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Diya decoration ideas at home for this Diwali

  • Festive
Oct 18, 2022
Handmade diya decoration ideas at home - Beautiful Homes

Make diyas the focus of attention, the piece de resistance, of your décor this Diwali season. Read on to find out how

The lighting of Diwali deepak signifies many things— the triumph of good over evil, auspicious beginnings, joyous time with loved ones. And diyas have been central amongst it all. For the longest time, during the festival of lights, homes were bathed in the glow of traditional earthen or brass diyas.

But now, there are ample options: Diwali candles, LED diyas, brightly painted and bedazzled ones, fairy lights and many more. Give the traditional, beautiful diya decoration a contemporary touch with these creative and beginner-friendly diya decoration ideas.


Diya Decoration Ideas at Home

1. Simple Diya Decoration Ideas: Flowers & Diya Decoration

Combine the two ubiquitous Diwali essentials for knockout Diwali décor. Use flowers to make concentric arrangements in trays, urulis, etc., and place diyas at the centre and surrounding it to accentuate the pattern and colours.


2. Diya Decoration Ideas: Diwali Diya Decoration with Rangoli

Enhance rangoli designs' vibrant hues and intricacies by using the diyas as highlights. For a traditional look, opt for motifs such as peacocks, Ganesha, mandala and so on.

Diwali diya decoration with rangoli - Beautiful Homes
Simple diya decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Handmade Diya Decoration Ideas: The Magic of Hand Painted Diya Decoration

Diyas, too, are a great way to introduce colour to your Diwali décor, especially if you like an over-the-top festive aesthetic. Diya painting is a great DIY; you can easily turn it into a family affair. All you need are some plain clay diyas, acrylic paints and some brushes. A quick tip, remember to coat the diyas with a primer before diya painting for vibrant results.

4. Intricate Diya Decoration Images

Do you prefer low-key décor or want to make Diwali diyas the hero element in the décor? The way to do this is to get different types of diya lamps and make a stunning design using them. Cylindrical diyas and leaf and flower-shaped ones are just a few options. Outline the diya design you want, for example, om or swastika, and line up the diyas accordingly. Pssst… You can use this as a diya image background for your Diwali messages.

Colourful diya decoration for Diwali - Beautiful Homes
Diwali deepak with rangoli décor - Beautiful Homes

5. Diya Decoration Ideas: Diya Decoration in Balcony

Fairy lights and lanterns have become the norm for balcony décor during Diwali. If you want to go the more traditional route, incorporate diyas in the balcony and other outdoor spaces. Line up the edge of the balcony with elaborate metal hanging diya. Place diya stands or samayi by the doors and the corners. Brass, bronze and silver diyas would work well in this case.

6. Simple Diya Decoration Ideas: Floating Diya Decoration in Water

Fill up large containers with water and float diyas and flower petals for a soft glow. These arrangements make for beautiful diya decoration for entrances and centrepieces. For a stunning effect, opt for colourful glass bowls that cast mesmerising shadows.


7. Diya Decoration Ideas: Tea Lights as Diwali Diya Decoration

Tea lights, whether LED or candles produce a softer, ethereal glow. To achieve that, combine them with ornate holders for the wow effect. You can use these at the doors, to line the foyer or windows with diyas, to decorate tables, and so on.

Floating diya candle decoration - Beautiful Homes

8. Handmade Diya Decoration Ideas: Paper Diya Design

For more crafty yet equally elaborate diyas, ones made of paper are the way to go. All you need is some colourful paper, glue, and scissors. You could make holders with the quilling techniques or ones with detailed cutwork. Once you place the diya in it, it will cast beautiful shadows across the room.


9. Handmade Diya Decoration Ideas: Upcycle Old Materials

Upcycling and best out of waste are excellent ways to flex your creativity. Here are a few options you could try for diya decoration at home:

  • A beautiful yet simple diya decoration is to stack glass bangles and glue them together to create a diya light holder.
  • Revamp old plates or diya holders by painting them, attaching laces, pom-poms, etc.
  • Instead of just painting earthen diyas, add some more sparkle to them with kundan and colourful beading.
  • Make tiny rosettes out of satin ribbons, and use them to give your old Diwali diyas a makeover.


DIY Diya Decoration at Home

  • Use old CDs as a base for candle holders. Decorate them with fake flowers, pearls, pom-poms, etc.
  • Create a layered floral holder with the heads of plastic spoons. All you have to do is paint them and glue them on each other.
  • For a boho vibe, create a teepee-like structure with twigs to hold tea lights.
  • Another simple diya decoration is to turn cookie boxes into a wall hanging and place diyas within them.
  • Use sea shells as holders. For some pzazz, you can decorate them as well.


How to Light Diwali Diyas the Right Way?

Here are a few things to remember as you fill your home with auspicious warmth and the glow of diya decoration at home.

  • Start by lighting the diyas in the pooja room or the mandir.
  • Next, welcome the deities by lighting up the entrance to your home.
  • If possible, use ghee instead of oil. Additionally, choose LED tea lights over other options for diya decoration at home to avoid fire hazards.
  • For strict adherence to Vaastu, ensure that diyas aren't facing the south direction.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Diwali Diya Decoration?

Are you looking for ideas to up your Diwali home décor game? Head to our website to find fun and creative ideas like the ones mentioned above for this festive season and general home interior design. Get your home festive-ready with Beautiful Homes' interior design services. Our professionals will deliver your dream home with custom design solutions. Visit our website for more details or to book a consultation call. Find our state-of-the-art stores in Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik, and soon in several other cities.

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