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20 girls bedroom ideas: Bedroom design & décor for girls

  • Bedroom Design
Sep 23, 2022
Girls’ bedroom interior design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Give your little girl her dream bedroom with these fun, creative, gorgeous design and décor ideas

Designing the younger lots' rooms can be a near Herculean task. Children have large personalities and, for valid reasons, want their personal spaces to reflect that. But at such a young age, their tastes keep changing and developing. With our list of design and décor ideas for girls' bedrooms, you can achieve the perfect balance between timeless elegance and trendy options. Read on to find out more.



20 Girls Bedroom Ideas

1. Teenage girl bedroom ideas: A library wall for the reader

A wall-to-ceiling bookshelf is the perfect focal point in a reader's room. A dark wood finish will give the appearance of library sections. Or you can make it quirky by painting the shelves and trims in different colors. Darker hues will add depth, while lighter ones will make it look expansive. Now all you need is an elegant armchair, a throw and an ottoman to create a warm and cute girl bedroom nook.

2. Big girl bedroom ideas: A workstation for the artist

If your child is an artist, they probably have a ton of supplies and require ample working space and storage. A large desk with drawers and some open shelves would be great additions to a teen girl's bedroom.


3. Modern teenage girl bedroom ideas: A gallery wall for the collector

A great way to personalize bedroom design for girls is to incorporate their hobbies and interests into the décor. For many, it may be in the form of collections of art, posters, albums, etc. Let their inner fangirl out with a gallery wall that displays some of their proud possessions. 

Modern teenage Girls’ bedroom design & décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Girls’ pink bedroom interior design ideas - Beautiful Homes

4. Girls' bedroom ideas: Whimsical design for the Disney obsessed

Who isn't swept up by the magic that Disney creates? Here's how you can make the best bedroom designs for girls with some inspiration from Disney. A mural of a castle or an enchanting forest scene with animals is a great start. Make it even more magical with galaxy themed, glow-in-the-dark ceiling design. Top it off with meaningful décor such as character sketches or figurines, frames of their favorite lyrics and quotes, etc.

5. Little girl bedroom ideas: Grand pieces for the princess

Are you looking for girly bedroom ideas, particularly princess-themed ones? We've got you covered. Make the bed the focal point- opt for a four-post bed or one with a massive headboard befitting a princess. Make it a little more girly room design, and install a canopy from the ceiling cascading around the bed. Turn it into a girly pink bedroom or a purple one by layering textiles in different shades of the color. Opt for plush ones such as soft faux fur, velvet, silk, etc.

6. Teenage girl bedroom ideas: Biophilic design for the nature lover

If your teen is a plant enthusiast, then the biophilic design is for her. Keep the interiors primarily light and neutral, and let the greens shine for a beautiful teenage girl's bedroom. Natural materials, lush plants, ample natural light, and curvy shapes are some of the key ingredients of biophilic design. For more striking features, consider botanical illustrations, tropical wallpapers and so on for the accent wall.


7. Girls' bedroom ideas for small rooms: Art deco elements for the retro queen

Create a retro haven with these elements of bedroom design for girls. Bright hues are the way to go, but mix them with neutrals to avoid a cluttered look. Pick a few large and sleek pieces of furniture in materials such as leather, sofa, and animal prints. Play around with color blocking and geometric patterns to create interest. Herringbone or chevron flooring will help enhance the dimensions of the room.


8. Bedroom décor ideas for teenage girls: Vintage with a modern twist

Combine modern and classic elements to create a classic, beautiful teenage girl bedroom. An off-the-ground metal bed frame, a vintage side table, and an armoire are great staples. 

Teenage girls’ bedroom design ideas with biophilic design for nature lover - Beautiful Homes

Keep it elegant with muted colors and metallic light fixtures. Wainscoting or crown moldings for the ceiling would add a distinct vintage charm to the girly room design.

Monochrome teenage girls’ bedroom design with pendant & ceiling lights - Beautiful Homes

9. Modern teenage girl bedroom ideas: The classic monochrome

Monochromatic modern girls' bedrooms are timeless. The pattern mixing, experimentation with texture and metallic and wood accents more than make up for the lack of color. Black and white geometric patterns would be a brilliant focal point for modern bedroom designs for girls— consider stripes, honeycomb, connecting dots, triangles, etc.

10. Teenage girl bedroom ideas: Scandinavian design for the minimalist

When you're short on space, minimalist styles such as the Scandinavian hygge can make a ton of difference. Pick a leaf from this design style for small bedroom ideas for girls. Create a light base with off-whites, taupes or beige. Pick light wood finishes and introduce color as only an accent. Delicate natural fabrics will help make the space feel airy.

11. Teenage girl bedroom ideas: Boho chic interiors

Boho chic style results in beautiful bedrooms for girls. Lay the foundation with soft colors such as mauve or peach, and pair it with the classic off-white. Top the floor with gorgeous area rugs and add rattan accessories such as an armchair or a headboard. Mix textiles and textures for elegant girly room décor.


12. Little girl bedroom ideas: Colorful and quirky

Kaleidoscopic girls' bedroom ideas would create a fun and stimulating environment. A rainbow mural, multi colored squiggles, or a lively wall mosaic are great bases. Keep the bedding and upholstery neutral and repeat the colors in accessories, throws, rugs and curtains. Turn this décor style into a quirky and beautiful teenage girl's bedroom by opting for pastel or earth tones for the rainbow wall art.

Teenage girls’ bedroom design with boho theme interior design - Beautiful Homes

13. Girly room ideas: Pink with a twist

Pink girly bedroom décor may be stereotypical, but it is also popular for a reason. Pink is one of the most fun colors. There are a bunch of ways that you can elevate pink girls' bedroom design ideas. Use it as an accent tone in a neutral or monochromatic room. Combine a soft pink with light wood furniture for calming yet girly bedroom décor. For brighter and colorful interiors, color block Fuschia with yellow or green.


14. Modern teenage girl bedroom ideas: Trendy typography

If your teen likes trendy and graphic styles, incorporate these elements into your bedroom décor ideas for teenage girls. A wallpaper or mural that displays diverse typographies. Alternatively, add vintage or retro posters and album art to the décor.

Floral wallpaper for a girls’ bedroom wall & interior design - Beautiful Homes

15. Girly room ideas: Flower power

Floral motifs lend well to pretty and girly room décor ideas. From intricate wallpapers to gorgeous textiles, there are many ways to incorporate florals into girl kids' bedroom ideas.       

16. Woodland-themed girl kids bedroom ideas

Bring a little bit of nature to your design for beautiful bedrooms for girls with woodland-themed décor. Add animals to forest-inspired wallpaper and pepper the room with animal plushies. Keep the color palette neutral and use wood as the primary material for a camp-like feel. Take it up a notch with a starry-night canopy mural on the ceiling for girl kids' bedroom ideas.

17. Girls' bedroom ideas for small rooms: Easy breezy girls' bedroom décor

Pick a light color scheme to enhance the natural light in the room. Avoid cluttering girls' bedroom décor with too many accessories. Instead, use what they already have for décor, such as books, toys, artwork, hobby supplies, etc.


18. Modern teenage girl bedroom ideas: Symmetry for the siblings

For siblings sharing a room, create a sense of symmetry with twin beds and similar side tables. But give it a modern touch by allowing them to decorate it in their style. Personalize the girls' bedroom design ideas with monogram signs over their beds.

19. Big girl bedroom ideas: Hollywood style for the glam girl

Are you looking for girls' bedroom ideas for a diva in the making? Take inspiration from the Hollywood glam style. Use iconic elements like a sunburst mirror, checkered flooring, ample gilded accents, faux animal fur/ prints, etc., for teenage bedroom ideas.


20. Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms: Bunk bed but make it chic

Bunk beds may not be the ideal choice for beautiful bedrooms for girls, but they sure are functional. And these functional pieces can be chic too; here's how. Opt for a contemporary bunk bed with only a top bunk to open up the floor space. A gorgeous wood finish on the bed would work well with most décor styles. Or you can paint the frame to introduce an accent color to your girly bedroom décor ideas.

Girls’ bedroom interior design with minimalistic colour scheme & clean design - Beautiful Homes

Girls' Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Whether you are looking for little ones or teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms, these tips should help you maximize the space.

  • Lighter hues will help open up the space in a small bedroom design for girls.

  • For teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms, darker hues may work as they create a sense of depth. And many teens may prefer these over lighter colors.

  • Try to position mirrors by or opposite windows to enhance the natural light in a small bedroom design for girls and make it appear larger.

  • In terms of storage, you have to get creative with small bedroom ideas for girls. Maximize it with open shelves, under-the-bed storage, etc.

  • Multipurpose furniture is a great small bedroom idea for girls to save up floor space. Examples include dresser-cum-vanity, a desk that doubles up as a side table, and so on.

  • Opt for a single bed, bunk bed or daybed to open up the space.


Girls' Bedroom Décor Ideas

Girls' Bedroom Colors

The best paint color for a girl's bedroom is a classic one they will continue to cherish. Think dusty rose, sage, blue, yellows, muted mauve, neutrals and earth tones.

Girls’ bedroom decor ideas with bold cushion covers & wall art - Beautiful Homes

Girls' Bedroom Wallpaper

Your child may have specific hobbies or interests, for example, sports, music, animals, etc. Wallpapers are a pretty accessible way to incorporate these into girls' bedroom décor. Use it to upgrade walls, doors, drawers, etc.


Girls' Bedroom Furniture

Apart from the staples, there are a bunch of pieces that you can add to the interior design for girls' bedrooms. A rocking chair in the girls' bedroom design ideas would be a great space to snuggle up with and read to them. In a teen girl's bedroom, replace it with a comfortable armchair and an ottoman to create a reading nook. You can add treehouse swings, tents, and such for a whimsical feel for little ones.

Bedroom Paint Two Colors For Girls

Here are some classic duochrome palettes to try for your girls' bedroom colors-

  • Teal and blush for a classic girly room
  • Taupe and charcoal for a modern girls' bedroom
  • Periwinkle and white for cute girl bedrooms
  • Orange and yellow for quirky girly room décor
  • Blue and sandy tones for serene modern bedroom designs for girls
  • Pink and gray for a girly pink bedroom


Girly Room Décor Ideas

  • With these additional girls' bedroom ideas and tips, add the finishing touches to your child's room:
  • Metal finishes for lighting, handles, pulls, etc., will instantly elevate the interior design for girls' bedroom.
  • Use rugs to demarcate multiple areas, and add pattern, color and texture into bedroom design for girls.
  • Let them infuse their personalities into the space through gallery walls, accessories, wall painting for girls' bedrooms, girls' bedroom wall stickers, design of girls' bedroom furniture, etc.


Your Questions Answered for Bedroom Design for Girls

1. What should a teenage girl's bedroom have?

All teenage bedroom ideas must include ample storage, a comfortable bed and study space. If the space allows for it, add cozy nooks to your girl's bedroom décor ideas.

2. How do you set up a girl's bedroom?

Start with narrowing down the style and color palette for interior design for your girl's bedroom. Note the dimensions of the room before you start shopping for furniture. Decide all the functional areas they need. For example, bedroom interior design for teenage girls must include a study area and dressing area. Whereas, for a little girl kids' bedroom ideas would have to factor in the play area. Fix the layout and get decorating. Start with the walls and the floors, then the lighting furniture and finally, accessories.

Teen girls’ bedroom design with minimal interiors & furniture - Beautiful Homes

3. How do you make a girl's bedroom cozy?

Many factors affect a room's coziness— color, lighting, textiles and texture being the key components. Muted colors, such as neutrals, pastels, earth tones, etc., are relaxing. Soft and coarse textures such as faux fur, linen, velvet, tufts, etc., will make the girls' bedroom snug and comfy. Natural light and warm task lighting lend a cozy vibe to girls' bedroom décor.

4. How do you redo a teenage girl's bedroom?

A good starting point for redecorating a teen girl's bedroom is to narrow down their aesthetic and how they want to express their personality through it. Changing up the walls is a good start. If you're on a budget, you can give the furniture a fresh, top coat with paint or wallpaper. Apart from the décor, assess if their needs have changed and incorporate those into bedroom interior design for teenage girls. For example, do they require more storage, a vanity, more surface area, and so on.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Designing your Child's Dream Room?

Are you shopping for ideas to design your children's bedroom? Head on over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. You can also check out the projects we've executed so far and learn more about our services and products. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our stores across India. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated who will help you realize your child's dream bedroom.

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