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House pillar design & décor ideas

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Aug 06, 2022
Square Pillar Design for Houses - Beautiful Homes

Pillars are used in buildings to support structural load but with clever design they can be turned into gorgeous decorative elements that will enhance the look of your home. Here are some brilliant pillar design and décor ideas

Pillars are used in buildings to support structural load or they could be added as decorative features. Ornamental pillars have existed in architecture as early as 2700 BC, in ancient Egypt, and are still an important part of building architecture. A pillar transmits the weight of structures above it to structures below it through compression so that buildings will not collapse under their own weight.


Home pillar designs can be circular, rectangular or polygonal; they can be straight or tapered; and they can be made of stone, metal or concrete. If you are building a house from scratch, you have a choice of whether to include pillars in your building design. But if you are looking to renovate your home, you may have to install pillars for support when bringing down load bearing walls. With the right help and amazing pillar decoration ideas for home, you can transform pillars into a beautiful part of your interior décor.


Types of House Pillar Design

In today’s world of open floor plans, pillars may need to be installed in odd places to provide support. But they don't have to be an ugly eyesore in the middle of the room. With inspiring pillar decoration ideas for home, these load bearing pillars can be transformed into attractive pillar décor that can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.


Let’s take a look at some alluring pillar decoration ideas to transform the simple, old-fashioned pillar.

1. Minimalist style granite pillar design for home

Minimalism is all about understated style and the house pillar design of a minimalist house should be equally simple. A sleek, elongated granite pillar design for home without too many decorative bends will add to the stark and austere style of minimalist homes. Pick neutral colours like slate grey, or charcoal for exterior pillar décor or go with beige or cream as pillar décor for interior spaces.


2. Home Pillar design with stone bricks base for courtyard

This rustic house pillar design with an exposed brick base is very popular as pillar decoration ideas for home exterior walls. The square base can be made with different coloured stones with a circular top in a complementing colour. For instance, a row of pillars around a courtyard with dark cobbled stone bases and uplit black circular columns will look stunning.


3. Cement columns with decorative ceiling beams ideas

Cement ornamental pillars topped with decorative wooden beams are wonderful pillar decoration ideas in traditional Indian homes. An antique wooden swing can be suspended from the beam for a striking look.

Creative pillar decoration in living room - Beautiful Homes
Round pillar design for houses - Beautiful Homes

4. Round pillar design for houses with patio

Round pillar design for houses is very popular and a patio with round pillars supporting a sloping tiled roof with wooden eaves will be reminiscent of a cottage in the mountains. Round pillars inside the house can be beautified by adding a fluted effect or a satin sheen.

5. Traditional wooden pillar decoration ideas for home

Ornamental pillars made of wood look unique but are not load bearing. If you do not need pillars for support, then an elegant wood carving pillar will add a traditional ambiance to the house.


6. Exterior house pillars design for terrace

A long row of high pillars with moulded bases and curlicued decoration is a beautiful exterior house pillars design. Intersperse the columns with half pillars topped with stone planters filled with leafy foliage and add mood lighting to create a very elegant outside entertainment area.

Wooden decorative ceiling beams ideas - Beautiful Homes

7. Unique house pillar design with tiles

Convert a basic cement pillar into something more unique by using small pieces of ceramic to cover them. These pieces of ceramic can be recycled from the waste from your renovation to create beautiful designs that will look extraordinary. 

Brick pillar design in home front - Beautiful Homes

8. Charming brick pillars for open floor home

Exposed brick pillars look very charming in an open plan home. Use the exposed brick pillar as the corner of a kitchen island, a little breakfast nook or a workspace. The brick pillar provides the wall space needed to ground the arrangement and is a functional and effective use of a brick pillar design.


9. Roman pillars for garden

Roman columns come in different styles, like Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Tuscan and are defined by the kind of decoration used on the pillar. Roman pillars look lovely when installed in neat rows to border an area, acting as a beautiful divider to separate spaces.

10. Pillar arch design for front elevation

A neat way to use load bearing pillars is as pillar arch design for front elevation. Two columns on either side of an elevation connected by an arch adds drama to a space as well as provides a visual cue to watch your toes. Large elaborate modern house front pillar design will look striking in the patio while sleeker columns can be used in interior spaces.


11. POP modern house front pillar design

One of the most luxurious ways to use POP art on your modern house front pillar design is on the column capital which is the widest part of the column at the top end. Ornately decorated capitals can make columns stand out, especially in large spaces that need over the top decoration.


12. Twisted brick column for living room

A decorative element like a twisted brick column can be all the decoration that a contemporary and modern living room needs to make it stand out.

Pillar design ideas for front elevation of your home - Beautiful Homes
Modern pillar designs for houses - Beautiful Homes

13. Functional modern pillar designs for houses

Create functional modern pillar designs for houses by adding shelves between two adjacent columns, and encapsulating both. With recessed lighting, this can be an unusual book shelf, a media centre or a display space for bric-a-brac.


14. Square pillar designs for houses

Square pillar designs for houses provides a natural base for functional pillar design. Encase the column in wood, add cubbies, and you have the perfect spot to store wines. Or leave it bare and let the cement show through, adding a tactile layer to your interior design.

Pillar Décor Ideas


1. Pillar design in home front

If you live in a house, pillar design in the home front is a must. Make your house stand out in the neighbourhood with a beautiful POP pillar design in home front using barley twist or floral patterns to support a beautifully carved wrought iron gate.


2. House cement pillar design

A solid house cement pillar design in the middle of the house is prime décor space, so don’t waste it. Hang a stunning abstract or a traditional Tanjore painting for creative pillar decoration in the living room. Or hang family photos in frames of different sizes to add a more personal feel to the space.


3. Pillar tiles design for home

Pick vibrant coloured tiles in blues, green and aquamarines and create a mystical, swirling design for a striking pillar tiles design for home. Add a water element to the base that reflects the tiles for creative pillar decoration in the living room.


4. Pillar decoration with cloth

Great pillar décor ideas to make a column more tactile and interesting is pillar decoration with cloth. Twirl an unusual and eye-catching fabric around the pillar and accent it with upholstery that complements the rich colours of the pillar.


5. Natural pillar décor ideas with plants

Adding greenery is a great way to decorate a pillar. Curl creepers and vines around the pillar to give the space a wild jungle vibe. If you don’t have a green thumb, use artificial plants to achieve the same effect.


6. Pillar decoration ideas using lights

Highlight the pillar with subtle lighting by hanging a vintage brass lamp or fixing elaborately carved sconces. Or create a slight niche in the column for concealed light to create a surreal effect.


7. House pillar colour design

Pillars can be made to stand out with the addition of house pillar colour design. Choose a gorgeous statement colour for a stunning visual or use different coloured glazed mirrors to create an unusual and unique pillar decoration. 


How can Beautiful Homes help you with the Best Pillar Décor Ideas?

At Beautiful Homes, we help you create interiors that are a true reflection of you. Our designers have worked with different styles of interior design from traditional, to contemporary to modern and beyond. We try to keep the entire interior design process enjoyable and easy, keeping in mind that precise design leads to comfortable living.


When working with families to renovate outdated and cramped living areas into functional and open plan spaces, we strive to make the homes as stylish and sophisticated as we can, from wall colour to pillar decoration. We offer interior design services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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