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How to style a purple bedroom

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Dec 01, 2020
How to create purple design for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

As a versatile colour, purple is a favourite for many people across all genders, age groups and cultures. And, when we style our personal spaces, it’s interesting to infuse the tastes and preferences we lean towards into our décor. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect purple bedroom for your teenager or would like to create a vibrant space with rich tones for yourself, here are six purple bedrooms to inspire you.


1.    A Purple Bedroom Made For A Fairytale
While the colour purple is versatile enough to be used for many styles and décor preferences, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of a purple bedroom is a dreamy fairytale one or a charming floral-styled haven. If that’s the aesthetic you’re looking to recreate in your personal space, then this purple bedroom will inspire you. With it’s lilac bedspread and pillow covers in intricate floral prints in many shades on the bed placed against a purple bedroom wall, this is a room straight out of a fairytale, without being too overdone or over the top.


Insider’s Eye : To compliment this floral shade on the walls, you could add simple sketches or watercolour prints of violet-hued flowers. The devil is always in the details, and we love the minimal gold finishes on the bed’s headboard frame, lamp stand and picture frames, which, together, tie the entire room together with it’s uniformity.  

Purple bedroom wall design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, littlenySTOCK/

Purple bedroom décor with linens - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Oak Furnitureland

2.    Creating A Purple Bedroom With Your Linens
You can create a colour palette with your linens by layering shades from the same family of colours from the brightest to the darkest. And the same holds true when creating a purple bedroom with your linens. While lighter shades such as lilac can be used as the bed’s theme serving as a canvas to pair similar deeper shades of violet or prune, richer shades of purple can be used as accents points on the bed with accessories such as cushions and throws.


Style Tip : If the rest of the interiors aren’t purple or in a similar hue, fear not—the contrasting shade can be used as a colour blocking section in your purple bedroom. If you’d like to add to your purple bedroom décor, include one more accessory like a purple rug on the floor to made this shade the main theme of the room.

3.    The Perfect Purple Bedroom For A Teenager
The thing with teenagers is—much like the trends they’re prone to follow—that their tastes and preferences change as quickly as they seem to be growing up. And, since it’s unreasonable to redo or renovate their rooms with each new whim and fancy, finding a quicker and easier solution that can changed without too much of a fuss seems like the better route to follow. If your teenager’s latest favourite colour is purple and they’re looking to deck out their personal space in this colour, consider adding smaller, temporary elements and pieces in the room to infuse this hue into the theme. As a rule of thumb, if your leave the walls, floors, furniture, fittings and windows in a neutral, uniform colour, then you can play up different moods, styles and themes with accessories, wall hangings, linens and other pieces of décor.


Style Hack: At first glance this teenager’s room seems like a purple bedroom even though the main shade in the space is white, dominating most of the pieces in this space. With plain white walls, you can create a bare canvas to add wall hangings or decal stickers to create a pattern or add a splash of colour; while storage boxes in the same colour on open shelves can extend the vibrance of this shade throughout the space to create a lively purple bedroom for a teenager. 

Purple bedroom ideas for teenagers - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

How to create purple design for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, George Home

4.    How To Create A Purple Bedroom
When creating a purple bedroom there are many styles and tricks you can adopt to tie the entire room together. Whatever your style may be—minimalist, maximalist, ethnic, over-the-top or opulent—you can still incorporate the shade into your room’s décor. The trick lies in how you style it. If you’re going for a look that’s not too loud and quite muted, you can pick powdery tones of lilac or violet and restrict them to a bedspread, a pair of pillows, a throw or accessories on your side table—the idea is to include the colour in a small symbolic way to pay homage to the hue. However, if your preference is more vibrant, you could choose from a range of options such as colour blocking purple with another rich tones, layering shades of purple on your bed linens or even pairing the colour with a print…the possibilities are endless!

5.    Use Your Art To Set The Tone For A Purple Bedroom
There’s nothing more dramatic or maximalist than placing your art as the centre piece in a room or basing a space’s theme around it. And you can create a purple bedroom to match your art—with or without the colour existing in it. Similar to this purple bedroom, if the painting or artwork on your wall has shades of purple in it, you can match these hues on the layers of your bed linens (and even go the extra mile and furnish it on your bed’s headboard!) However, if your art doesn’t have any bit of purple in it, you can still incorporate shades of lilac, violet, prune and lavender to create a colour blocked style in the bedroom. Since colour blocking is meant to pair to completely opposite shades in the colour spectrum, the possibilities of pairing purple with other tones are endless.


Style Tip: Since purple is a rich, vibrant and festive tone, you can enhance it further by pairing it with accessories with gold or metallic accents for a dash of opulence. Hints of metal can work for a minimalist, while a statement piece in gold or copper will create the perfect space for a maximalist.

Purple bedroom décor ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy,

Purple bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

6.    Style A Purple Bedroom Without A Complete Makeover
You may not want to commit to one shade for your entire bedroom or may suddenly have a new favourite colour and don’t want repaint or renovate the room. For a quick solution, pick a small décor piece or incorporate an accessory in the room or on the bed to include the colour for a purple bedroom palette. A simple throw over your bed linens in a rich, deep purple or even a multi-hued violet catchall on the bedside table can immediately infuse the colour into the rest of your room’s style—especially if it’s an eye-catching statement piece.


Easy Hack: If you’re looking to take an extra step and add purple to your bedroom in a bigger way without a renovation, you could always reupholster your bed’s headboard in a material with this hue or add a similar toned wallpaper to one of your walls to create an accent point in the room.

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