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These 6 impressive folding bed ideas will help to maximise your space

  • Bedroom Design
Sep 12, 2023
Wall mounted folding bed for extra storage - Beautiful Homes

Space crunch will no longer hamper your bedroom aesthetics

A bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in a home – probably why people have many design aspirations around it. But what if you have don’t have much space and yet want a stylish bedroom design? Invest in a folding bed, which doesn’t just help you save space but can be stored easily.


While there are several bed designs available today, your best bet is a folding bed. There are plenty of options available today– so take your pick and use this accessory to maximise your space in the best way possible. Interestingly, these folding bed designs are not just ideal for sleeping, they also have built-in storage, drawers and other elements. One can also look for foldable sofa beds that are versatile – they work well both as a couch and a full-fledged bed. Plus, if you have a few visitors at home, your folding bed is likely to come in handy. Now that you are convinced, it’s time to dive deep into folding bed designs that offer a blend of comfort and design.


Read on to know more about the details.


Impressive Folding Bed Ideas to Save Space

1. Add an Earthy Touch with Wooden Folding Beds

If there’s one material that’s sustainable and yet lends an aesthetic appeal, it is wood. Incorporating anything wooden creates an inviting and welcoming space, so go ahead and choose a wooden folding bed that doesn’t just look contemporary but also offers a whole lot of comfort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your wooden folding bed design taking up any extra space!

Additional storage ideas for your foldable bed - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Fine Line Designers; Image courtesy: Subhash Patil

Wall mounted folding bed for extra storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alkove Design

2. Do Away with Clutter with Foldable Bed Design with Additional Storage

Clutter is an eyesore, be it in a small or large room. But it pricks more in a tiny space, because every element is more pronounced. However, we have a simple yet effective solution — a multifunctional folding sofa bed or wall folding bed design with hidden storage. With these foldable bed designs, you can hide all the unnecessary piles of books or clothes to make your space look clean and cozy. 

3. Pick Wall Mounted Folding Beds for Extra Space

A wall folding bed design, also known as a Murphy bed, is an efficient way to maximise space. There are several instances where a large bed occupies all the space in a bedroom. With this addition, a single folding bed or a folding double bed design will fit into the wall which means you have enough floor space. This will automatically make your bedroom look more spacious in an instant.

Folding bed for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Chalk Studio

Rustic metal or wooden foldable beds - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sage Living

4. Amp Up Your Bedroom Style with Futons or Single Folding Beds

Futons or single folding beds make for a great addition to contemporary homes. They are stylish, versatile and hardly take up any space. Most homeowners prefer these single folding beds due to its compact nature. Plus, you can use them as a couch, recliner or even a full-fledged bed – the choice is all yours. Elevate your bedroom interiors by adding a pop of colour – accessorise with a few cushions and you are good to go. This is one of the best folding bed ideas that almost always works!

5. Elevate the Rustic Look with Metal or Wooden Folding Beds

A rustic look adds to the splendour of any bedroom. But how can one achieve this in a small space? It’s as easy as buying a metal or wooden folding bed and using it as a sofa. You heard it right – it can also double up as a multifunctional folding sofa bed. Elevate the industrial aesthetics by having a brick cladding wall and a wooden bookshelf. Trust us, you will be flooded with compliments from visitors!

Personalized personal library with foldable beds - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

6. Go for a Personalised Library with a Folding Bed

Having a bookshelf in your bedroom can add to the charm of the space. Once again, you may find yourself puzzled on how to incorporate this piece of furniture in a tiny room. Worry not, get yourself a folding bed with a mattress and an attached bookshelf. Not only does it save massive space, it also offers you the opportunity to unwind with a book after a long day. If you don’t want to sit on a bed and read, you can convert it into a couch or a low-lying sofa and enjoy some me time!



1. Are folding beds safe?

Absolutely. Folding beds are definitely a safe option provided they are of good quality. Before you invest in a folding bed, look for the weight capacity and refrain from going above it. Get a folding bed with a mattress that works well for the type you’ve chosen! It’s also important to check its condition every few months.


2. How do I make my folding bed more comfortable?

There are multiple ways to make your folding bed more comfortable. Don’t compromise on a mattress or mattress topper. With the latter, you can enjoy an extra layer of cushioning and support. Plus, it also helps to regulate the body temperature. Here’s the last tip – cover the mattress with good bedsheets and pillows to have a good night’s sleep.


3. Which is the best folding bed?

This completely depends on what works best for you! You will find plenty of folding bed designs today, be it single folding beds, foldable sofa beds, folding bed with mattress, wooden folding bed and wall folding bed design. So, pick one that caters to your needs. But there are a few things to keep in mind: the size of the bed, quality of the bed, weight capacity and more.


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