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DIY Pooja room cleaning tips

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Nov 24, 2022
Pooja room cleaning tips for your home - Beautiful Homes

Cleaning is sort of a therapy that actually brings peace and calm to your mind. It can calm your soul. Couple it with cleaning a sacred place like a pooja room and it will bring you peace of mind like nothing else

Dusting and changing the flowers in the morning could be counted as a daily simple task, but deep cleaning of the space that involves scrubbing the items present in the pooja room with cleaning powder and redecorating the home mandir should be a weekly task.


The best day to clean the pooja room well would be over a weekend. This way, you can take your time going over every nook and cranny of the sacred pooja room. So how can you go about deep cleaning the mandir and each item easily, efficiently and flawlessly? Keep reading to find out!

Cleaning the Pooja Mandir

Firstly, the mandir must be situated in a place and direction that is auspicious and sacred. Vaastu in India teaches which directions are more auspicious than the others. One should remove any clutter from the area and free the space of any unnecessary items.


You can run a vacuum over the designs and patterns on the mandir’s doors to remove any residual dust that a dust cloth couldn’t remove. Decorate the home mandir with lights, flowers and finally with incense. By the end of every week, these arrangements tend to get messy, so one should plan and organize the placement and effects of all decorative items to give one’s pooja room or mandir an aestheticlaly appealing and pleasing look.

DIY pooja room tips for cleaning & organizing - Beautiful Homes
Cleaning tips for your brass items in your pooja room - Beautiful Homes

Cleaning Tips for Brass Items

Brass idols, bells (both handheld and hung), thali for aarti and diyas, etc. are some of the most common items found in pooja mandirs. If you have brass pooja items at home, you are probably familiar with the discolouration that happens on this over time. The lamps can get greasy and sticky due to the oil used and other items can get tarnished simply due to oxidation.


With just soap and a metal scrubber, you can bring back the shine to these items. Soak your brassware in a vessel with lukewarm water. You can also dilute the water with dish soap or detergent and leave it in for about ten minutes. After this, give your brass articles a thorough scrub with a metal scrubber to create lather. This action should do the trick and bring back the original charm and glow of the brass items from your pooja room.

Cleaning Tips for Silver Items

Silver items are another example of beautiful and eye-catching things that you’ll find in every mandir or pooja room. Silver is one of the many auspicious items to have in your pooja room. It is well-known for bringing along wealth, health and joy to the house. This its maintenance is even more important. Silver items can get tarnished simply due to oxidation.


If the tarnish on your silverware from the pooja room is mild you can follow the same soap-water method that we used above for brass pooja items. But if the silver item from the pooja room or mandir is heavily tarnished you can always use toothpaste or cornstarch to give its shine back. You can simply rub either cleaning agent onto the silver with a damp cloth to remove the tarnish and it should do the trick.

Cleaning Tips for the Framed Pictures

Besides the idols of gods and various deities, most pooja mandirs also tend to have many framed photographs of different deities that you or the family worship. Most framed photos in the pooja mandir are stained with sandalwood paste (chandan) and tikka or kumkum that was applied during or after pooja ceremonies. Although this is tradition, in the long run, the frames will start to stain. Make sure you wipe the tikka clean somtime after each ceremony, so the frame will be good as new every time you re-apply it.


The upkeep and maintenance of the pooja room can be a relaxing and tranquil experience as long as you know your way around activities like removing stains and keeping things organized. So pick a day on the weekend that works best for pooja room cleaning in your opinion and scrub away all the stains to make your home mandir look devout and beautiful. 

Cleaning tips for the frames in your pooja room - Beautiful Homes

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