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Jun 10, 2024
3D kitchen sketch - Beautiful Homes

Explore cost-effective methods such as painting walls, updating countertops, and incorporating new accessories to breathe fresh life into your culinary haven without breaking the bank

Remodelling your kitchen from top to bottom may not be too pocket-friendly. But you do not always have to break the bank to give your kitchen a makeover. Just fix a few things that require attention.


Here are some tips on how you can refurbish your kitchen in a budget:

Target Problem Areas Rather than Going for a Complete Overhaul

Fix areas that need immediate attention instead of remodelling the entire space. When it comes to kitchens, a clean, functional and well-kept one always adds more value to your house rather than an extravagant one that you cannot afford to maintain.

A person checking for problems in kitchen - Beautiful Homes
A person painting kitchen wall - Beautiful Homes

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest yet most effective ways of giving a new look to any kitchen is painting the walls. Choose a designer paint or textured wallpaper that goes with your style and home décor for a cost-effective facelift.

Highlight a Single Wall with Accents or Decals

Instead of painting the entire kitchen, paint just one wall with a trending bright colour. This will give your kitchen a balanced look and it is also easier to redo when you want to change it later.

Cream printed kitchen wall decal - Beautiful Homes
Cream and orange rustic kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Incorporate Some Retro-style Charm

Even if you are converting your traditional kitchen into a modular one, you can give it a stylish, vintage twist. Use retro-style ceramic plates as wall decoration or rustic soap dishes. Add an old-world sink skirt or stack some vintage hand towels to go with the theme.

Replace the Countertops

A countertop covers a large part of your visual range. Change the appearance of the countertop by updating it to a better material and colour. Granite is usually considered the best option for Indian kitchens, but you can also choose laminate, quartz or solid surface.

Grey kitchen countertop - Beautiful Homes
Contemporary kitchen with open shelves - Beautiful Homes

Get New Shelving and Accessories

Remove a few cabinet doors to create open shelving— a simple way to add fresh elements to your kitchen without going the whole hog. This type of shelving adds a contemporary look and also gives you ample display/storage space. Hanging and modular shelves are a great way to add a visually pleasing element without breaking the bank.

Replace a Few Hardware Items

Accessories like a new faucet and pretty handles or doorknobs can give a new look to any kitchen. Choose sturdy ones, so you do not have to keep replacing them. You can also add a few stylish hooks to hang pans, cups and ladles from.

Get a Beautiful Wall Decal

Wall decals are the best way to hide old paint. Available in various colours and patterns, an attractive wall decal can instantly brighten up the room.

Bright wall decal in kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Modern glass containers for storage - Beautiful Homes

Add New Storage Containers

You can never have enough containers in the kitchen, so go for a few, pretty, transparent bins to store dry food. Display these on open shelving to make your kitchen look appealing.

Invest in New Appliances

If you are contemplating a kitchen makeover, focus on making it more energy-efficient—this is the need of the hour, given the environmental conditions. Appliances that save you cooking time are an excellent option but opt for gadgets that consume minimum energy.

Energy-efficient appliances for kitchen - Beautiful Homes
Beautiful pendant lights above kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

Install New Lighting

Choose warm lighting to make your kitchen more welcoming and install new ones in glass cabinets. Energy-efficient lights bring down monthly electricity bills. Installing under-cabinet lights is the best way to brighten the room and make it safer to use sharp tools.

Remodel Your Kitchen the Smart Way

Sleek’s SmartEco line of modular kitchens offers great quality and performance at an affordable price. It comes equipped with boiling water-resistant ply cabinets, steel baskets with lifetime rust-free warranty, and top-of-the-line European soft closing drawers and lift-up systems. Avoid the unpredictability of carpenter-made kitchens and opt for a smart, economical choice.

Black and grey modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Even spot refurbishing, like getting under-cabinet hanging shelves, adds value to your home and makes cooking convenient. Plan in advance, work out costs and resist the temptation to go overboard to ensure that you stay within your budget.

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