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Budget-savvy small bedroom décor ideas you can't miss

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Dec 18, 2022
Simple low budget bedroom design for your space - Beautiful Homes

Beautiful and affordable bedroom decorating ideas for your home within a budget

Your bedrooms definitely mark your signature, be it a small one or a large one, bedroom design holds a special place in the whole aspect of interior design. Your bedroom is your comfort space and for the same reason, its interior design should be aligned to impart calming and relaxing nature. It is never about having a lavish space with expensive interior decor items, the key is about planning and designing to perfection, thereby bringing that beautiful and delightful makeover your bedroom deserves.


Wonders can be created with small spaces too, and here we are to wake up the interior design enthusiast who had been sleeping inside you all this while.


There is never a thing like "budget is never a problem", budgets are always pre-set and altered as per the requirements and we love creating low-budget bedroom designs by keeping quality as our primary concern.


Continue reading further to unlock some of the best ways to transform your bedroom interior space like you always wanted it without draining your pocket. Here are some of the amazing low-budget bedroom interior designs suggested and curated by our in-house and seasoned interior designers in the industry.


Minimal Colour Theme

With the right approach, bedroom designs can be a breeze, even with a limited budget. Let’s start with the basics, it's a common notion that mixing and matching colors are the ultimate! But here we would like to bust the myth, going neutral with a single shade can also create a fabulous interior outlook. By sticking to a single-color theme for your entire small master bedroom, it indeed helps you to easily incorporate DIY small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget. All of you have to note while keeping a minimum color theme is to keep an extra eye on the color while choosing the drapes and accessories for the room.


Aesthetic and Creative Storage Ideas

Most often the rising concern among the tenants is the lack of enough storage space when it comes to decorating small bedrooms on a low budget. By being a little mindful and by pulling off that creative shoe from the wardrobe, this can be easily solved. Yes, it's all about finding the right furniture and accessories that double up the storage space with lift-tops and extra drawers. This in turn helps you to maintain the space neat and organized with an adequate number of accessories inside the room.  For example, how medium-rise beds can accommodate bookshelves within them in the space underneath. These type of beds fits the best for bedroom interior design on a low budget.


Fix it High

If you are designing for a small-budget bedroom design, fixing your beds high can save up a lot of space and solve a lot of problems. By keeping it high, even though the space is occupied is the same as that when keeping it low, the visual perceptions tend to guide to the idea that the floor is less occupied. Which automatically drives to the idea that there is always more space than actual. The first and foremost things to take care of and keep a note of while designing a small room decorating ideas on a budget is to fix a theme and filter in accessories and furniture accordingly. The agenda of setting a preferred theme prior rather helps you to be shopping efficiently with cost-effectiveness than buying non-matching articles for the decoration of a bedroom on a small budget.

Give Extra Attention to the Corners

We at Beautiful Homes, personally feel that corners are romanticized to perfection but never given the care and attention it deserves. Be it for including DIY room decor ideas for small rooms or designing your small master bedroom ideas on a budget, corners play a major role. Just by pushing your bed to the corner, you are suddenly left with a lot of space in your room. By mindfully decorating your bedroom, your small master bedroom is already ready, giving additional space to include in your DIY decor ideas.

Classy low budget room décor ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

Include Mirrors

Did you know that mirrors are kept in the room not just to get your full self-glance? Even though the sole purpose of a mirror stays the same, a lengthy mirror is your ace card to make your room look bigger. Mirrors help you to efficiently design your small bedroom design within your budget.

Get inspired by this small budget bedroom design for your space - Beautiful Homes

Play with the Curtains

As you all would know; curtains are statement markers or signature setters for a space. By carefully choosing the curtain or drape standing by your theme, curtains can do a lot in making your space look more organized and bigger. The curtain textures add richness to the whole interior layers and mindful purchasing options leaves you satisfied for designing your small bedroom design on a budget. DIY embroidery and paintings on the curtains can, even more, elevate the whole setting of the room.

Incorporate Light Shades

By going light with the shades, always add extra space to the room and make your bedroom setting even more breathable.  These light colors are always preferred for small bedroom design ideas and low-budget bedroom ideas, as curtains themselves are an amazing and classy decor element to adorn your room with beauty. Light colors are privileged with the property of absorbing lights which in turn makes it the most suitable choice in the scenario of a small bedroom design.

Upgrade your space with small bedroom ideas on a budget - Beautiful Homes
Bring your room to life with these low budget room décor - Beautiful Homes

With access to enormous amounts of information and ideas for small bedroom designs, low budget bedroom designs, low budget bedroom small space minimalist small bedroom decor, and more, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Our expert hands are here to guide you with nothing but the best with a signature of uniqueness.


As we always say, if the space you live in doesn't bring warmth and light, then it's never your home. Designing and styling up your room with your character is indeed a trick, but not anymore with Beautiful Homes by your side. We assure to bring in the best for your home and we had always been on a mission for the same.

How Can Beautiful Homes Help you with Interior Design of your Dream Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we do everything, from room corner designing to interior designs and setting up and sourcing materials and more. For more information, services, and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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