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The ultimate guide to buying the best and beautiful wallpapers for rooms

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Jul 13, 2022
Red & black floral wallpaper design for wall in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Gorgeous wallpaper is a beautiful way to enhance the appeal of a room but it is important to pick the right wallpaper for your interiors. Here are tips on how to choose the perfect wallpaper to make your interiors stand out

When you think of well put together homes, you can identify what makes the rooms work. Ill designed homes, on the other hand, feel a little rough around the edges. A well put together home is good interior design at work. An effective interior design can bring together a space in a spectacular way to make it comfortable, functional and gorgeous.


Wallpaper is one of those stunning decorative elements that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. It adds that extra touch which transforms your space from plain and functional to fabulous and unique. The key is choosing the right wallpaper to complement the décor and style of the room to make it look sensational.


What Are the Types of Room Wallpaper Design Available in India?

Trending wallpaper designs have made a big comeback and are a popular design choice nowadays. Though very popular around the world, Indian homeowners are still a trifle wary of using wallpaper. Here, we take a look at the different types of trending wall paper available and some exciting ways to use them.


1. Paper: Popular wallpaper design for wall

The interior wallpaper texture of paper wallpaper is a lovely type of wallpaper as it is made of wood fibres and recycled paper. It is breathable and promotes a healthy room climate.


Gorgeous paper based wall paper design for hall
Paper based wallpaper comes in gorgeous colours and designs and its interior wallpaper texture gives depth to a room. Use a deep red flock print with gold accents to make a statement in a large hall. With antique furniture and a crystal chandelier, this hall will be the height of luxury.


2. Paper-Backed Vinyl: Affordable and latest wall paper designs

This type of wallpaper has a paper underlay on which acrylic type vinyl or polyvinyl chloride has been sprayed to give a decorative finish. It is easy to maintain, more resistant to grease and moisture and is a good choice for bathrooms and kitchens.


Durable paper backed vinyl kitchen wallpaper design
From subtle neutral patterns to bold graphic florals, there are kitchen wallpaper design options for any and all styles of kitchens. Wrap the walls with pretty flowers in stripes to create a whimsical, vintage vibe or go for black and white geometric wallpaper for a more contemporary design.


3.    Non-Woven: Sophisticated and modern wallpaper for wall

Non-woven wallpaper material is a blend of natural fibres and vinyl that is mixed together to create a strong and flexible wallpaper. It is easy to install, easy to maintain, can take a lot of wear and tear, resists mould and can even be used for digital printing to make amazing wallpaper designs.


Stunning non-woven wall paper design for bedroom
Dress your bedroom walls in cheery colours or an interesting pattern to give them instant allure and warmth. Or get a relaxing wall paper design for bedroom in a neutral hue with tiny patterns to create a soothing space.

4. Solid Vinyl: The Most Durable wallpaper design for your home

This highly washable, scrubbable, and scratch resistant type of wallpaper is inexpensive and is a great choice for the kitchen interiors and bathroom. They come in intricate textures and patterns that can transform the look of a room.


Luxurious Solid Vinyl Bathroom Wallpaper Decoration
Go for luxurious, rich colours and create a statement wall to give the bathroom a sumptuous look. Or pick a light shade and a small medallion print to give a small bathroom an airier feel.

Gold & white patterned vinyl wallpaper for walls - Beautiful Homes

5. PVC or Coated Vinyl: Moisture-Resistant Wallpaper Design for Home

The strongest of all types of wallpapers, this is a blend of fabric and vinyl. This printed wallpaper is resistant to high temperatures, waterproof and can last forever. It is well liked in Indian households because of its durability and can even be used in spaces that are open to the elements, like a courtyard or balcony.


Traditional Wallpaper Design for Home
Use coated vinyl printed wallpaper material with very traditional Indian motifs to decorate the walls of an indoor courtyard and complement it with traditional Indian prints and artifacts.

Beige botanical wallpaper design for wall in the dining room - Beautiful Homes

6. Fabric: Unique and Unusual Room Wallpaper Design

Fabric wallpaper material is easy to install and easy to remove. On its own, fabric wallpaper is not very durable but it can be made stronger by giving it a vinyl backing. Fabric wallpaper adds texture as well as patterns and colour to a room but it can be difficult to clean and maintain. It is more suited for quieter areas, like living rooms, where it can give a very luxurious feel and an added depth to a room.


Gorgeous and rich fabric Wall Paper Design for Living Room
A beautiful accent wall decorated with a richly patterned fabric wallpaper can be all the decoration a living room needs to create the glamorous effect you want. If you are covering all the walls, choose neutral toned damask wall paper design for living room to add a pleasing layer of pattern that heightens the elegance of the room.

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper for your Home Design

Using wallpaper as the decorative element in your room is an expensive choice and needs careful thought. Some of the things to consider in this wallpaper buying guide include:

1. Buying Wallpaper #1: Layout is important for wallpaper design

It is often very difficult to find an entirely blank wall in any room. There is often a window, a door or maybe a shelf on that wall, or it could be an odd shaped room. An effective design solution is needed.


A clever way of using wallpaper when a wall has too much happening is to use wallpaper panels as accent pieces.


2. Buying Wallpaper #2: Calculate walls covered by wallpaper decoration

Wallpaper is an expensive choice and it may be a better option to have a statement wall rather than covering entire rooms. Choose the wall that is opposite the doorway for maximum effect.

Modern multi-coloured flower wallpaper pattern on a narrow wall - Beautiful Homes
Bold wallpaper decoration in the bedroom for a quick bedroom makeover - Beautiful Homes

3. Buying Wallpaper #3: Choose the perfect scale of wall paper patterns

The size and scale of the pattern that you pick depends on the size of the room and the area of walls being covered. A large room with large ceilings and wide walls will be able to take a busy or fussy wallpaper but smaller rooms or narrower swathes of walls need smaller prints with lighter colours so as not to overwhelm the space.


4. Buying Wallpaper #4: Steaminess factor will impact choice of room wallpaper design

This applies to areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. Choose durable wallpaper for these areas. It may also be a wise idea to install the wallpaper on the wall that is farthest from water and steam.

5. Buying Wallpaper #5: Consider the likelihood of kids using the room when picking wallpaper decoration

If you are planning to paper the nursery or the children’s room, choose durable, patterned vinyl wallpaper that will hide stains and scribbles. Keep the expensive wallpaper for areas that kids do not frequent.


Why Should You Consider Wallpaper Decoration for Every Room?

1. Applying Wallpaper Design for Rooms is Quick

Installing wallpaper for your rooms is a faster and less expensive affair than painting. It is more convenient and takes less time.


2. Opting for House Wallpaper Design is a cleaner choice

Unlike paint, when wallpapering the walls, you don't need to move furniture around and keep dusting. It is an easier, beautiful way to decorate your walls.

3. Wallpaper Decoration for Rooms Can Give an Instant Makeover

A wallpaper can transform a room in an instant. A drab and dreary room can be rejuvenated and revitalized by the addition of a bold, patterned wallpaper.


4. Wallpaper Patterns can Hide Imperfections

Painted walls fade sooner and show stains and marks at once. Wallpaper, on the other hand, looks good longer and the patterns can hide marks and scratches very well.


5. Printed Wallpaper is Easier to Maintain

Both paint and wallpapered walls can be washed, but paint starts showing wear sooner while wallpaper can hide imperfections longer.

Nature inspired wallpaper design for bedroom walls - Beautiful Homes

How can Beautiful Homes help you with choosing perfect wallpaper for your home design?

At Beautiful Homes, we provide interior design solutions for any design or renovation. We believe functional, and comfortable living should reflect your personal style and enhance your home. Whether you are looking for a stunning design for a new home or a fresh perspective for an old one, we provide a beautiful update to the elements in your home.


Wallpaper is a completely new design element for most people and can be a bit scary. But we can help you choose the perfect design that will bring your space together in a spectacular way. Our interior design services are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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