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A complete guide to L-shaped wardrobe designs

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Feb 24, 2023
L-shaped wardrobe design ideas - Beautiful Homes

If you thought a wardrobe has to be basic, think again. Here is a complete guide for L-shaped wardrobe designs that can make your space even more spectacular

Looking for additional storage options for your house? If you are working with limited floor space, then an L-shape wardrobe design might be the perfect solution. A modern L-shaped wardrobe design is created to make the most of the available area, giving you plenty of room for all your belongings, from clothing and shoes to accessories and more. Keep reading to know why L-shape wardrobes are a great choice for anyone looking for additional storage options in their home.


An L-shape wardrobe design provides the ideal answer, boasting a distinctive layout that grants flexibility and optimises storage space simultaneously. If you are planning to transform or redecorate your house with a new wardrobe, a few essential things should be taken into concern. When considering the L-shape wardrobe design, think about what look and feel best suits your space. What type of materials should you use? For a contemporary interior, a modern style may be suitable; for something more traditional, a classic look may fit better.


Carefully taking your budget into account, it's worth considering the cost of an L-shape cupboard design. The added storage space they provide may add more to the price tag, so be sure to check before you decide on a design.


Decide what kind of items you plan to keep in your wardrobe. Will you be storing everyday garments or fine ensembles that need to be hung? You might need extra shelves or drawers too. Knowing exactly what your clothing requirements are will assist in finding the perfect minimal L-shape cupboard design. Secondly, don’t forget to consider the size and shape of your space when selecting an L-shape almirah design. It certainly could be a great choice if you have enough floor space, but for a smaller room.  

L-Shape Wardrobe Design Choice

Choosing wardrobes is not an easy task. There is a lot of diverse variety of designs available on the market. A modern L-shaped wardrobe design offers maximum storage space while taking up minimal floor space, which is why homeowners prefer it nowadays. Every square foot of your house is valuable, and you should make the best use of it. It is particularly true for rooms with corners that are underutilised. An L-shape cupboard is ideal for master bedroom closets, hallway closets, children's bedrooms, and reading nooks. Among the other types of wardrobes available are l-shaped wardrobe sliding door, L-shaped wardrobe with mirror, and a modular L-shape wardrobe design with dressing table. Corner L-shaped wardrobe design are developed to fit in corners of a room and provide extra storage without taking up much floor space.

L-shaped wardrobes for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

The Ideal L-shape Cupboard Measurements

Finding the perfect L-shape wardrobe size for your home can be a challenge. Before making an order, make sure to take into account all of your needs - from shoes and accessories to winterwear and formal wear - so that you have enough drawers and hangers to accommodate them all. You also want to make sure that the final design is both space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


All L-shape wardrobes typically have two sides with variable measurements: the longer side ranging around 1.2m in length and the shorter side coming in just under 0.5m. With their spacious design, you can store plenty of items as necessary. But if you are drawn to a more minimal aesthetic for your bedroom, consider l-shaped wardrobe design for bedroom with fewer shelves and drawers.


Popular Materials for L-Shaped Wardrobes

If you desire to add some exciting element to your closet, there are multiple materials and styles of L-shaped wardrobe designs that you can pick from. Numerous types of wood are available, including mahogany, teak, pine, and cedar. Mirrored glass panels can be an outstanding way to bring modernity and class into the mix.

  • Wood is a strong and resilient material, making it ideal for use in the construction of an array of furniture pieces including an L-shape sliding wardrobe or an L-shape wardrobe design with dressing table. While wood can be maintained with relative ease, one must bear in mind that more seasoned varieties require more investment than others.

  • Metals such as iron, aluminium, steel, brass, and copper are commonly used for manufacturing wardrobes and cupboards due to their robustness and longevity. They can give a gleaming or matte look depending on your aesthetic requirements. Be aware though that metal can rust if not treated with a special coating. Metal master bedroom l-shape wardrobe design options are usually more affordable than those made from wood but will last longer.

  • Decorative Laminate offers a great way to add a little colour and liveliness to your L-shape cupboard design. By mimicking materials like wood or stone, you can personalize the overall look of your wardrobe.



Popular Exterior Finishes for Modern L-shaped Wardrobe Design Ideas

Beautifying your exterior isn't an accidental process. Whether you favor classic or contemporary styles, there are plenty of exterior finishes available to help your shape wardrobe design make an impression. Here are some of the more popular choices:

Modern l-shape wardrobe design for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes
  • Veneers are an economically rational choice for those looking to find a wardrobe finish that looks like wood, but without the added weight and expense of actual hardwood. This type of finish is made up of thin layers of various kinds of wood placed together to form a charming design. Veneers provide a great way to save on cost without sacrificing your style.

  • Laminate, such as Sun Mica, is a thin material with several options for finishes. This finish is great for outdoor elements that need safeguarding, like doors, windows, corner L-shaped wardrobe design or overhangs. Laminate offers lots of colour and design selections, making it simple to complement other furniture and decorations. It also doesn’t fade easily and can be simply wiped down when necessary - making it an outstanding solution for items such as L-shape sliding wardrobe or other pieces you use regularly. While offering durability similar to veneer, laminate isn't as strong as solid wood.
  • Solid/Real wood exterior finishes offer an extensive range of options to create a classic, timeless look. Durable and available in many different colours and styles, they are certain to be the perfect finish for your home. From high gloss to matte, each finish adds individuality to any L-shape almirah design, while also boasting a long lifespan if cared for correctly.



Add-on Features and Accessories for your L-shaped Wardrobe Design for your Bedroom

Taking your L-shape wardrobe design to the next level is possible, with the addition of many extras and accessories. From reflective panels to an abundance of organizational solutions, you can transform your closet from useful to luxurious! Let us view several attributes that can be taken into consideration when creating the perfect L-shape wardrobe.

  • L-shape cupboard design options are quite versatile when it comes to storage: extra shelves and drawers can be added to the interior, depending on your needs. Sleek drawers for accessories and jewellery, pull-out racks for pants and skirts – the possibilities are endless. Built-in shelves can be shifted to create more or less space as desired, and some wardrobes even have removable shelves so you can add additional room when necessary.

  • Many types of wooden wardrobe designs can be enhanced with hangers and organizers, such as tie racks, scarf organizers, and belt hangers to keep clothes neat and organized.
L-shaped almirah design for the master bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Spacious open l-shape wardrobe design - Beautiful Homes
  • Mirrors can be an excellent way of sprucing up wardrobe doors, both internally and externally. The L-shaped wardrobe with mirror offers a modern twist to any room that requires space-saving solutions. It is also useful for providing a convenient area to check your appearance before you leave the house.

  • Lighting is a great way to improve the head-on-view of a master bedroom L-shape wardrobe design. It can provide better visibility and access to your clothing, particularly in darker spaces. Lights can be located above or within the wardrobe and might be triggered either by a switch or some type of motion detector.

L-Shape Wardrobe Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be challenging to design wardrobes, but an L-shaped wardrobe can be an exemplary choice if planned correctly. In addition to providing a large amount of storage space.


When picking an L-shaped cupboard in bedroom, it is important to plan the layout carefully. Make sure to measure the area accurately and leave enough space to accommodate any furniture or fixtures that may also be in the room. Additionally, plan where each of your wardrobe pieces will go and how they will be connected so that you have enough storage without compromising on aesthetics.


In terms of styling, choose a timeless design that easily fits your existing bedroom décor. The clean, modern look can be created with a monochromatic colour scheme, whereas more traditional designs can add a touch of elegance. In a small room, adding an L-shaped wardrobe sliding door can boost space efficiency.


You can always add baskets and boxes within drawers to separate items from one another, making it easier to find small items. Use vertical storage by installing drawers and shelves on both sides of the wardrobe.

L-shaped small cupboard design for a small bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Additional Tips:

When looking to maximize the space of a small bedroom, an L-shaped cupboard in bedroom is often the go-to choice. This method of design is ideal when wanting to create an orderly and uncluttered room while utilizing the area efficiently. Here are some tips from professionals on how you can get even more out of this type of wardrobe:

  1. Take advantage of this neglected corner! You can hang items like jackets or store folded items such as blankets and sheets. With an L-shaped wardrobe, this area is often overlooked yet it can be used to its fullest potential.
  2. Make the most of vertical space – Design your L-shaped wardrobe with taller sides and multiple shelves for maximal storage capabilities in your bedroom design.
  3. Utilize drawer dividers to organize your clothing, making it simple to find the items you need. Furthermore, you can use drawers to store smaller things such as scarves, jewelry and accessories.
  4. Think of integrated storage solutions. Solutions like hooks, racks and shelves can help you make the most of your hallway wardrobe set-up; allowing you to keep items organised and easily retrievable.
  5. For an L-shape wardrobe design, look for organizers designed to fit the space most effectively.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with L-Shaped Wardrobes?

Are you looking for the perfect L-shaped cupboard for your house? Following these expert tips, you can truly maximize your corner l-shaped wardrobe design and make it a feature of a tidy and well-designed bedroom. With smart storage solutions, even a modestly sized room can have just the right amount of style and usefulness. Head to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse our expertly curated Magazine to know more about them. You can also check out the interior design projects we have executed so far and learn more about our design and décor services and products. You may book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process or walk into any of our stores across India. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help you turn your décor dreams into a living reality.

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