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Industrial interior design: Everything you need to know

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Aug 04, 2022
Industrial interior design style to spruce up your home design - Beautiful Homes

Add a refined-rugged charm to your home interiors with industrial-style interior design. Read this guide to find out more about this trendy style

Are you a fan of open spaces, minimal décor, grungy textures and neutral color schemes? If the answer is yes, industrial style interior design  might be just what you're looking for. Here is a lowdown of this distant style that is now making a comeback.

What exactly is industrial interior design? What are the key elements that make it distinct? How can you give your home an edge with an industrial style interior? Read on to find out the answers to all of these questions.


What is Industrial Interior Design Style?

As modern as it might seem, industrial design, particularly architecture, dates back to the industrial revolutions and the rise of large factories, industries and warehouses. In the 1960s and 70s, many industrial complexes were turned into residential apartments due to housing shortages in parts of the US and Europe.


The original architectural and design elements, such as the large windows, high ceilings, exposed brick and concrete walls, unconcealed pipes and ductwork, all become the selling points of the industrial style interior design. And so largely, these rugged features are retained and sometimes may be modified to match the contemporary aesthetics. Since it reclaims virtually all its original structural and design aspects and materials, industrial interiors are sustainable and environment-friendly.


Overall, industrial interior design is minimal, raw, rustic and eco-friendly.


7 Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design:

These seven features broadly define the industrial design style. If you're looking for ways to add this style to your house design, focus on introducing these elements in various capacities. 

1. Neutral color palette

The industrial style primarily uses neutral color palettes. Grays, blacks, whites and browns take center stage while more vibrant colors are used as accents.


2. Embrace natural light

Open plans, large windows, and doorways are a few staples. These features let in ample natural light and add to the expansiveness of the space.

Neutral paint colour palette for your industrial home design style - Beautiful Homes
Architectural material for your industrial style home interior design - Beautiful Homes

3. Highlight architectural materials

Original architectural elements such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, beams, visible ductwork, etc., are embraced as part of the style instead of being concealed. 


4. Repurposed materials

The industrial style's rustic and raw charm is partly owed to its use of repurposed pieces and materials. Reclaimed wood and refurbished furniture such as dining tables, kitchen counters, and doors are a few examples.

5. Bare light bulbs

The quintessential "exposed" and rustic feature carries over to lighting, so Edison bulbs fit right in. In terms of fixtures, metal floor lamps, pendant lights, and cage lamps are popular choices.


6. Graphic lines

Another central aspect of this style is its preference for clean, sleek graphic lines over meandering lines and curvy patterns. You see this in the furniture style and other aspects such as lighting fixtures, window panes, doors, etc.


7. Create coziness with natural textiles

Natural textiles such as cotton, linen, leather and so on have a raw edge that mirrors the industrial style. And so these are preferred over plush fabrics such as silk, velvet, etc.

Bare light bulbs for your industrial home interior design - Beautiful Homes

Great Ideas for Industrial-Themed Home Interiors


1. Avoid overcrowding for that essential industrial interior design

Industrial decoration, at its core, is utilitarian and minimal. All the pieces in the room serve a purpose, so you won't see any surplus or just plain decorative elements. This includes accessories such as throws, pillows, show pieces, etc. Instead, the point is to be intentional. There's a shift of focus from knick-knacks to bold accents such as artwork, lighting fixtures, etc.

Seating arrangements for your industrial home decor - Beautiful Homes

2. Choose furniture wisely for an effective industrial interior design

Once again, pick essential and functional furniture for the interior design industrial. And ensure that it has clean straight lines. Avoid ornamented pieces with carvings, curved armrests and so on. But this doesn't mean that you can't mix and match. Rather, you can mix industrial style with other styles such as vintage, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, etc. Just try to be purposeful with your choices. For example, in an industrial bedroom, keep the furniture limited to essential pieces, i.e. bed, wardrobe / dresser and bedside tables. You can add additional seating such as armchairs or a bench if there's more space.

3. 'Raw' industrial style interior

The biggest attraction of industrial design is its ability to marry the exposed aspects of design and architecture with a cozy ambience. In a converted industrial loft, elements such as exposed wiring or ductwork, beams, etc., would be a part of the original structure. So all you have to do is incorporate these into the design.


But in buildings and homes, you'd have to intentionally not cover up the various 'raw' parts of the architecture for the quintessential unfinished industrial look. Exposed brick walls and beams are the obvious choices. You can opt for a concrete floor, distressed or reclaimed wood furniture, metal window frames, counters, etc.


4. Open it up

Large, open spaces and high ceilings are characteristic of the converted industrial homes and industrial theme interior design. This translates well for open plan layouts, particularly for the social areas, i.e. the living room, kitchen and dining area.


Massive areas and open plan layouts can be overwhelming to decorate. To make it easier, break up the space into various functional areas and anchor each of these with area rugs, textiles, and focused lighting. Tie it all together with a solid neutral color scheme and repeating accents.


If you want to introduce physical partitions, opt for ones that won't block light and movement. A few options include cubby-style bookshelves, sliding french doors, pocket doors, movable screens, etc.

5. Combine wood and metal for modern industrial interior design

A large part of the distinctive look of the industrial style comes from its use of two materials, wood and metal. Exposed pipes, ducts, wiring, etc., are common metal elements; tables, counters, cabinets, etc., are obvious choices for wood elements. But you can get creative by incorporating these materials in your design. After all, the magic is all in the details. Here are a few ideas you may want to try.


Use stainless steel counters with wooden base cabinets and choose hardware and pendant lights in the same tone for a cohesive look. Create a stunning library space with wood shelves and metal brackets or pipes as supporting structures. 

Wood & metal combination for your industrial home interior design - Beautiful Homes

A wooden island base would provide an excellent background for black metallic bar stools. Turn your ceiling into a statement wall with wood paneling for the ceiling. Opt for metal railings and a winding staircase for another striking feature in the house with modern industrial interior design.


6. Amp up industrial style living room with unconventional décor

To fit the utilitarian aesthetic of industrial decoration, think of objects that were a part of the warehouses or industries, for example, payphones, rotary phones, fire extinguishers, etc. If you want to add some art to your décor for interior design industrial, there are a few ways to do it. A classic would be to create a gallery wall and use vintage frames for all the pieces for the rustic vibe. And if you want something more robust, consider graffiti wall art.

Cozy & stylish industrial bedroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

7. A stylish and cozy industrial bedroom

The primarily neutral palette of industrial design style is quite soothing and works superbly for your oasis, a.k.a the bedroom. Soften up the industrial style by mixing in other stylistic elements. A few little ways to do it are a distressed mid-century modern side table, a vintage wooden armoire, pen sketches, jute baskets and, of course, plants.


For that essential raw industrial look, play up the contrast. In a room with white-washed brick walls, create dimension with a stark black accent wall. Keep the flooring and the ceiling neutral with wood panels. Ease the contrast with warm white linen bedding and a few brass or copper accents around the room.


Add some pops of color to an otherwise neutral room. Enhance the red of the bricks with a salvaged wood pallet bed. Top it off with warm-hued bedding- opt for colors such as dusty pink, rust, off-white, etc. Brass and copper accents will give a nice finishing touch. Cool tones such as blues and greens are also excellent choices for a pop of color. They would especially work well with gray elements in the room, such as exposed pipes, steel barn doors, and concrete walls or flooring.

8. Industrial theme interior for a chic bathroom

Design a chic industrial bathroom by incorporating all the classic elements. All you need is an exposed brick wall, giant windows, cement or concrete floor, polished wooden vanity, and a sleek all-glass shower. Accentuate these features with warm yellow lighting.


Enhance the graphic lines with a monochromatic palette. Start with a white-washed brick wall and contrast it with black and white patterned floor tiles. Use thick black frames for the shower enclosure and choose a sleek, minimal white bathtub. Echo the black in other details such as plumbing, hardware, etc.

Industrial bathroom interior design for your home - Beautiful Homes


How can Beautiful Homes help you with creating perfect industrial style interior design for your home?

At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and decor needs. We've got it all, from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions.


Our design professionals are well-versed in all interior design styles. Whether you want warehouse-style interiors, vintage industrial interiors or contemporary industrial style, they've got you covered.


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