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Vastu for the main door: Welcome good energy with these tips

  • Vastu Tips
Jul 22, 2022
Main door vastu tip ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes


Vastu for main door design in your home. Explore various main door house entrance vastu from south east entrance vastu to north west entrance vastu & everything for your home.

Vastu Shastra realizes the utmost importance of the home itself, therefore gives parallel importance to all of the aspects, and so for the main door. It paves the entry and exits to positive and negative energies. It functions under many determinants and keeps the whole house in one go. Keeping this in mind, it is wiser to think of its placement and position while making your dream home or buying one.


Everything, from the position of the main door to the material used in making it, brings a positive element to your house. Below are some very important Vastu tips for the main entrance door to ensure that everything entering the house is correct.

Direction of the Main Door

The direction of the main door in Vastu plays a very important part in every home. Some directions are considered more promising than others.

Northeast is the best direction where the main door can be placed. This provides positive energy, vitality, and life. The second-best direction for the main house entrance vastu is the north. It attracts good fortune, and the east-facing main door is ideal if placed close to the north wall.


In case there's no other way, you can even go for a northwest entrance main door or a southeast entrance according to Vastu. You can even go for a west facing entrance, which would be quite helpful for the children of the house.


Though there are some entrance directions which are auspicious, there are a few which don't favor the house members.

Main door direction for your home entrance as per vastu - Beautiful Homes

It is not ideal to have the main door facing the southwest as per Vastu principles. If it is unavoidable, then it is better to have open space in the northeast direction of the house to permit cross ventilation. Besides, the south entrance main door is not considered a good option either.

Material to choose for your main door for your home entrance - Beautiful Homes

Material of the Main Door

The main door house entrance vastu recommends the use of wood doors. It not only looks regal, but also it is very calming on the overall house. If your door is on the south or west side, it should be made of wood and metal. A north-facing main door can have a touch of silver in wood. East-facing is considered best if made of wood and free from metal accessories.

Door with Wooden Engravings

Engravings on wooden doors outline so much brilliant work, reflecting everlasting beauty. Intricate carvings on vastu entry for house range from the most minute floral designs to abstract designs, thus giving it a unique character of beauty. It has a functional role as well as one that brings out your artistic sensibilities in detail.


Wooden Arched Door

A wooden arched door can be added to the never-aging appeal of your home. A gentle curve at the top softens the overall look and adds architectural interest. Arched doors, be it a rustic design or a polished finish, can instantly elevate the grandeur of your main portal.

Brass Handle on Wooden Door

Brass handles on wooden doors combine functionality with elegance for main door house entrance vastu. The rich tones of wood and the warm golden brass color make a very beautiful contrast. Besides, brass handles remain durable, and are not subject to corrosion, serving perfectly for the main doors.


Colourful Entrance Door

A colorful entrance door is perfect to boldly talk about yourself and show how tasteful and filled with personal style. The striking flare of red, the calming touch of blue, or the brightness of yellow—any bit of color will help these entrance doors pop. Try accessorizing with matching or contrasting accessories and make your entrance door an eye-catching vastu entry for your house.

Strong Wooden Door for Main Entrance

The most preferred material for the main entrance door is said to be wood. It contains an organic feel, the aspect of warmness and earthiness, pulling in the entry of positive vibes and energies into the house. A strong wooden main door enhances aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes strong and resilient, providing security to the residents. Among all varieties of woods available, teak wood is preferred first, due to its sturdiness and durability; then follows the Honne wood.


Size of the Main Door as per Vastu

The ancient Indian architectural science of vastu says that the size of a home's main door is very important since it is regarded as a way of allowing important energies inside the house. The width of a door should generally be half its length; for instance, if the door were 7 feet long, it should be around 3.5 feet. A door's direction is also important: a door that faces north, east, or the north-east position of east is considered the best direction that invites favorable influences. The door should optimally have two panels so that the left should be for getting inside and the right for coming out, or it should be of an odd number of panels. Having decided on the number of panels, the next point in question is the material to be used for the door since wood is the utmost suggestion, there could be metal, but it should be made to be ideally mixed with wood. Home entrance vastu principles also recommend that there must be a threshold at the main door to stop leakage of wealth and ward off negative energies. Also, the floor level inside and outside the door should be at the same level to keep harmony and balance. These are suggestive guidelines and not firm rules; practicality and personal comfort should always be considered.

Vastu tips for your main door design at your home entrance - Beautiful Homes

Main Door House Entrance Visibility as per Vastu

As per main door house entrance vastu, the main door of any house must have maximum visibility because it is a very important part of the house. The main entrance should be quickly identifiable and familiar, resonating with the other members who live in the house. According to vastu, the height of the main door also plays a very important role. Buil your primary entrance between 6 to 7 feet tall and close to 3 feet in width. A giant door means improved ventilation and energy in the house. Keep the height lower than the main door for all other doors inside the house.

House Entrance Decor as per Vastu

You can personalise your main door by making a unique name plate in varied styles. You can also mention your house number and address. Using a few ornamental engravings or using minimalistic designs will also do the trick. You can also keep some decoration on and around your main door.

Home entrance décor as per vastu for your home - Beautiful Homes
Main door colour for your home as per vastu for your home entrance - Beautiful Homes

Main Door Colour as per Vastu

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the direction and colour of the main door are really important.

According to home entrance vastu, you can paint your door white and blue if it's a west-facing main entrance and pink, orange, and silver for the south or southeast main door.


  • For southwest-facing main doors, the home entrance vastu allows one to paint one's door yellow, while for doors that open in the north or northeast, cream, green, or yellow would be ideal. 


  • The ideal colour is white and cream paint for main doors facing in the northwest direction with wooden colours.


  • White and light blue are the appropriate colors for the east-facing main doors.


Do’s and Don’ts of Vastu for the Main Door

Some do's and don'ts allow us to maintain a balance of energy in the place of living.


Do’s for the main door-

  1. The main door should be much bigger as compared to the other doors of the house interior design.
  2. Keep the main entrance door well-lit with with bright Gate lights.
  3. It is fine to have the main door away from the corner as per vastu.


Don’ts for the main door-

  1. Place your shoes to the side of the main door and not at the entrance of the main door.
  2. Do not prefer setting up any dustbin or garbage near your entrance of the main door, as per vastu.
  3. Do not prefer black colour wall paint on your main door as it gives a negative energy feel.



1. What is the best position of the main door?

The main entry's perfect location is at the main house's northeast, north, east and west directions.


2. Which God's idol is suitable for the main door?

According to main door vastu shastra, a household's entrance should contain the idols of Lord Ganesh or Goddess Lakshmi, who stands for prosperity or good luck. Otherwise, you can install symbols like a Kalash with a coconut on it or a swastika to keep away negative energy.


3. Can the main door open anticlockwise?

No, it is ideal not to have the main door open anticlockwise. It's better to keep the door open at 90 degrees clockwisely with no blockage or obstacle in its vicinity. Moreover, you must keep your main door well maintained all through the year.


4. How many steps should be there leading to the main door?

Main door vastu shastra suggests that odd number of steps lead to the main door entrance. 


5. Can a house have two entrances?

It is better to have one main door leading to the house. However, if you wish, you may build a small alternate door behind the place to let your helpers inside. Alternatively, you can have two main doors, one for the vastu entry for the house and the other for the exit.


6. Is the sliding door good as per vastu?

It is preferable in two parts rather than having it all in one big unit. Sliding doors are not ideal for main door design as per home entrance vastu.


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