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Dec 09, 2022
The perfect curtains for your living room - Beautiful Homes

Drapes or curtains, choose the best for your home with us

It's pretty normal if you had thought all this while curtains and drapes were the same, but now it's time to know the difference and use it accordingly. In today's article, let's see how they are different and how to choose the right one for your home.


Curtains and drapes serve more than just a functional purpose of covering windows. They also play a significant role in enhancing the overall interior design and atmosphere of your living room and other rooms in your space. Be it in setting up the whole theme of the room or elevating the whole mood of the interior, curtains, and drapes do play a major role. Be it curtains or drapes, both have very important roles in the whole aspect of interior design. Before discussing this further, let's have a clear understanding of what both curtains and drapes are and how are they different from each other.


Curtains are basically fabric panels or sheets that are used to cover windows. It regulates the amount of light that slits in from outside to the interior of the room through the windows. They are usually unlined, which helps in seeping the light through. Curtains are hung down from a rod fixed above and they can ideally extend to the bottom of the floor or just below the window shield.


Now, looking at a drape, essentially both drapes and curtains look ideal but they are different in terms of their purpose and fabric. Drapes are made from heavy and rich fabric thus offering more privacy to the people inside the room, as no one can peep in through the drapes because of their fabric type. Drapes are usually defined to block the light cutting in through the windows and give that natural dark effect for a better sleeping experience (one among the usage).


In short, curtains and drapes are window coverings with different fabric types and purposes. These window coverings not only give you privacy and regulate the amount of light entering the room but also add and align with the interior design aspect of the room, thereby making it more visually and aesthetically appealing.


Continue reading further to know when should you choose drapes and when to opt for a curtain.


Drapes: Why, When, and Where?

Now, this might be one of the most prominent questions in your mind, why choose drapes, when, and where you should incorporate this in your interior space?

If you wish to reduce the amount of natural light that's entering your room, drapes are one of the best things to consider. These heavier and rich fabrics add texture and beauty to your interior space when paired well with the room's theme and the adjacent curtains. Generally, drapes are much longer in dimension as they cover from top to the bottom, thereby creating a puddle and wavy outlook.


The question of when to choose drapes totally depends on your budget also when you wish to have more control over the light entering your room and also have increased privacy for your interior space. Keeping in mind the visual beauty it adds, drapes also give that additional formal look to your window with their solid and darker shades (mostly available in darker shades).

Elegant drapes: A chic addition to any home decor- Beautiful Homes

There is nothing like drapes fit only for one particular space,  but bedrooms and living rooms are two of the most common areas where drapes have been installed for the extra added privacy and interior aesthetic senses.


Apart from the aesthetic beauty, it adds to the interior, drapes are also a great way to reduce noise and soundproof your bedroom to an extent.

Luxurious drapes look for your home - Beautiful Homes

When to Choose Curtains for your Interior?

These lightweight and often textured fabrics allow light to seep in after reducing the actual intensity to an extent, thus making it easily bearable for the people inside the room. Curtains are never a bad option, as it always adds extra beauty and patterns by picking the right choice for both plain and textured window glass shields. In fact, the curtain puts forth a natural and light shield to your interior without cutting full views of the exterior natural beauty. These flowy fabrics also go well when paired appropriately with drapes in an alternate fashion. There are plenty of options and methods to pair the curtains for the living room these days with the advancement in both the textile and design industry, thereby ensuring no dip in the quality of maintaining your interior aesthetics.

How to Pick the Right Size?

Perfection comes with perfect dimensions and therefore measuring your window shields and taking the right measurements are indeed important things to look at. One of the common mistakes while people put up curtains for home, is they take the measurement from the rod/panel, which makes the window look smaller than the actual size. It is very much recommended to install the rod or panel of the curtain as close as possible to the ceiling for the elevated outlook. Similarly, while measuring the width for both your curtain and drapes, add an extra 2 inches to both sides to give additional space to cover panels and not expose the edges. Doing this way, it will help to achieve a neat and sleek look for your curtains and drapes.

Lightweight & see-through curtains for your room - Beautiful Homes
A tidy and refined look for curtains and drapes in your home- Beautiful Home

How to Pick the Right Color ?

It's natural to get confused when it comes to choosing the right color for your curtain and drapes. With access to millions of patterns, textures, and colors, at Beautiful Homes, we walk you through endless options to make your interior space look nothing less than spectacular.


Even though it's natural to get overwhelmed by the options while picking the color of your choice, it's always safe to go with a shade that is a perfect contrast to your wall but also matches the other décor elements. Having a great knowledge of color theory is always a plus. 

Also leaving this work to a passionate and seasoned interior designer will always be a great idea to consider, as it promises to bring in your signature with the best option.


An expert's touch leaves no stone gone wrong. The experts from Beautiful Homes help you not just to fight the dilemma of choosing the best color for your drapes and shades, but also endless number of other things. From finding the right material to analyzing the right place for a curtain and drapes, Beautiful Homes are already designing the best for your interior.


Along with sourcing and installing the ideal curtains and drapes for your dream home, we also provide design services and a lot more.


For more services and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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