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Indoor plants as per Vastu for your home

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 17, 2022
Indoor plant for living room design - Beautiful Homes

Indoor Vastu plants placement in the house to their aesthetic, you need to choose them wisely. Here is a list to help you make the right choice

Plants play a significant role in beautifying your home and accentuating its look.



The list of plants for homes as per Vastu is never-ending. From neem, tulsi, snake plant, amongst others, vastu plants bring peace, prosperity, love and harmony to your home. Here is a comprehensive list of the best Vastu indoor plants with abundant benefits.

1. Brahma Kamal

Brahma Kamal plant is an exquisite and auspicious pick out of the numerous choices of Vastu plants for home. It is a rare species of Himalaya and has large, beautiful off-white flowers. It adds value to your ambience making it a happy and refreshing space at home.

Vastu indoor plants for home - Beautiful Homes
Money plant position as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

2. Money Plant

Money plants can be grown in a pot or water-filled big bowl. It is better if the money plant vastu direction is southeast of your home. It is an ideal choice as a vastu plant for a south-facing house.

3. Bamboo plant

If you are looking for an adorable indoor plant—the bamboo plant it is! According to Vastu, it is better to place the bamboo plant in the east, northeast, or southeast of your home. 

Lucky bamboo plant vastu for side table - Beautiful Homes



Snake plant indoor according to vastu -  Beautiful Homes

4. Snake plant

Snake plants usually absorb negative energy and act as a natural air purifier. Snake plant vastu suggest, best when placed in the south or east part of the house. It can significantly promote better air quality.

5. Parijat plant

It is locally known as raat ki raani. Every part of parijat has medicinal properties known to treat fever, inflammation and skin ailments, to name a few. To reap the benefits from a Vastu plant inside the house, make sure you avoid placing it in the east and northwest direction. You can set the parijat plant in the southwest direction of your home.


6. Aloe vera plant

Aloe vera is a universal plant ideal for skin ailments, purifying the air and treating different dermatology problems. It is ideal for placing the aloe vera plant in the east or the north corner of the house.It is one of the best vastu indoor plants for a home.

Aloe vera universal plant - Beautiful Homes
Tulsi plant vastu direction - Beautiful Homes

7. Holy basil or tulsi

One of the most popular indoor plants per vastu, the sacred basil or tulsi plant finds prominence in most Indian homes. They should be placed in your home's northeast, north or east direction. It would be best not putting the tulsi in the south direction of your home.



Plants such as tulsi or holy basil, lotus and orchid, among others, purify the air and are vastu compliant. However, a few plants should be avoided at home. So before you stop at your nearest nursery, let us take a look at plants for Vastu and Vastu trees for the home that can be avoided to keep in your home.


1. Keekar or babool plant

Keekar, babool, and other thorny plants are not the ideal indoor plants, according to vastu. They usually repel growth and prosperity and may lead to chaos and disharmony at home.


2. Myrtle or Mehendi plant

They are not Vastu plants for home as they have a pungent odour and may cause irritation and disturb the mental peace of anyone living near them.

3. Cotton plant

Cotton plant may not be an ideal Vastu plant for your home. While it looks beautiful, its blanketed white cotton easily attracts dust on them. Dust in your house represents bad luck and poverty. Hence, you may place it outside your home but not inside.



Best vastu plants for home - Beautiful Homes
Bonsai plant for open space - Beautiful Homes

4. Bonsai

While a bonsai plant looks quite elegant, they are not ideal as per Vastu. These plants have low and stunted growth and can impact the energy inside the house. However, you can place it in an open space like a verandah or a garden.

5. Large Trees

Large trees need a lot of sunlight and should be grown southwest. You should not plant them in the east or northwest direction of your home interiors. You can grow small plants in the east or northwest direction. A tree in the centre or front of the house hampers the flow of good energy, causing energy stagnation.


6. Peepal

Any milk-bearing tree is not safe as per vastu guidelines. In case you have one outside your home, it is better to uproot it at the beginning from its roots and plant it elsewhere.


7. Dead plants

Dead plants attract negativity and you should avoid having them in your home. Plants for home as per Vastu are meant to bring good luck, peace of mind and prosperity. It is better to remove all dead plants or remove the parts of the plant that are dead to ensure they do not hamper your home's progress.

Indoor plant for living room as per vastu - Beautiful Homes


Indoor plants, as per Vastu, accentuate the look of your home and add an aesthetic value. With the right design tips and Vastu guidelines, you can build a house with everything you love.


Whether it is planting trees outside your home or using indoor plants as per vastu, Asian Paints Beautiful Homes assists you in creating a design matching your expectation. With the help of professional interior designers and stylists, you can customize your home décor using the latest modern designs and colour tones to suit your preference.

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