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9 innovative lighting ideas for the bedroom

  • Lighting Ideas
Jun 15, 2021
Beautiful lighting installation across the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Create a room that’s not too dark and not too bright, but just right!

The right light can immediately transform a room. That’s a rule we’ve read or heard several times. But what can we consider as perfect lighting in a room? Is it the light fixtures we choose or the angle we place it in? If it’s in a room where you’d like to relax and unwind, such as the bedroom, what are the different options available to create the perfect ambiance? We turned to these nine master bedroom lighting ideas to play around with for inspiration.

1. Overhead Bedroom Lighting Idea that Runs Across the Room

Light can entirely transform how your bedroom design is perceived. To forgo the hassle of installing multiple light fixtures around a room, a simple bedroom lighting idea that spreads across the length (or breath) of a space will do the trick. By creating a recess along the perimeter of the ceiling, you can build a niche for installing a uniform lighting fixture for the entire room. Adding a dimmer switch to these lights is a clever way to increase or decrease the brightness in the room and control its aesthetic.

Overhead bedroom lighting fixture across the room for bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Easy Hack: In a pinch, but want to recreate this idea on a budget with minimal invasive work? Strips or rolls of LED lights can be stuck around the tops of the walls in any room in the house, and can even be operated with inbuilt rechargeable batteries. There’s also the option of smart lights, which can be controlled straight from your phone or any other electronic device!

Modern night light fixtures for bedroom lighting to enhance your bedroom decor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alsorg

2. A Subtle and Aesthetic Night Light

For a children’s interior bedroom design, just a comforting and reassuring night light can’t do anymore. Having a small, dim lighting element in every room of the house not only saves you from fumbling in the dark but is also considered good vastu for the home. While there are several sleek and subtle modern night light fixtures to choose from these days, you could also get creative with your bedroom décor ideas for the lights. In this room, the lower panel underneath the television console houses a muted set of spotlights. In a unique twist, it illuminates the set of figurines placed below making an otherwise-ordinary space a little more special.

3. The Most Versatile Bedroom Lighting Idea—Bedside Lamps

You can never go wrong with lamps anywhere in the house—from the living room, study and dining area to even the bedroom. When an overhead light seems too bright or jarring, a table lamp (or tall standing lamp) comes to the rescue. A bedside lamp placed on a side table is convenient when you want to catch up on your reading in bed, and is close at hand when you need it in the middle of the night. For partners sharing a bed, their personal bedside lamps will save their companion from light streaming directly into their eyes when they don’t need it.

Bedside lamps for bedroom lighting with matching bedroom décor & design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Envisage, Photography by Suryan and Dang

Style Tip: Your accessories lend their style to the overall aesthetic of the room. A lamp with a bright and colourful shade or a rich metallic base can easily add vibrance and tasteful luxury to any room.

Beautiful lighting installation across the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

4. A Bedroom Lighting Installation for a Maximalist Room

Your personal style is the first thing you should consider when brainstorming bedroom decoration ideas. Especially in the space most private to you—the bedroom. This extends to your accessories such as the master bedroom lighting ideas & light fittings, too. If you’re someone who never likes to do things halfway and prefers to pull all the stops with your home’s design, consider exploring your bedroom lighting ideas to add a sense of opulence and visual drama to the room. This bedroom is the epitome of plush living with its quality materials and fine detailing. It’s tastefully stitched together with the elaborate light installation fitted above the bed, which also doubles as a piece of art in the room.

Insider’s Eye: The devil is in the details—we couldn’t help but admire how the intricate branch-shaped lighting installation perfectly complements the nature-print backdrop behind the bed.

5. Bedroom Lighting that Serves as a Spotlight for your Art

Your art collection can be hung or displayed in any room in the house—even in your bedroom. But if you feel it deserves an extra bit of attention in the room, you could turn to your light fixtures for inspiration. Placing a spotlight or accent bedroom lighting fixture above a work of art or even a series of artworks will double as another form of mood lighting in the bedroom.


Style Tip: When considering this in your bedroom décor ideas, you could either choose a light fixture that boasts an intricate design element or hide the spotlight within a false ceiling for a cleaner look.

Modern light fixtures & accent lighting as for your art - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

Grand chandelier bedroom lighting with ceiling lights & table lamps for bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, MADS Creations

6. Chandeliers Make for a Unique Bedroom Lighting Idea

We always think of chandeliers as grand lighting pieces meant to make a statement in the living room. But there’s nothing stopping you from installing one in your bedroom lighting. If you’d like to go beyond the conventional idea of what a bedroom should look like for something more majestic and opulent, take inspiration from this room. With an exaggerated felt-headboard, metallic room divider and plush upholstery, a tiered chandelier above serves as the final piece that ties the elaborately styled space together.

7. Hanging Bedroom Side Lamps for a Small-Space Home

The key for small small-space living is maximising every inch of space in the home. And this means being clever about how you place everything down to the smallest fixture in the house. Even your bedroom lighting. While bedside lamps are something every bedside table should have, these accessories take up a bit of space on the table top. And in some compact apartments, there may not be space on the sides of the bed for a table. You could still have a source of light next to your bed with hanging lights. These ingenious fittings will make use of the empty space on your ceiling or walls, while freeing up any clutter below.

Elegant hanging side lamps matching with the colours in the background - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sans Souci

Expert Eye: When hanging lights, paying specific attention to its placement is key. The rule of thumb is to make sure you’re not blinded with a spotlight in your face. Placing pendant lights above eye level should do the trick. Too low, and you’ll only be illuminating the floor!

Reading lights in the bedroom along with pendant light fixture for bedroom lighting - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Taliesyn, Photography by Shamanth Patil

8. Don’t Forget About the Reading Lights in your Bedroom Lighting

If you’re one to catch a quick read before sleeping, a bright reading light will be a saviour for your eyesight. Whether it’s placed overhead inside a false ceiling, on a pendant fixture or even as a light shade on the wall, make sure your bedroom reading lights aren’t too dim and don’t cast a shadow over your book when you read it.

9. Subtle Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Minimalist

While it may sound easy to recreate, a minimal bedroom décor idea can take a while to perfect. Paring down objects in a room can prove to be tricky when everything you need to forgo seems like a necessity. For bedroom lighting in a minimalist’s room, however, you can find ways to conceal your fittings within the ceiling or behind large objects. In this muted earthen-toned room, the large artwork has a light source hidden on its side. Not only does this serve as a unique design element, but also doubles as mood lighting in the bedroom. In addition to this, one can also make use of wall lights for dimmed ambience in one's bedroom.

Subtle bedroom lighting for minimalistic bedroom design & décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sources Unlimited


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