name from the fact that it's transparent. They are the right modern chair design if you're aiming at keeping your décor minimal yet magnificent. They work incredibly well as dining table chairs in small houses and apartments.

7. Tub Chair

A perfect blend of sophistication, ergonomic design and style that never grows old: that's the Tub chair for you. They can be a complementing fit in the bedroom or just the perfect reading chair in a cosy nook.

8. Deck Chair

Wondering what would be a perfect fit for outdoor seating? How about a deck chair that promises durability and a modern design? You also get to choose from materials ranging from teak wood to plastic, depending on the climatic conditions in your region.


9. Ladderback Chair

Product of the middle ages, these were unique chair designs at the time due to the horizontal slats used for the backrest. While not a modern chair design, you can incorporate these elegant pieces into your homes as dining chairs, reading chairs, etc. 

Deck chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Desk chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

10. Desk Chair

Since working from home is the new normal, why not do it in style and comfort? Chuck your boring office chair out and switch to an elegant, ergonomically sound and flexible modern chair.


11. Side Chair

The perfect sidekick to your hero chair is a side chair. Add a side chair as an accent to your décor and see it work magic for the look of your home. Pick one with a dramatic shape or patterned upholstery to create visual interest.


12. Club Chair

Characterised by their low backs and heavy arms, Club Chair makes for an excellent attraction in the lounge area of your home. They were first used in gentlemen's clubs all over Europe, hence the chair's name

13. Slipper Chair

These elegant chairs get their name because of their low height, which makes them the most convenient for wearing your slippers. In that sense, they are pretty functional. But with the right upholstery and cushions, they can be the perfect accessory for your home interiors.



14. Chaise Lounge Styles of Chairs

Want the best of both — comfort and style? Then Chaise Lounge chairs are the perfect pick for your home. Available in a myriad of materials, colours and styles, you can seamlessly incorporate them into any part of your home. 

Slipper chair ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Swing chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

15. Swing Chair

Let the kid in you relive those moments of nostalgia by bringing a swing chair home. They also add an energetic vibe to your home and never look out of place.


16. Sofa Chair

A standalone comfort seat or an accent chair to your sofa set, a sofa chair is something you wouldn't want to miss in your living room. You, too, deserve some lazy days binge-watching your favourite show on a sofa chair.


17. Folding Chairs

The use of folding chairs can be traced back to ancient times. Through the ages, its design has evolved to now include armrests and backrests. These are great, portable options for small homes, studios, outdoor seating, etc.


18. Balloon Chair

The balloon chair is the perfect addition for anyone who likes the over-the-top Victorian interiors or a slightly more modern version of it like the traditional style. The ornamentation on the legs and the back are typical for the era. Use these for formal rooms' chair designs.

19. Swivel Chair

As work from home has become more commonplace, you see swivel types of chairs in the home too. Allowing more movement and mobility, they are excellent options for workspaces in the house.


20. Wishbone Chair

Do you like simple and soft biomorphic shapes? Then the wishbone chair is the right fit for you. Created in 1949 by Hans Wegner, this chair design is the perfect example of mid-century modern aesthetic sensibilities. Use these wooden beauties for additional seating in your living room or as a part of your vintage-esque vanity.

Swivel chair design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes


Chair Design Based on Materials

All types of chair designs can also be bifurcated based on the materials used to make them. Some are relatively modern materials, while others are age-old. But the beauty of technology here is that you can mix and match form and materials to create new chair designs. Here are a few popular options:


1. Wooden Chair Design

Wooden chair designs add a rustic and vintage touch to your home. Classy, durable, and elegant, they never go out of trend. From beech to teak, pick from a variety of wood that matches the style of your home. Most designs we've seen so far are available in this timeless material when it comes to types of wooden chairs.


2. Steelcase Chair Design

Highly durable and moulded into any shape and style yet not compromising on comfort, steel chairs are versatile and work well with many design styles. Be it the living room, the dining room or your workspace.


3. Plastic Chair Design

Strong and comfortable might sound like opposites, but not when it comes to plastic chairs. With unending colour and design options, various types of plastic chairs are excellent complementing pieces.


4. Cane Chair Design

Light in weight but heavy on style quotient, cane chairs are easy to move around and look good no matter where you place them. Minimalistic design and durable in nature, they are pretty versatile.


5. Leather Chair Design

Graceful and stylish leather chairs age like fine wine; add them to your living room for a lavish look. If you're looking for more sustainable options, choose new chair designs made of vegan or faux leather.


6. Bamboo Chair Design

Earthy, lightweight and durable bamboo chairs pose a simplistic vibe and are a fantastic addition to your décor. Match them with suitable curtains and wall colours to crack the look you have always wished for.


7. Wicker Chair

Some things never go out of style— wicker chairs are a great example. Adding grace to every home since the 70s, they have maintained their rustic appeal even in today's day and age. These types of chair designs work well in contemporary minimalist styles, coastal or beach house styles, and even eclectic ones. If you're looking for an easy-breezy aesthetic, wicker chairs are the way to go.



Chair Design for Different Rooms

While these pieces of chairs are mainly functional, not all types of chairs are suitable for all rooms, purposes or design styles. Here is a breakdown of the types of chairs for each room in the home.


1. Types of Chairs for Bedroom

Choosing the right types of chairs for the bedroom can be a task. The size of your bedroom, the other furniture, the wall colour, functionality and other factors affect the decision. From classic wooden bedroom chairs and lounge chairs to relaxing sofa-style chairs, you can pick any.


2. Dining Room Chairs

You may stick with dining chairs that accompany the table, or you get experimental for a custom look. Depending on the design style in the dining room, the choices for styles of chairs may vary. Experiment with the plethora of options you have. The Aaron dining chair, wishbone, west elm slope, and metal dining chairs are some versatile and chic options.


3. Types of Living Room Chairs

The types of living room chairs you choose will again largely depend on the room's design style. Classic chair designs such as wooden armchairs, chaises, and sofa chairs add equal measures of chic and comfort. If you're looking to make a statement, choose unique chair designs such as the Bloom Chair, Ming chairs, Poul Volther's Corona, etc. Or consider the following classic chair designs: the Lawson chair, the slipper chair, or the wingback.


4. Balcony Chairs/Outdoor Chairs

Go for types of chair designs that are lightweight, durable and weatherproof for outdoor spaces. Bamboo chairs, bean bags, swing chairs and recliners are a few varieties to pick from for a laid-back vibe.


5. Types of Chairs for Home Nursery

When it comes to nurseries, comfort and safety take priority. A wooden rocking chair, chaise lounge, boucle and recliner meet all the requirements.


6. Modern Chair Design for Office Space/Libraries

Types of chair designs which are ergonomic, provide full-body support and are comfortable are the best pick for these rooms in the home. Duramont, Amazon Basics Low-back, and Aeron chairs are some great options.




1. What is the most common chair design?

Desk Chairs are the most common and popular chair design. They are a perfect blend of comfort and style, giving your home a chic and elegant look. They are available in varied designs and styles for you to pick from.


2. Which chair is best for a balcony?

Some of the best chairs that will give your balcony the spotlight it deserves are Lounge, Folding and Swing chairs.


3. What is the most comfortable chair?

Recliner chairs or chaise is as comfortable as it gets when you want to kick back and relax.


4. What is an ergonomically designed chair?

The three main elements of such chairs are: they promote good posture, provide full-body support and comfort, and are adjustable.


5. Which are the best accent chairs?

Esters Wood Chair, Article AERI Lounger, a diwan chair, Eames chair, etc., are a few options that work well as accents.



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