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5 pieces of furniture essential to a functional kids room

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Feb 11, 2021
Design ideas for kids room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Planning a home is always a complicated task, albeit even if it’s something you’ve looked forward to all your life. And including plans for your children and their bedrooms is an even bigger, and, sometimes, complicated task. While children are diminutive in size, and are, often, relegated to the smaller rooms in a home, they come with a large number of belongings and requirements in a room. However, with a few clever tricks and the right furniture, you can create the perfect bedroom design for your child that’s extremely functional with a bit of play room as well.

Everything Your Child Needs, Spread Across One Wall

The basic, bare minimum pieces of furniture you’ll need to include in a child’s bedroom design are a bed, a desk, a closet or chest of drawers, and shelves for books, toys and other belongings. To place all these around a room in such a way that your little one also has space to move around and play may feel like a real life game of Tetris. An easy method for creating a bit of uniformity is planning everything across one wall. If your kids’ room design has an entire breadth of wall space unobstructed with windows or anything else on the wall, use this as a your starting point to fit in all the pieces of furniture. In this bedroom design we see the kid’s room furniture neatly fitted into a single-wall space, where everything from the desk, the bed, shelves atop and, even, two side tables placed as bedside tables all coexist within a compact space, making the rest of the room feel more open with space to move around.

Furniture ideas for kids bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Style Tip: While a double bed is always a luxury, children don’t necessarily need it in their rooms while growing up. Create more empty floorspace in the room with a single bed instead. You could always add a trundle or pull-out bed below it for sleepovers when they have their friends over.


Multifunctional design for a small kids room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Next

Multifunctional Kids Room Furniture For A Small Space Home

The key to planning any small space home is finding ways to utilize the floor space judiciously, adding in furniture which makes the most of the area it takes up. In a kid’s room design, buying furniture that serves more than its one main purpose is a clever way to free up room for other things your child might need. While a single bed is always the best option for saving space, don’t forget the expansive area under it that is often overlooked. Adding in storage drawers or boxes beneath the bed can double as additional closet space for children’s belongings. In this Swiss Army knife style single bed which offers multiple features, not only do we see storage space below it, but we also find a desk at the foot of the bed with it’s own drawers for stationary supplies.


Design Advice: If you can’t find a multifunctional piece of furniture in a store that works for you, consider the choice to customise and build your own furniture to suit your needs and requirements. Whether you need more storage space or more functionality when it comes to a bed design or any other piece of furniture, spending a little extra on a customised piece of furniture will enhance your lifestyle and living habits in the longer run. Looking for a place to start? Take a peek at the latest décor range from Asian Paints that has something for every design personality, including the option to ‘Make Your Own Bed’ and ‘Make Your Own Sofa’.

Customize Your Kids Room Furniture According To Their Needs

While you may have a kids room design in mind that you think is just right for your little one, their idea of what they want and what they need may be a little different from what you’ve imagined. And a child’s room should serve as a sanctuary for them to rest, unwind, and be comfortable enough to study and play. Sitting down with your child (however young they are) and making a list of what they’d like in their room may help create a starting point from where to begin their bedroom design. While, of course, a child’s imagination can run wild (and bring forth ideas that arenext to impossible!) you could, in the process, filter out a few of their likes and habits that can be recreated in their room.

Kids room furniture interior design ideas as per their needs - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

Style Tip: At first glance, while this kid’s room design might seem like the perfect play area for any child, if you look closer, you’ll realise that everything is housed within a very tight floor plan. However, by using every inch of space across the breaths of the walls, not only is a mood and theme set for the entire space, but there’s also an element of functionality to it. If your kids love to colour or draw on the wall, which can be a décor nightmare, instead of limiting their creativity place a chalkboard or whiteboard there for them to unleash their inner Picasso. We also love the large Snakes and Ladders game placed on the floor as a mat which can allow a child to play it in it real life with their friends.

Design ideas for kids room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

A Kids Room Design Which Will Grow As They Do

Children’s tastes and preferences change as they grow—from their favourite characters and pop culture figures to their preferred colours. And, while they’d like to reflect that in the décor of their room, it’s unreasonable to renovate their rooms with each new fad or trend they decide to adopt or follow. There are certain methods you could adopt, however, to find a solution—design the room in a neutral palette, incorporating a similar shade across the walls, furniture, ceiling for your kid's bedroom, follow and permanent fixtures, to serve as a blank canvas for working other moveable items. After that, you can swap your child’s décor pieces and accessories from time to time as they begin to change with age.

Style Tip: Wall decals are a great way to infuse colour and a favourite character or pattern into a room. When sticking them on walls, use a non marking adhesive, such as Blu Tack, to avoid damaging or staining it. You can also incorporate your child’s colour preferences on their bed linens, cushions and throws.

An Enchanting Bedroom Design To Expand Your Child’s Imagination

When designing your child’s bedroom, it’s important to take their imaginations into consideration and create a room that will help nurture and grow it. Even while indoors, it is important for a kid’s room design and décor to inspire them to explore, think and be creative. While minimal décor may be a dream for most adult minimalists, something similar in a child’s bedroom design can end up being counter productive. Whether it’s for a toddler or a young child, creating areas in their bedroom where they can improve their sensory skills will go a long way in their mental and physicalgrowth. Creating murals on the wall with painted pictures telling a story or adding shapes and colours for them to touch and feel is a clever idea for a children’s room décor. You could even install a magnetic strip on the wall with metal blocks and toys for them to play around with and create their own story.

Bedroom décor ideas for your child's imagination - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Style Tip: Want to bring the outdoors into their room. Include a small tent in a clear corner with comfy throws and cushions and fairy lights to recreate the feeling of camping in the outdoors in the safety of their rooms. This will go a long way during stay overs or playdates.

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