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How to create a home decorating budget

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Feb 12, 2022
Wall decoration with circular patterned decor items & wall light - Beautiful Homes

Dressing up your home in a budget calls for some smart home decoration options, we have plenty of tips to help you out

Different individuals have different ways and approaches to leading their life, but most of them will usually agree on a few fundamental things that are a must. And everyone acknowledges that home and interior decoration, at some level, is a must. Obviously, the extent of sophistication, effort shown in it and results achieved varies from person to person.

Why Invest in a Home and Interior Decoration?

The way we do  home decorating is our opportunity to build the kind of space we enjoy, and it says a lot about our tastes and preferences. Are you an extrovert, placing as many chairs as you can so you can bring all your loved ones together or an introvert designing the perfect self-care evening? Everything from your selection of colours to the number of throw cushions you put on the sofa is an opportunity to create a setting where you and your special people will thrive and to make your impact. You can create a calming space with a simple colour palette, a cosy and inviting home with warm tones, or a vibrant and lively fun area with bold patterns.


Creating a Home Décor Budget

What's the worst thing about decorating a house? That's right: The budget.

Affordable home decorating isn't all bad news, low budget decoration isn't about being inexpensive, it's about being wise and intelligent, making informed decisions and getting the best value for your money. Here are 8 ways of affordable home decorating to help you with that :

1. Prepare a Décor and Design Wish List

To begin with, prepare a list of everything you wish to do with your home. This includes home furniture, decoration items, accessories, painting the walls, and home renovations like modifying the floors or wardrobes. As the first draft, hold nothing back. Jot down simply everything you would like to do decorating-wise as if a budget was no restriction. Later, divide the list up into two parts: Wants and Needs. For instance, if your bed is falling apart or if you don't even have one yet, then this goes under the Needs list.  Bedroom decoration items, and new flooring, however, may only be a Want if your existing décor or floors are in satisfactory condition but simply aren't your preferred choice.

2. Decide your Actual Home Décor Budget

After having a detailed list of your needs and wishes, the next step is to figure out what everything on both lists really costs. You may be amazed once you begin pricing things out and documenting the numbers down. A few things on your need list may get repositioned to the Want list once you've seen what the investment will be and discover it's not as significant as you thought, and a few things may end up shifting from the wants to needs if you can fit it in later. There is a broad range of possible investments for most furniture and accessories, so do remember to check both the high and low-end choices and jot them down, too.

Bedroom design with table lamps & indoor plants for home decoration - Beautiful Homes

3. Prioritise Labour and Other Purchases

Apart from the décor, you'll have to evaluate the price of materials and labour. Painting the walls, for instance, needs more than just the paint. You will have to consider not only how many gallons you'll need but also supplies like paint brushes, rollers, trays, and drop cloths.

Labour charges can also get super expensive. Decide which tasks you are willing to take on yourself (remember to do your research first to get a practical idea of what is concerned) and which ones you will be better off employing professionals to get done. Later, do some research on what those tasks generally cost.

4. Set your Priorities Straight

It's crucial to determine your priorities. Your home decorating ideas on a budget may not allow you to get everything in one go, so reason out what you most urgently need and go from there. Bigger pieces should typically be bought first because it's more comfortable to design around them than to try to seek things like a couch or bed frame that checks the rest of your décor. Furthermore, if there is anything you need to do to make the home more functional or get it prepared for another element, such as electrical wiring for lighting, ensure that is prioritised, as well.

5. Keep a Buffer Expense

There are always unforeseen expenses that pop up when you are functioning on a budget home interior design particularly if any renovations are also in the plan. It's also common to go over budget on shopping if you see something you just have to have or end up requiring you hadn't included in your original need list. We suggest building a 10%-15% buffer into your budget to make up for anything unexpected.

Home interior decoration on budget with a statement wall design - Beautiful Homes

6. Invest in Statement Room Décor Elements

Spend all the big money on the big 'statement' items - the elements you first notice in a space. Consider big expenses for the home décor items you'll use every day; that are challenging to change; will retain their value over time, or will add value to your house. That could be new flooring, built-ins or other permanent elements, well-made furniture with lush upholstery or investment art. Don't feel guilty about splurging on the items that will make your room. Just ensure they're worth what you're spending and will serve you well over time and years to come.

7. Economise on the Cosmetic Design Changes

After you have planned out the major part of your low budget home décor for the statement items, think up what's left for the extras: fabrics and other textiles lighting fixtures and other decorative elements- everything that's available at a broad range of price points and is easy to switch out or upgrade later on. In the place of buying expensive trendy furniture, for example, follow the latest trends in accessories and décor items. They can make a huge impact and help a room feel contemporary and modern without a lot of expenditure.

Bedroom decoration items like pendant lights, wall statement art & area rug - Beautiful Homes
Golden finish partition design for home decoration - Beautiful Homes

8. Have a Home Decorating Plan

With all of these details, it's time to put together a home decorating plan. Utilise a physical planner, notebook, or an Excel sheet to keep track of your expenditure and what you actually spend, as well as a timeline for all of your tasks and purchases. This will help you stay organised and on top of everything, as well as make it comfortable to revise accordingly if anything varies.

Decorate your Homes with Beautiful Homes

If you have a low budget house interior design plan, you may not be able to do everything right away, but don't lose heart, you can phase out the expense by making a timeline or a schedule and implementing your home decorating ideas on a budget phase, as time and money allow. Don't pressure yourself to do it all at once. Take your time to do it right.

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we offer a range of best quality interior décor solutions with different pieces for every space. This allows you to select a product that completely aligns with your budget, taste and preferences. Transform your house with home decorating ideas on a budget and money-saving solutions from us. From the best interior for living room décor items and styles in diverse colours to a variety of low budget interior design elements and decoration items that dress up your space-find what you're looking for, to get your interior décor and design just right.


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