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Mar 23, 2022
Luxurious bedroom interior design ideas to give your home modern & stylish look - Beautiful Homes

Are you someone deciding whether to get your home or office renovated or someone who is looking to buy or move into a new space? Are you playing with the thought of hiring an interior designer for those needs?

The thought of hiring someone like an interiors expert or a home designer can be a dilemma for most folks going through a renovation or a change of space journey. Like any other thing, it has its pros and cons. In fact, for the uninitiated, there can be many reasons to not hire an interior designer. It could feel like an added unnecessary cost on your expense sheet, or maybe some people could worry that if they hire an interior designer for their needs, it would entail ceding creative control of designing a space that they intend to live in.


For some folks, on the other hand, the comfort of being free from worrying about logistical costs and being free from the stress of considering multiple touchpoints and doing meticulous planning during the reno or build project could be an alluring thing. Even the smallest of projects, like a storeroom or a closet, may require a degree of know-how that goes beyond one’s innate ability to pair color palettes or choose pretty lighting fixtures. In some cases, investing in a person with expertise in interiors can actually save money for homeowners.


Some would go the middle route and see hiring professional home interior designers as having a teammate - one that can complement your vision and tastes, and also help you avoid expensive mistakes.


However, hiring an Interior Design expert in India has so far been considered a luxury. This is because of the expenses involved in hiring a professional home interior designer. However, with more information and changing mindsets, an expert professional home interior designer who can help design the home of your dreams is a relatively more relevant investment than in olden times. If you are currently grappling with this dilemma - to hire or not to hire an interior design expert - then read on. Here are a few things that will happen if you do hire one.


1. The Designer Designs for you

The popular belief is that every interior designer designs homes based on their own taste. In reality, this notion is really further from the truth. An interior designer is supposed to work with you, understand your taste and your preferences, and your vibe, and then design a space for you. The Professional Home Interior Designers may add their own flair to some of our ideas, or even give you some fresh ones on the same line of thought. The interior designer would strive to make your space an extension of you.


2. Cost Control

However counterintuitive it may sound, hiring interior designers is ultimately a decision that is budget-friendly. It is the designer’s job to ensure that you get the bang for your buck. It is literally the interior designer’s responsibility to save you from making expensive mistakes like choosing the wrong furniture, or choosing the wrong color palette just because it looks good in the store. Interior Designers are properly trained on how to approach a project carefully and make cost-effective decisions while understanding what each corner of your house requires. Professional Interior Designers (or interior design professionals) also understand the chronology in which tasks for a home renovation or the home, thus saving you a tonne of time in ‘figuring it out’. Professional Home Interior Designers are also highly connected and they know how to source high-quality materials and accessories for your space. They understand a client’s vibe and style and ensure that purchases are sustainable. All of these dedicated efforts end up saving money for you in the long run.

3. Unfettered Access

In the world of house interior design, it pays to be an insider. Many of the unique materials and pieces that professional home interior designers include in their designs are only available in the trade. Experienced interior designers and professional interior designers would have access to a large network of people - contractors, subcontractors, procurement specialists, specialty electricians, custom vase manufacturers, etc. These are trusted, tried, and tested folks, that the designers might employ to ensure you get the most creative juice for your money. Thus, hiring interior designers or an interior design professional is a good idea.

Grey marble to give your bathroom modern & luxurious style - Beautiful Homes
Add bench & rug to give your bedroom a unique & stylish interior - Beautiful Homes

4. You Will Not Sweat the Small Stuff

You want to be the person who is validating tile samples for your floor, and shopping for new furniture. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with logistics, placing the orders, timing the deliveries, overseeing the installation of various things, moving boxes, etc. Interior Designers (or the best house designers) usually come as a package deal. They are the teammates who will take care of the details. The client (i.e. you) could be away or at work, and your stuff and materials can get delivered and installed. 

5. Good Design Increases the Value of your Space

If you have ever rented a house, be it furnished or semi-furnished, you’d know that the location of the space is not the only thing that drives its value up. A house’s price can surge depending on the kind of accessories, amenities, and equipment it has. A tastefully designed house definitely has more value than one that is just put together. A functional house with great amounts of comfort and aesthetic appeal can have a monetary value much higher than one which is not designed professionally. Hence, anyone building a house to give out on rent or to sell later can benefit greatly from an interior designer. 

Modern living room design & sitting arrangements for the comfort in your home - Beautiful Homes
Add rugs & house plants to make your home more modern & luxurious - Beautiful Homes

It is not an expensive affair to get the best house designers in India. With increasing demand, you can now find an interior designer for every budget. And if you feel like getting a quote or a consult for such an endeavor, get in touch with Asian Paints Beautiful homes.  At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we understand how significant it is to build each corner of your home. You simply need to let us know about the sort of home interior design you are looking for, and we will assist you in transforming your vision into reality by fine-tuning your ideas. Whether you want to create more aesthetic appeal or align the vibe of your space with existing structures or play with color combinations - we will be able to meet your needs well. 

We also help with specific furnishings such as a dining table and can guide you through the whole process of selecting or renewing one.


Our approaches to modern interior design come in a wide range. The best interior designs are splendid yet functional enough to create an elegant environment and make your experience memorable. From the right furnishings and materials in diverse colors to a variety of options and accessories for your home—find what you’re looking for, and get your house design just right. Our Beautiful Homes Service Advantage includes:

  1. Interior design expert
  2. Personalized service
  3. State-of-the-art 3D visualization
  4. End-to-end service
  5. Project management
  6. Signature walls


Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several more cities in India.

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