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Money plant vastu tips for your home for abundant prosperity

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Jul 08, 2022
Money plant vastu ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Did you know that the ordinary money plant can not only enhance the beauty of your interior but can bring prosperity and harmony into your home? Here are some tips on how best to benefit from having a money plant in your home

Money Plant & Why you should have one

It is hard to find an Indian household that has not at one time or another been home to the popular money plant. There are numerous money plant type, like golden pothos, house plants, and Ceylon creeper.


Money plants have thick, green, heart-shaped leaves, sometimes with splashes of yellow. It climbs with the help of aerial roots and can reach several meters with support. A healthy plant filled with leaves can look gorgeous and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home décor.


Why get a money plant for your home?

  • Money plants are excellent indoor plants as they do not need too much sunlight and can thrive even with minimum light.
  • They grow well in soil and in water. A small cutting of money plant in water will start sprouting new leaves in no time at all.
  • They help remove indoor pollutants.
  • Money plant Vastu is considered to be very lucky and can bring wealth and prosperity to the house.


As you can see, there are more than enough reasons to add a luxurious and leafy money plant to your indoor décor.


10 Money Plant Vastu Tips to Bring Good Fortune into Your Life

Vastu Shastra emphasises the importance of placing elements of nature in the right direction for maximum benefit, be it water, light or plants. The money plant is considered an auspicious plant in Indian households and is always recommended as a beneficial addition that can improve the positivity and prosperity of a home.


Here are some Money plant Vastu tips on how to get the most benefit out of your money plant.

1. Placement Matters - Money plant direction as per Vastu is important

As important as plants are in Vastu Shastra, equally important is the money plant direction as per Vastu of the plants. They should ideally be placed in the north entrance of the house or in the south east direction. Money plant Vastu direction will depend on the room that the plant is placed in.


Money plant in living room

In the living room, the south-east corner helps attract luck and prosperity as it is ruled by planet Venus and Lord Ganesha who are both symbolic of wealth and luck. A beautiful pedestal in the south-east corner of the room with an abundant and overflowing money tree will make a gorgeous addition to your living room.


Lucky money plant for bedroom

Money plants have heart shaped leaves and are thought to help in improving relationships and avoiding discord and arguments. In the bedroom interior design, the mani plants should be kept on the left or right side of the bed but away from the footrest or headrest.


Money Plant in bottle for bathroom

Humidity is good for money plants and they do well in bathrooms. Placing little mason jars with money plant cuttings in a line on the window will add a very beautiful touch to your bathroom.

Money plant vastu direction in the kitchen for your home's prosperity - Beautiful Homes

Big leaf money plant for an awkward corner

According to Vastu Shastra, sharp corners can be a source of anxiety and negativity in a home. This negativity can be nullified by placing money plants in these corners. A luxuriant, leafy money plant will add beauty to any dull corner as well as bring a positive vibe to the house.


Some don’ts when it comes to Money Plant Vastu direction

It is important to keep the money plant in the Vastu recommended direction for maximum benefit. Some directions to completely avoid include north or east walls or north-east corner. Placing money plants in this position may result in loss of money, health issues and conflicts among family members.


2. Place your Money Plant at the Auspicious North Entrance

If you have a home that faces the North, the money plants can be placed right at the entrance to the home for maximum benefit. This placement helps attract new career opportunities and new income sources for the family members.

Place two large planters with money plants on either side of the doorway to make for a gorgeous décor element right at the entrance to your home.

Money plant as a decor element in the home - Beautiful Homes

3. Don’t Let Your Golden Money Plant Touch the Ground

According to Vastu Shastra, a drooping money plant brings negativity and is not good for the house. Make sure that your money plant grows upwards. Provide it with a good support like a moss stick and twirl the creeper around it. A standing lamp next to with soft light spilling over the leaves will provide a surreal effect. 


4. Big Leaf Money Plant has the Power of Absorbing Radiations

Money plants have the capacity to absorb radiation. Place money plants next to electronic gadgets, like televisions, computers and routers that emit radiation.


A cute money plant in a pretty pot placed next to your laptop is a lovely way to decorate the desk in your home office. You can also place money plants in the children’s rooms to absorb the radiation from their gadgets, fill the room with positive vibes and help them be successful in their endeavours. 



5. Tips for the maintenance of your lucky money plant

  • Well drained soil - Make sure that your pot has holes at the bottom so that water does not stagnate.

  • Money plants can make do with little water but they should not be over watered as that can cause them to rot. Water it once in 7 to 10 days as the soil needs to dry up between watering sessions.

  • Money plants grow well in sunlight or without. They can be placed in darker spaces as long as they are taken out once in a couple of weeks for a good sunbath.

  • Add natural fertilizer to the pot once a month.

  • If your money plant has outgrown its current pot, repot it for best results.

  • Trim the leaves every few weeks.

  • Remove dried up leaves.


Money plant paired with other indoor plants in the room - Beautiful Homes

6. Money plant for home – Avoid the Colour Red

Money plants do not get along with the colour red. If you have red walls or red doors or windows, do not place a money plant near it. Red is a strong colour and stands for big emotions, like rage and anger. Keeping the money plant near this colour causes it to harness this energy and diffuse it around the house raising the negative vibes in the house.


7. Money plant Ideas - Incorporate Greens and Blues

Green and blues are very soothing colours and are associated with peace, nature and harmony. It is ideal to combine your money plants with the positivity of these soothing colours to bring peace and harmony to your house and improve relationships.

Fill pretty blue and green bottles with hanging money plant cuttings and line them on a window ledge or in the balcony for a whimsical vibe.

8. Pick Airy Corners for a money plant indoor

Money plants need space to grow well. You can keep small cuttings in bottles and group them together in a small space but if you want a healthy, thriving plant, pick an airy corner to place your pot. A gorgeous and lush money plant in a beautiful planter will enhance any corner of a room. 


9. Keep your money plant indoor

Money plants grow well indoors and outdoors. But to harness the full potential of the positive energy that it emanates into your home, it is better to have it indoors.


10. Heart-Shaped Money Plant Leaves and Their Benefits

Did you know that the heart shaped leaves of the money plant symbolise love and romance? Many Indian households believe that a healthy, thriving money plant is a sign of an impending marriage in the family. It is believed to foster healthy and happy relationships and deter discord between family members.

Big leaves money plant in the home for home decor - Beautiful Homes


How can Beautiful Homes help you choose the right money plant for your home?

When our design team from Beautiful Homes take on an interior design project, their work doesn’t stop with planning a layout or picking a paint colour. They are committed to providing the best décor elements for your home and bring the most positive vibe to your space. We understand the importance of creating spaces that support who we are.


When picking out the perfect pieces for your home, we ensure that we are creating a space that emits positivity and comfort as well as looks gorgeous. We guide our clients from choosing the perfect wall colour to match their personality to picking the right money plant that would bring prosperity and happiness into their home. Find your perfect accessories at our online store. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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