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How to choose the right elements for your Home Theater

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Feb 26, 2022
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If you have decided to pamper yourself and get a home theatre system, you should know that throwing in a large TV and a couple of recliners is not enough to get the best viewing experience. Here, we take a look at some of the essential elements that a home theatre needs

Introduction to Home Theater System Interior Designs

Quite often, a home theatre is the last room to be done during a home renovation project. It is only after having finished all the utilitarian spaces that people consider spending on leisure and entertainment, and movie theatres, game rooms and hobby studios are some of the ways in which spaces can be created for things one is passionate about.If you want to do this right, you will need to meet a few criteria, like purchasing a good sound system, a large screen and some comfortable chairs to start with. It is true that a home theatre doesn’t come cheap, but it does not have to be super expensive either. Having a luxury home theatre or personal movie room under your own roof is possible for homeowners on nearly any budget. With a little ingenuity and the right design, you can turn a spare room in your house into a comfortable and stylish home theatre.

Right Elements for your Home Theater System

A good home theatre system needs the right combination of features working together seamlessly to create an exceptional viewing experience. Finding the right layout, the right space, the right screen and speakers and even the right furniture are all important factors to consider. Movie nights are quite often a shared experience and most people enjoy having people over for an evening of entertainment. Hence, a home theatre design should also be sophisticated and stylish and the envy of your peers.

Here are the different essential and décor elements that will create the perfect home theatre space.

1. Find a Dedicated Room for your Home Theater

A home theatre needs to be a dedicated space and if you have a large enough home to assign space for one, that is great, but if you don’t, there are other options.

For instance, a basement is a great space for a home theatre as it is usually windowless and is naturally insulated. But if you do not have a basement, find a spare room with minimum windows. It should ideally be located far away from the humdrum of a working household to be insulated against outside noise. If you do not have a spare room, you could consider designing a living room home theater setup.

Home theatre design & décor ideas for your modern home - Beautiful Homes

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Sofa bed seating arrangement for your home theatre room design - Beautiful Homes

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2. Best Home Theatre Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement for your home theatre should be comfortable. If it will be used mostly by adults, velvet is a good choice as it is plush and absorbent. It comes in gorgeous patterns, colours and textures and looks classy. If you would also be having family movie nights often, with youngsters, choose fabric that is resistant to staining, wear-and-tear, and scuffs. Some recliners include features like cupholders, armrests, reclining positions, USB charging ports, and more.

The layout of the seats is also important. If there is ample space, row seating is an option and it gives the viewer the ultimate theatre experience. If you would like a classier space, individual 

seating arrangements with long couches, and circular tables with lounge chairs would look very retro. If you are constrained for space, try a combination of recliners, lounge chairs and maybe even add a dash of whimsy by scattering beanbags or large pillows for floor seating.


3. Choose the Right Universal Home Theatre System

There are countless variations of home theatre systems that fit most any budget. There are high-end home Bluetooth home theatre systems with an expensive home theatre price tag and also very affordable options that can easily fit into a spare bedroom. Some of the elements of the home theatre system include:

The Best Home Projector

If you are using a home theater projector and screen, ensure that there is enough distance between both. When buying the screen, make sure that there is ample wall space to hang the screen. If there is a window on the wall where you are planning to have the screen, you can opt for a pull-down screen.

If a home theatre projector and screen combination is too big for your space, a smart TV is a great option. Many smart TVs are available with individual operating systems and access to streaming services for movies, shows, sports, and other events. Make sure you get your TV with good resolution, screen size, and HDMI hook-ups in order to optimize your viewing experience.

Add a Great Surround Sound System for Bluetooth Home Theatre

Sound is as important as picture quality and it is wise to invest in sound equipment that will improve the quality of your in-home theatre experience. Surround sound Bluetooth speaker home theatre offers a more immersive experience and adds to the atmosphere. You could place floor-standing tower speakers toward the front and hide other speakers and amplifiers in bookshelves, on walls, or on the ceiling throughout the room. Sound bars are also a great option if you are working within a budget. 

Bluetooth sound system for your home theatre room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Vadim Ovchinnikov/ shutterstock

Opt for the Latest Wireless Home Theater System

A wireless home theater system is a great option if you want to avoid drilling holes in walls and having wires running across floors. This is especially true if you are living in a rented space. Wireless systems are also much easier to install and maintain. Another benefit of wireless systems is that you can move the bluetooth speaker home theatre and home theater amplifier to wherever you want without having to rewire.

With a wireless system, it is like having a universal home theater where everything can be streamed from and to anywhere and it can all be controlled from a phone or tablet. They are extremely easy and convenient to set up, and come with practically everything that you need.


Use your Walls and Ceilings to Enhance the Home Theatre Experience

Did you know that the walls and ceiling of the home theatre add to the viewing experience? Dark shades, like brown, grey, and black help cut down or eliminate the reflection of light. Adding acoustic panels to the walls helps optimize the home sound system by eliminating echo and reverberation. They also come in a variety of styles, colours, and designs, and you can further personalize your cinema room. Adding fabric or wallpaper to the walls can also help in eliminating echo from your home theatre speaker.

Entertainment room design for your luxurious home interiors - Beautiful Homes

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Innovative Lighting Ideas for Home Theatre Interior Design

The ideal home theatre setup should have little to no outside light to reduce reflection. If this isn’t an option, use floor to ceiling blackout drapes or blinds to eliminate excess light. These blackout drapes will also help in reducing echo and decreasing room temperature.

Use soft recessed lighting inside to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. A dimming option is another great idea and can set the mood and ambiance for any movie, event, or show.

Accessorize your Home Theatre Interior Design

Adding the right add-ons will take your home theatre from regular to extraordinary. Soft carpeting will look amazing and will also help with the acoustics of the home theatre speaker. Adorn the walls with movie prints as artwork to create the right ambiance.

Dark hued walls with metal sconces for lighting will give an old-world charm to your home theatre. Soft, large pillows and vibrant throws scattered around the place will add a pop of colour and comfort to the room. A little sideboard for snacks or a small bar in a corner are all great ways to make your home theatre the most happening place around.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with the Best Home Theater Design?

At Beautiful Homes, we create environments that blur the lines between comfort, style and inspiration to achieve a cohesive and aesthetic flow. A comprehensive understanding of structures and systems allow us to look beyond the easy answers and explore more creative solutions when it comes to designing spaces. We have successful collaborations with contractors, engineers, architects, and brands which work in the best interest of the client and the project.

Our design team brings years of experience and unique ideas to create an entertainment space for you. From getting the perfect seating solutions and hooking you up with the best home projector, we pay attention to every small detail. We will work with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for and create a home theatre that you and your family will enjoy for years.

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