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14 Indian interior design ideas to add that desi drama to your home

  • Indian Interior Design
Jan 06, 2022
Indian interior design ideas to add desi charm to your home - Beautiful Homes

Indian aesthetic is fun, vibrant and rich in heritage. Bring some desi drama to your home with these 14 interior design tips

Indian interior design style mirrors the country's diversity and rich cultural legacy. As a result of different cultural and aesthetic influences from all over the country, it has evolved into a complex and dynamic style of its own. 


Indian interior design style is unique due to its dynamism. You can easily adapt it to suit any taste, incorporate it with any other design style, and create the best interior design. Many modern and contemporary Indian homes retain the traditional desi charm by incorporating elements of vernacular styles in their home.


Here are some Indian interior design tips for your home.


1. Colour in Indian Interior Design:

Vivid hues are the cornerstone of any Indian house interior design. You can incorporate colours with any décor element in your home interior.


For a colour extravaganza, go all out with a primary colour scheme. Furniture with plush, jewel-toned upholstery and hints of a berry red against yellow walls can make for the perfect maximalist interior design for Indian homes. A colour scheme with all warm shades or cool tones would work just as well.


Interior designs with two focus colours is another great option. Keep the background neutral and let the décor shine. Green upholstered furniture with accents of red and pink accessories make for an opulent combination. Pink and yellow make for a cheerful palette.

2. Furniture in Indian Home Interior Design:

Solid medium to dark wood furniture with a low profile is quintessentially desi interior design style. The understated charm of Chettinad furniture is perfect for all your minimalist modern house interior designs. The more opulent Rajasthani style furniture with intricate carvings is an excellent choice for a vintage or glam themed interior design.


Furniture with curved legs and armrests, high backs, and intricate carvings will give your home a distinctly Indian look. Diwans, footstools, almirahsjhoolas, four-poster beds etc., are just some of the options. Consider distressing the wood or painting it with chalk paint for a more contemporary look. 

Furniture design ideas to make your Indian home interior look elegant - Beautiful Homes

3. Incorporate Pieces with Inlays in your Indian Interior:

The inlay artistry in India dates back millennia. Furniture, sculpture, decorative pieces, countertops, tiles and jaalis are just some of the articles that demonstrate inlay and carvings. Each makes for a stunning accent or statement element in an Indian inspired interior home.


Bidri handicrafts are made of a blackened alloy of copper and zinc with silver inlaid to highlight the intricate design. Parchinkari from Agra is an excellent example of marble artistry that uses inlays. Mysore's distinctive marquetry uses ivory, bone, etc., as inlays in wooden surfaces. Sadeli from Gujrat, tarkashi from Manipur, and the lacquer work of Sankheda and Jalandhar are other craft traditions that showcase elegant inlay work. 

Indian Art work for walls & handicrafts for Indian home interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Indian Art and Handicrafts for Indian Interior Décor

Indian paintings and sculptures make for remarkable décor pieces. Madhubani, warli, Mughal miniature-inspired, patachitra, the Gond style are distinct painting styles from India. Use paintings from these styles in your gallery wall to enhance your living room design. Many of these, especially madhubani and warli, are used as prints on textiles. They also make for lovely murals on accent walls.


Highly detailed animal figurines made from wood, stone, ivory, marble, etc., are ubiquitous sights in Indian interior decoration. Elephants, horses, turtles, birds, etc., are commonplace. Stone reliefs and bronze sculptures depicting religious, mythical and legendary persons also feature heavily in certain Indian inspired houses.

5. Textiles in Indian Interior Design

The great variety in traditional Indian textiles means that you're sure to find something that suits your style. Most contemporary design styles rely heavily on textiles to add a desi touch. Prints like ajrakh and dabu use muted colours. They can thus easily be incorporated into modern and contemporary styles that lean towards minimalism. Kalamkari and Jaipuri prints offer more flamboyant options, perfect for vintage-inspired designs.


Consider using silk or fabrics with Khari prints for upholstery and cushion covers for a royal aesthetic. Brocades of Chanderi and Banarasi silk are a perfect choice. Ikat, bandhej, lehriya work beautifully in creating a chic and whimsical aesthetic. Delicate hand-embroidery work such as kashida, phulkari, Kutchi, chikankari, kantha, etc., have a distinctly bohemian aesthetic. 


6. Motifs for Accent Interior Wall Design

Indian aesthetics highlight many motifs. Employ these motifs in your interior design to add hints of desi drama. Some common floral motifs are stylised flowers, bel (creepers), jhalar, lotus, paisley, and kalpavriksha. Popular animal motifs include elephants, peacocks, parrots, fish, etc. Mandala, gopuram and conch are some other established ones.


Since fabric is easily accessible, upholstery, beddings, and coverings are the most straightforward choices to incorporate motifs. Certain prints and motifs can be featured on interior wall designs using printed or fabric wallpapers. Use stencils or block printing blocks to create a pattern on walls. 

7. Rugs for your Indian Living Room:

Rugs are integral to any home interior design. Utilise them to bring in visual interest via colour, pattern and texture. Indian hand-knotted rugs are especially famous. Carpets, rugs, dhurries and mats all find use in Indian Living room décor.


Rugs made of natural fibre like wool, silk and bamboo silk make for beautiful anchors and are generally heirloom quality. Jute, cotton, bamboo fibres, and choir are also used to produce rugs and carpets. Botteh, Bidjar, Mahal, Kashan, Ispahan are a few distinctive carpet designs made by Indian artisans.

Rug design & unique center table for your Indian home design - Beautiful Homes
Flooring ideas & traditional hanging lights for your Indian home interiors - Beautiful Homes

8. Flooring in Indian Interior Design:

The use of natural stones for flooring is commonplace since thermoregulation is not a concern in India. Flooring is generally tiled irrespective of the material used. Athangudi tiles, terracotta, Jaisalmer stone and oxide flooring are some traditional options to add colour via flooring. Warm colours like reds and yellows are readily available. Marble, granite, Kota stone and Cuddapah are excellent choices for neutral toned flooring. Use rugs and mats to add colour to the flooring. Terrazzo is frequently used in outdoor spaces.

9. Spacious Indian Living Room:

Socialising and gatherings are still central to the Indian lifestyle. In traditional Indian houses, courtyards and verandas are the social areas. With urban living on the rise, spacious and inviting Indian living rooms now take the place of these open spaces. Open plans for common areas in the housework well to make more room. Include ample seating options with floor coverings like area rugs and mats, floor cushions and a classic desi jhoola

Spacious Indian living room with sofas to add comfort in your home - Beautiful Homes

 10. Indian Style Interior for the Bathroom:

Add a desi flair to your bathroom design using patterned tiles with common motifs. You can install them on the floor or the walls. Bring in colour with the tiles and keep everything else neutral. Marble counters with inlays would make for an elegant accent piece.


Opt for a wooden vanity and wicker baskets to store bath essentials with metal accents peppered across the bathroom for a rustic look.


11. Cosy Up the Outdoor Spaces with Indian Décor:

Wicker furniture perfectly complements any outdoor space. A chair or two with a small coffee table is perfect for an apartment balcony. A couple of cushions with bright Indian prints, a patterned mat and a comfy dohar will add the desi style. Of course, don't forget to add at least a few plants!


 12. Bedrooms with a Desi Charm:

A four-post bed with carved posts and a canopy going around it is a classic royal desi look. Achieve the same effect in a small space with a wooden bed and a canopy hanging from the ceiling. Ornate almirahs, chests and dressers with carvings or inlays are excellent statement pieces. When you do not have the space for a large bed, add a desi touch with dark wood furnishings in the bedroom design. A soft carpet or area rug will make the room cosier.


For a more contemporary look, choose wood furnishings without ornamentations. Keep the colour scheme largely neutral with no more than two bright hues as accents. Utilise accessories such as pillows, rugs, knick-knacks for pops of colour.


13. Indian Interiors in Children's Rooms:

Children are dynamic individuals that thrive on stimulation. Indian style interiors with bright colours, rich patterns and diverse motifs are ideal for a children's bedroom design. Wooden toys, printed bedding, vibrant curtains, handicraft rugs are excellent choices. Easily replace or upgrade them as children grow older, and their tastes change.

House plants for your Indian style home interior design - Beautiful Homes

14. Plants are Essential to Indian Home Interior Design:

All Indian homes have a few plants to deck up their windows, balconies and yards. Space is never an issue when it comes to plants. You will find pots lined by sources of natural light. Plants are not only adornments or accessories. They are believed to emanate positive energy and are essential to Indian interiors.

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