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5 flawless material combinations that will perfectly grace your home

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Mar 24, 2022
Wooden flooring to make your bedroom look vintage & modern - Beautiful Homes

Contemporary interior design is all about balance and contrast – using layering, texture and visual variety to bring together aesthetic cohesion. With that in mind, there are some combinations that are a guaranteed success; here, we have collated these winning suggestions for you

At its core, good interior design needs to add depth and dimension to a room, creating comfort and visual interest in equal measure. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by layering textures and interior design materials that work well together. The goal is balancing how individual materials look with how they feel, and how they supplement each other to enhance the aesthetic appeal and function of your room.


It is important to look at the room as a whole and choose home interior materials in combinations that suit the needs of your particular space. This essentially means that when looking at materials for interiors you need to pay special attention to the tactile, as well as the visual properties of each. But what does that actually mean? And how do you start? Well, we’ll break it down for you, below.


Mixing Interior Design Materials : Ambience is Key

The core advantage to mixing home interior materials wisely is that by adjusting the ratios of each material, you can achieve a wide range of ambient effects. For example, in a room that needs warming up, incorporating more wood and golden toned stone can add an aura of cosy friendliness. Conversely, a more metal interior design style will give your space a cooler, industrial aesthetic that can be played against soft furnishings for a trendy contemporary effect. Keep the colour tones, patterns, and the amount that each material absorbs or reflects light in mind when choosing how to mix components for a better blended composition.

#1 The Rustic : Wood & Stone are the Archetypal Pairing of Home Interior Materials

The key words when describing a rustic-modern décor scheme are homey but elegant. By focusing on deep wood tones for your materials used in interior design and featuring naturalistic design elements, like wooden flooring, plywood interior design features or large wooden furniture pieces, you lend the space the air of a retreat from modern life. Two popular elements on the interior materials list, light soapstone and marble, are the ideal counterpoint to the depth and weight of the wood tones.

Using material combination like wood, stone & brick for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Or you can pair lighter woods with deeper glowing stone floors for a similar effect. Particularly when paired with plywood interior design elements, like built-in cupboards or cabinets, darker stone counters or floors add the perfect hint of stability and permanence to your haven.


#2 The Classic : Another Fundamental Pair of Materials for Interiors is Wood & Brick

When considering interior design materials that work beautifully together, an iconic pairing that has seen a modern resurgence is wood mixed with exposed brick. This combination offers a seamless blend of contemporary design, balanced with rich natural textures for understated style. Since the materials used can be very pocket friendly, this style is ideal when planning a beautiful design on a budget. The materials can be showcased across every aspect of the design, from wall cladding interior elements, to flooring or built-ins, lending your space a quality of agelessness with minimal fuss. An overall textural variety can even be achieved with exposed brick wall cladding, interior accent walls or with weathered plywood interior design elements. Contrasted with white walls, bright accessories and real greenery you can achieve an ultra-modern interior anchored in a timeless atmosphere.

Luxury material combinations for your modern living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

#3 The Polished : Wood on Wood Keeps your Home Interior Materials Simple and Tasteful

Possibly the most intimidating mix of materials used in interior design, this trendy approach is also perhaps one of the most rewarding for the novice. This is because this design strategy doesn’t require a long interior materials list, and is one you can embrace with little to no structural changes within a given space. Take for example a rented home with a single dominant wood tone for built-ins and plain white walls. By choosing a contrasting light, medium, or dark tone when picking your furniture pieces, you can add texture and layering with minimal effort.

Go for wood tones that both complement and contrast, and pick thrifted or sustainable interior design materials for accessories and soft furnishings. To make shopping around easier, take photographs of your space and make a mood, keeping the material board interior design in mind, before creating your interior materials list; interior design experts recommend identifying the undertone of your dominant wood and matching that.

#4 The Contemporary : Metal & Stone are a Trendy Mix for Home Interior Materials Today

Shiny and sleek, the combinations of smooth marble or granite with chrome or steel create a glamorous contemporary look that is somehow both fresh and ageless. These are an ideal combination of materials for interiors where function demands a level of hardware – such as kitchens, bathrooms or foyers with visually commanding staircase railings. Once again identify a dominant metal tone and showcase this in cabinet hardware, taps or railings. Reflect the tones of your metal interior design elements in the tones of your stone to bring the look of the room together. 

Material combination like metal & stone for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

You can further amp up the glamour of the space by choosing metallic light fixtures, picture frames or other accessories that accent the colour of your anchor metal. Be conscious of texture when choosing accent pieces as combining matte, hammered and polished metals within the same tonal range can add interest in a subtle yet luxe way. Again, with a mood or material board, interior design cohesion will be a lot easier to manage.


#5 The Modern : Keep your Mix of Materials for Interiors Ultra-Modern with Glass & Metal

One of the most interesting ways to create an ultra glamorous space that balances high-gloss with minimalism is by using combinations of glass and metal as your main interior design materials. With recent advances in technology, new materials in interior design, such as one-way glass has become one of the more popular interior design materials as it can provide greater strength, toughness and privacy while retaining the impression of greater space and light. 


When you combine this surprisingly versatile and visually stunning component with the right kinds of metal, a metal interior design history is made! Glazed interior partitions allow for light to flow from one end of the room to the other while also providing better space demarcation. You could semi-separate an open-plan kitchen from a dining nook with decorative stained glass panels in golden metal frames. High concept steel and glass staircase railing or even stairs could offer a dreamy floating quality to a functional, structural element of your home. And over and above structural uses, glass and metal furniture options are vast – from shelves and table tops to closet doors, TV stands, and bathroom counters. Incorporate the same tonal family of metal from the décor into a glass chandelier or light fixture to add the ultimate sumptuousness to your home.

New material combinations for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architect

Exploring New Materials in Interior Design : The Future is Here

When talking about currently popular materials for interiors we have to give a nod to the growing selection of technological components such as thermoformed non-porous surface materials, switched glass where panels switch between translucent and opaque at the push of a button and air purifying paints that use photocatalysis to generate negative ions and neutralise pollutants such as mould spores, bacteria and even viruses.

And while most of these may only be materials used in interior design of the future, the core need that these materials, and others like these, are being developed to fulfil is the increasing need for sustainable, biophilic design.


Happily there are sustainable interior design materials that are more accessible to those of us who are looking to make a change right now. Key among these is reclaimed wood. As a recycled or upcycled material this has many and varied applications. Remember that just because the wood is older, it does not need to be a part of a rustic aesthetic theme. As we’ve established, with the right combination of classic and new materials in interior design, such as perhaps wood with iron or a darkened metal, you can give your space a modern, industrial look. Or polish it well and use copper or warm metal hardware to give your piece a steampunk edge. 


Or perhaps even paint it white and use it with glass for a modern dining table!


Remember the basic rule to create balance is identifying your primary interior design materials before choosing your key secondary materials used in interior design, ensuring that they work well and play off each other. So has this given you the inspiration needed to mix and match home interior materials with confidence? If so, all you need now is a little expert help to bring your vision to life.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we’re in the business of delivering dream homes. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll partner with you to make sure your end result is just what you’ve imagined. Whether it’s assisting you with flawless installation and all the design decisions, or helping you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

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