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6 expert bathroom design tips all insiders know

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Feb 17, 2022
Spacious modern bathroom interior design with a bath tub & vanity - Beautiful Homes

What does it take to ensure that your bathroom lives up to the same design standards as the rest of your house? If you’re trying to create a space that looks super luxe but still maintains a high functionality and practicality, this article is for you!

We’ve probably all had a moment where we’ve walked into a hotel bathroom, looked over a fancy showroom set-up or maybe just seen an ad on TV and thought, “ooh! That’s what I want my bathroom to look like!” But while it’s easy to get swept up in luxury and chic appearance, when it comes down to the best bathroom designs, practicality and durability are equally important factors to be considered. After all, a bathroom is one of the most hardworking rooms in the house and sees a lot of use on a daily basis.


When designing the ideal bathroom, planning is key; from sorting out the plumbing and electricals, to picking the right fixtures, choosing from a range of bathroom colour ideas, hunting for smart storage and cabinetry, or finding the perfect bathroom décor items for that finishing touch… There are many things to handle to ensure your final outcome matches your aesthetic sense and the individual needs of your family.


So, if that’s something you’ve been trying to achieve, join us as we take you through the 6 basic fundamentals that every insider considers when drawing up their best bathroom designs. 


Bathroom Design Tip #1: Use Space Wisely 

While bathrooms are heavily used, they’re still often given less importance than other rooms and may not be as spacious as one might wish. This means that smart use of the space available is the essential tenet in the bible of small bathroom ideas. So double-check your layout and make sure that you aren’t adding unnecessary features and frills; you don’t want the final room to feel hemmed in and overcrowded.


As with other areas of your home, for bathroom interior design, the user is the main deciding factor for all things. With this in mind, the first thing to think about is who uses the space and how they will use it – if it’s an en-suite bathroom or one that’s accessible to visitors, the main features that will need to be given preference will change. Do you need a large counter vanity space with a priority on bathroom storage ideas? Is it a bathroom that kids will use, where the height of utilities becomes a concern? How tall should the shower be? What would be the ideal arrangement for the toilet, sink and bath area – plan the layout so that functional and necessary features are given the lead role, with plenty of movement space around them.

Bathroom Design Tip #2: Prioritise the Basics

While your bathroom design ideas should revolve around who will be using the space, you do need to consider functional basics and fundamentals, such as access to utilities. Water availability, quality and pressure will affect your choice of fixtures and fittings; the sewage systems may determine your layout, and of course, the electrical set-up will impact your components and the range of possible bathroom lighting ideas that are feasible for you.


Waterproofing and ventilation are also major areas where attention needs to be paid. 

Bathroom design with bath tub, shower cubicle, vanity & storage space - Beautiful Homes

Make sure to invest in a professional team to handle details like the caulking and sealants – small errors here can lead to frequent seepage issues which will be very costly and problematic in the long run.


And as we all know, bathrooms can be damp places – avoiding mouldy walls that will bring down both the hygiene and look of the room is completely dependent on having effective ventilation and sufficient airflow. If you live in a populated locality and are doubtful about the privacy offered by having a larger bathroom window, ideas that might be a better fit for you are exhaust fans or louvred vents.


Bathroom Design Tip #3: Consider Safety and Comfort

While safety, functionality and comfort are dependent on layout, there are additional things that you can put in place at this stage of your bathroom interior build. Make sure that surfaces are non-slip – a sparkling and shiny bathroom may look luxurious, but getting this effect is largely dependent on high-gloss bathroom tile ideas and designs, and can be dangerous. Another key way to reduce the chance of injury is to ensure fittings, shelves and other bathroom décor items are not placed at heights or in places that are easy to hit your head on – pay particular attention to clothing/towel hooks or shelving with pointy edges. On the subject of height, it’s also necessary to ensure that commodes and wash basins are the right fit for your family; an overly low wash basin could cause a backache for someone who is taller, while older people can have problems getting up from low seating – when necessary, the addition of safety bars and well-placed hand-holds can also make a big impact in improving the usability of the room.

Small bathroom design with vanity, shoer cubicle & functional mirror - Beautiful Homes

Bathroom Design Tip #4: Keep Maintenance in Mind

As previously mentioned, durability is also a main aspect of bathroom design – using hard-wearing and easy-to-maintain materials will be a big boon in the long run. If you’ve been stuck on the aspect of bathroom flooring ideas, one essential tip is to focus on texture; your tiles should neither be so smooth that they’re slippery, nor so rough that they consistently trap dirt and grime. Try to stick to materials that are no-fuss and simple to clean, and if you choose to go with natural stone, keep in mind that the chic look comes with greater upkeep – natural materials are more porous and need to be sealed for water resistance. 

As for your fittings, choose pieces that won’t show wear and tear too quickly; when it comes to bathroom accessories, ideas that seem very trendy may not be too functional in a home, do your due diligence and read user reviews about things like fancy taps or automatic flushes, as some styles are more prone to frequent breakage.Another smart tip is to have a shut-off master valve installed within your bathroom. This should be separate from the building master valve and will help to simplify fixing small plumbing problems, as you won’t need to turn off the water for your entire house or apartment before making any repairs.

Bathroom Design Tip #5: Don’t Skimp on Lighting

Having good and sufficient illumination is a cardinal rule for every room in your house, but bathrooms – which frequently only get minimal natural light, if any at all – often need a little more care and attention. Task lighting, ambient light and mood light are all necessary if you want to flaunt your bathroom décor.


I’m sure we don’t need to explain that ambient light makes sure that the whole bathroom is well illuminated – any source of natural light would be considered ambient, and as for light fixtures, these are usually placed on the ceiling. 

Large bathroom design with wash basin space, sleek bath tub & shower cubicle - Beautiful Homes

Task lighting is a mainstay in any décor plan that features bathroom lighting ideas; as its name implies, this kind of lighting is meant for a specific purpose and is usually placed over vanities or in shower stalls where bright light is necessary.


While mood lighting is perhaps not a fundamental requirement, incorporating candle-light sconces or softer lighting that promotes a sense of relaxation and calm, is one of the simplest of bathroom ideas that can elevate your space. If you’re trying to design a bathroom that’s as luxurious as the ones you’ve seen in fancy lifestyle shows or your favourite chaebol-focused K-drama, then all three types of lighting are a must.


Bathroom Design Tip #6: Choose Practical Aesthetics

While lighting is a fundamental feature not to be skimped on, some luxurious bathroom design ideas should be assessed for practicality. Don't install a bathtub that’s never going to be used – if the location of your house has water issues or long soaks aren’t practical in your daily schedule, this is just a waste of space that requires constant maintenance. Focus on more useful aspects of bathroom décor, from ingenious bathroom storage ideas to smart technology solutions. Fittings that are functional, look good and bring chic style are always a better bet. Even something as basic as picking from bathroom colour ideas that bring to mind elegance, can be a more sensible way to spend your effort, time and money.



If these expert bathroom design tips have made you want to elevate your bathroom style, then why not get in touch with our team? At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we partner with you to make your dream home a reality! Whether it’s assisting you with your flawless installation and all your design decisions, or helping you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

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