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Your comprehensive guide to art déco interior design

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Oct 28, 2022
Art déco patterns for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

The Art Déco trend, with its nature themes and geometric shapes, sits in luxuriant and colourful contrast to the current minimalism of Scandi design fashion, here are ways to incorporate this glamorous and bold style into your home

Popular in Europe and America during the 1920s to the mid-1950s, Art Déco, short for the French term Arts Decoratifs, was influenced by the growing appreciation of artisans and decorative craftsmanship. New materials and technologies had a major impact on Art Déco architecture and design as well. This distinctive blend of efficient construct and glamorous effect made Art Déco design a trend that still appeals to modern sensibilities. Traditionally Art Déco style interior design is characterised by jewel tones, repeated patterns, and Great Gatsby-esque luxury. In modern Art Déco interior design, silhouettes are kept minimal and sleek while nature themed or geometric patterns and intricate detail work shine.


Key Art Déco Elements

Art Déco houses are opulent and luxe with sumptuous fabrics, rich colours and sleek glass or metallic accents. Geometric shapes, bold jewel tones and stylised nature patterns are also staple components of Déco styled interiors and Art Déco style architecture. Let’s look at some of these elements in more detail.



Art Déco Patterns

Patterns used in Art Déco painting and styles tend to rely heavily on geometric influences.


From triangular shapes, zigzags, sunburst or sunrise motifs to nature inspired or stylised floral patterns, Art Déco wallpaper is usually detailed and intricate. Often the pattern will be printed in metallic gold, bronze or chrome against a dark background such as a deeper toned navy or a rich burgundy. For example, in an Art Déco living room the gold patterned wallpaper might be used to offset a plush chair upholstered in beautiful blue velvet.


Art Déco Colors

As we just mentioned, Art Déco furniture, décor and wall colours tend to embrace bold jewel tones and shiny metallics. That said, black, white, silver, and copper are also common and popular colours for Déco style furniture. These opulent colours need to be approached with careful deliberation in cosy spaces; to avoid being overwhelmed, balance bold pieces with softer grey and pale beiges. If you’re working with limited space or on a budget, try hanging Art Déco paintings and mixing and matching small art déco pieces with more minimalist furniture for a contemporary take.

Art Déco Materials

For everyday splendour, Art Déco interiors feature a lot of metallics, including gold, silver, stainless steel, and chrome. Glass is another commonly employed material in art déco interior design, whether it be through mirrors, glass-topped tables, or an art déco vase or lamp. As art déco style architecture and design was influenced by the invention of reinforced concrete and metalworking innovations, use decorative pillars or post construction architectural elements will add to the opulent aura of your space.


Art déco materials for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes



Art Déco Interior Design : Tips to Style your Home

Art déco furniture for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Art Déco Furniture

Just like everything else in art déco interior design, the furniture in Art Déco houses is styled to be eye-catching and imposing. Picture sideboards with rich detailing and massive plush Art Déco sofa sets covered with deep emerald coloured silk – unique pieces that really take up floor space! Common fabrics used in modern Art Déco interior design are either solid colours that are rich in texture or those that have a geometric pattern. Keep your soft furnishings within a single strong colour scheme. In an Art Déco bedroom, choose a block colour and add accent pillows with geometric prints. 

Art Déco Patterns

For Art Déco interior design that works in a modern space, play with sunburst motifs, fan patterns and clean geometric lines. To incorporate pattern and detail without it looking cluttered, furniture that boasts inlaid wood patterns in symmetrical designs or déco art posters with cut colours and geometric shapes can be blended with solid coloured upholstery and soft furnishings. Art Déco flooring tiles are another smart way to add pattern and texture to your space. Often these are black and white with chevron, zig-zag or square patterns, so it might be better to balance this with simpler furniture and sleek silhouettes.  

Art déco interior design for your home - Beautiful Homes
Art déco flooring for your home - Beautiful Homes

Art Déco Flooring

One of the spaces where Art Déco tiles are still very commonly used is in bathrooms. This is partly because the room usually has a large amount of empty central floor space, making geometric designs and bold patterns a good way to add interest and glamour. An Art Déco kitchen is also a great place for Déco tiling, both for flooring and for a tiled backsplash. This is also a great space for Art Déco style furniture of wood, glass or metal. For example, a marble topped breakfast counter and exquisite metallic bar stools might complement wood cabinets and a chevron tiled floor.

Art Déco Lighting

Lighting innovations are one of Art Déco's most significant design contributions to modern interior styling. Both torchieres used to illuminate room corners and provide uplighting and Tiffany-style lamps with decorative glass shades are rooted in Art Déco interiors. What is more, the use of frosted, mirrored, and multi-coloured glass for lighting fixtures can also be credited to the Art déco movement. Art Déco elements in lighting can be sleek and eye-catching like a geometric glass chandelier or a pretty stained-glass pendant lamp, or even a golden-bronze palm tree lamp in the corner!

Art déco lighting ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Art déco wallpaper ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Art Déco Wallpaper

When it comes to Art Déco style interior design one of the quickest ways to refurbish a room is to choose Déco style wallpaper. Typically patterned with floral, geometric, and tropical motifs, wallpapers are bold and dramatic, making them a great way to make a statement in an Art Déco living room or entranceway. Other common patterns are fans, champagne fountains, and animals or palm trees, so Déco style furniture with cleaner silhouettes and block colours will make a more glamorous contrast. 

Art Déco Art

Déco art tends to be striking with geometric shapes and large blocks of colour. While Art Déco paintings still have a lot of texture and significant tonal shading, many Graphic Art prints and Art Déco posters use cut colours and colour blocking with dramatic effect. Art Déco painting features angular and dynamic shapes, both human and geometric. The style was further popularised due to its adoption by advertising, fashion magazines and theatres.



Art Déco Interior Design : FAQs

1. What are the Core Elements of Art Déco Design?

The core Art Déco elements for interior design are patterns influenced by geometry and  symmetry, plush fabrics and rich colours, as well as black, white and metallics. For instance an Art Déco chair might be a well stuffed velvet lounge or it could be a sculptural piece in white leather with curved arms and metal legs.


2. What Colours are Used in Art Déco Design?

Art Déco colors used in interior design tend to be black, white, glamourous metallics and deep jewel tones. In an Art Déco bedroom, if you want to avoid darker tones, offset metal and glass with softer creams or grey for a look that is both opulent and airy.


3. How do I Give a Room Art Déco Style on a Budget?

Due to its use of high-end materials, such as silk and velvet, this is a style that can be quite pricey to achieve. A clever work around is to decorate with large Art Déco posters for and large prints of Art Déco art. Accessorise with small elements like light fittings, door handles, and metal vases to capture the luxurious Art Déco style you crave.


4. What are Some Examples of Art Déco Architecture?

One of the most famous examples of Art Déco architecture is the Chrysler Building in New York with its soaring pyramidal spire and rows of stacked curves. Closer to home, Soona Mahal on Marine Drive in Mumbai boasts curvilinear balconies and symmetrical Déco banding. Remember that this century was all about lofty grandeur and Art Déco style interior design takes its cue from this.



Whether you’re exploring expensive materials like marble, silk, velvet and gold, or looking at a more wallet friendly way to incorporate modern Art Déco interior design into your home, we hope this has given you inspiration and guidance. And if you need a little extra assistance with making your home interior design concept a reality, we at Beautiful Homes can help you embrace the Art Déco style with a confident flair!


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your design & renovation needs – you can even source the latest décor styles with our curated collection – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


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