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How to make a small room look bigger: Small bedroom paint ideas

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Sep 20, 2022
Black bedroom design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Making a small bedroom look and feel bigger and more spacious needs clever planning and the perfect paint colours. We bring you inspiring dark small bedroom paint ideas that can add depth and make your bedroom look more spacious

Decorating a small bedroom space needs extra thinking and creativity. There are many ingenious ways of how to make a room look big, from picking the perfect paint colour to furniture placement to clever storage ideas. Small bedroom wall colors can have a huge impact on how big or small your bedroom feels.


The colour that you pick for a small bedroom will depend on various factors, like the directions of windows and the amount of light the room gets. Dark colours will look great in north-facing rooms, while bright south-facing spaces look better in lighter shades.


How to Make a Room Look Big with Dark Colours – Small Bedroom Paint Ideas

Homeowners tend to lean towards neutral hues for small rooms, but dark colours add depth and dimension to a space making it look and feel bigger. Choosing dark colors for bedroom can also make a relaxing setting for a good night's rest. Deep reds, rich navy blues, charcoal greys, chocolate browns, and striking black shades are gorgeous paint colours for small rooms.

Incorporating these captivating paint ideas can significantly enhance the ambiance of your bedroom design, making it appear more spacious and enchanting.


1. How to Make a Room Look Big with a Chic Black Bedroom Design

Sophisticated black walls can transform a small space into an extraordinarily spacious black bedroom idea. Avoid pure black and look at slightly softer versions, like a dark slate with just the tiniest hint of steel. This chic black bedroom design is accentuated by a brass bed adorned with white sateen bedding and a low-hanging glass chandelier, which draw the eye and add to the room's aesthetic appeal.

2. Modern Dark Green Bedroom

Dark green is a particularly soothing colour and a flat matte green will be fresh and energising in the morning and dramatic and immersive at night. Use earthy tones and textures for bed linen, carpets and window treatments to unite this modern dark green bedroom design and make it a classic, visually appealing space.

Modern green bedroom design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Dramatic purple bedroom design ideas ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

3. Dark and Dramatic Small Purple Bedroom

Choose darker and more dramatic purple tones for walls for an intimate but chic look. Enhance the decadence of purple walls with richly toned materials or incorporate lighter woods and pastel fabric for a cooler vibe. A generous helping of crisp whites and dusky orange linen will enhance this glamorous small purple bedroom.

4. Passionate and Romantic Small Red Bedroom

A deep red palette gives a small bedroom a sophisticated and sensual flair. Tone down the shock of red with blush linen in delicate patterned motifs on a black, vintage metal bedstead for perfect balance in this small red bedroom. To create a passionate and romantic bedroom design, incorporate white elements and pale wood flooring for contrast, and complete the look with golden accents that tie the room together..

5. Sensual and Moody Dark Grey Bedroom

Jump into the deep end of moody interiors by painting walls and ceiling in slate grey for a decorating scheme that adds a real wow factor. This on point colour palette can be enhanced by layering tones to create a scheme that looks cohesive and considered. Add a welcome splash of colour in this dark grey bedroom with pink and white bedding.

Moody dark grey bedroom ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Dark blue bedroom design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

6. Sophisticated Dark Blue Bedroom

A deep dark blue bedroom that mirrors the night sky works really well with marble, brass and walnut. This dark colour is restful and sophisticated but you can add balance with linen and furniture in lighter colours to give the bedroom more warmth and light.

7. Opulent and Vibrant Small Orange Bedroom

In this opulent small orange bedroom, the dusky burnt orange walls set the tone for the rest of the room’s blend of warm ochres and dramatic blacks. Leather and wood are ideal partners for this rustic colour and can help create a vintage vibe.


8. Luxurious Emerald Green Dark Green Bedroom

An emerald green bedroom not only helps impart a mood of relaxation, but also creates a lovely link to the outdoors. For a small bedroom design that exudes energy and enchantment, consider using shades of green in your paint scheme. Mixing light and dark greens with blue and yellow undertones will create a beautiful and cohesive look in the space. Bold botanical linen will fit in perfectly in this green scheme, but for a more subtle look, pick grey or blush pink bed linen.

Orange small bedroom design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

9. Stylish Black and White Room Painting

Black and white small bedroom colour combination in a minimalist bedroom design can open the space up. Incorporate black and white patterns and textures throughout the room from bedding to curtains and slip in colour with painted side tables for solid impact.


10. Tasteful Charcoal Grey Dark Grey Bedroom

Whether you want to go dark and moody or light and ethereal, there is a grey to suit all styles. Use tones of grey in layered textures to make the bedroom inviting. Dark wood flooring for warmth and matching bedside tables and storage benches will give a cohesive look and an aura of permanence.


11. A Splendid Dark Green Bedroom

Soothing shades of green paint for small rooms are perfect if you want a space to feel warm and relaxing. Enhance the green of the walls with a vintage-style floral print duvet and muted shades of heather, lilac, grey and soft beige for the linen. Add a lilac throw on the bed and a soft beige carpet and chair for an enchanting sleep-inducing scheme.

Beige bedroom design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

12. Gorgeous Small Beige Bedroom Ideas

Beige is a colour that gives you plenty of flexibility both in terms of style and design. Combine a chic dark beige bedroom with polished teak and rosewood furniture and natural linens and textured woollens for a sophisticated contemporary feel. Glass lamps hung low each side of the bed create subdued pools of light and will tie this simple and edgy room together.

13. Decadent Navy Blue Bedroom

Navy or midnight blues are luxurious small room paint ideas and this glam look can be further deepened with blue velvet furnishings and a royal blue textured throw.  A large oversized white tufted headboard, white shelving and bedside tables and a layered mix of crisp and warm linen with lace or crochet details can make for a calming and timeless scheme.


14. Stunning Wall Colour Combination for Small Bedroom

Two toned walls are the rage right now and can transform the look of a bedroom. An unlikely combination of colors for small rooms, like soft mint with a bright and uplifting teal can give a smart and suave look to a small bedroom and is the perfect foundation for deeper hues and plenty of tone-on-tone patterns.


15. Striking Colour Combination for Small Bedroom

Brown tinted plum and mauve tones are brilliant paint colours for small rooms and will provide a mellow pre-sleep mood and easy-on-the-eye awakenings. Keep the floor and ceiling crisp white and mix in plenty of neutrals to balance the darker shades. A mix of plain and patterned bed linen gives the bed a fashionable layered look.


16. How to Make a Room Look Big with Small Room Colour Combination

Small bedroom ideas can be whimsical and full of character, especially when you embrace the awkwardness of the limited space by incorporating playful colors such as delicate tones of blue-green and coral. Continue the whimsy by dressing the bed with mis-matched cushions and quilted throws. Keep the flooring and linen plain so that the riot of colour can still feel calm and restrained in this unusual small room colour combination.


17. Glamorous Dark Green and Grey Bedroom

Dark green and grey are cool and chic small bedroom colors that give the bedroom a fresh, timeless vibe. Mix in metal accents for a touch of glamour, or go more rustic with distressed wood. Add in bold accessories and daring patterns without a second thought.

18. Invigorating Light Paint Colors for Small Rooms

If you prefer light paint colors for small rooms, pick a light teal that can invigorate a space while still being relaxing. Pair dark bedroom furniture and light walls with neutral shades of bedlinen and accessories in interesting fabrics and textures to make a refined and elegant space.

Light paint colours for your small bedroom ideas - Beautiful Homes


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Small Bedroom Paint Ideas?

Evoking personality and a unique sense into every client's home is the goal of the interior designers at Beautiful Homes. Whether it is painting a bedroom or the whole home, we make the design process run smoothly while building a strong rapport with clients. We will help you pick the perfect colors for small rooms to make your bedroom larger and more inviting.


Browse our online store to find your favourite colour scheme and if you are looking for interior design services, we offer them in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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