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Monsoon home decoration ideas for 2022

  • Monsoon Décor
Jul 04, 2022
Monsoon home decor ideas that you must try in 2022 for your interiors - Beautiful Homes

With monsoons knocking at our doors it is time to pep up your home and let the sunshine in. Have a look at some of the best monsoon décor ideas

The love we have for the monsoon season is innately strong. Monsoon season is adored by everyone. The cosy feeling, the soothing rains, and everything that constitutes the weather add up to the delight! However, sometimes, the Monsoon season can get a bit overwhelming. With the heavy rain outside, the mood indoors might get a little blue. We’ve created the ideal home décor guide to spruce up your home this monsoon. Bring back the beauty of monsoons with these smart monsoon home décor ideas:

1. Add Some Greenery to your Home Interior Design

They are a fantastic addition to monsoon home décor during the rainy season and the time ahead. With a large number of possibilities for seasonal blooms, plants and decorative herbs readily available today, each nook and corner of your house can look lush and active with some indoor plants. Now if you actually do bring home some plants, assure that you don’t overwater them during the rainy season and read up the instructions manual well on when and how to water your plants.

Add some greenery in our home during monsoon for as your home decoration - Beautiful Homes



Wooden flooring for your luxurious home interiors during monsoon - Beautiful Homes

2. It’s Time to Declutter your Monsoon Home

During the monsoon rainy season, upholstered and leather furniture shoved against each other or onto the corner walls can soak moistness due to the scarcity of sunlight. It could lead to an upsurge of fungi and bacteria on the walls and the furniture exterior. Accordingly, it’s suggested to keep your hefty furniture exposed to sunlight by placing them close to doors and windows, keeping an eye to assure that it stays away from the walls and unwanted moisture.

3. Say Goodbye to your Old Curtains

Looking for some easy monsoon home décor ideas? It’s time to bid adios to the heavy double drapery curtains and invest in some light, delicate, and sheer fabrics to relish the cool and breezy aura outside. During the monsoon rainy season, the double drapery curtains tend to absorb the moisture and keep your home foul-smelling. Sheer or lace curtains permit even thin sunlight to stream in, keeping the atmosphere of your house pleasant, cheerful, and breezy.


4. Bring an Umbrella Stand for a Rustic Monsoon Home Décor

All rainy season months bring the colourful umbrellas out, but they can also flee trails of water around the front door or across the house when people enter with drippy and wet umbrellas. While a wicker or bamboo basket or big vase at the front door can act as a stand to stash umbrellas and also retain water, you can opt for something non-traditional like modern and trendy wooden rack with steel ribs to hold umbrellas in place. You can also have some hooks on top that can be used for hanging dripping raincoats and other items. 


5. Give your House a Colourful Monsoon Décor Upgrade with Bright and Cheerful Flowers

No matter what the season is, adding a bit of pattern and prints to your interior design never hurts. Beat the bland ambience of the monsoon home by bringing in some fresh flowers to add pops of colour to your place. Fresh flowers are floral motifs that bring good vibes and give a graceful aesthetic look to your interiors. Bring some new vases to empty areas or you can use old wine bottles or mason jars into planters and fill them up with exquisite colourful flowers. Out of all the monsoon home care tips, this will give some refreshed and positive eclectic energies to your abode.


6. Bar the Dirt to Enter your House

During the rainy monsoon weather, make it a point to leave a heavy-duty doormat at your front door to guard against both water and mud so everyone can wipe their shoes before they enter your house. Buy doormats made from jute, coir or recycled rubber with bright prints to add an inviting and warm touch to your foyer. Remember that the doormat is the perfect way to keep dirt, mud and germs out of your door and protect the floor inside the home. 


7. Amp up your Monsoon Home Décor with Some Fragrances of Delight

No matter how much you love the monsoon season, it does leave a sense of stale odour behind. To fight the smell that comes along with the season is to light up some scented candles in your rooms. Mildly scented candles floating in their sweet aroma can certainly enhance the despondent mood, which affects you when you are housebound by showers. Position decorative fragrant candles on modern stands to illuminate the dinner table or in dark corridors that don't get adequate sunshine to form a warm and cosy setting inside the house. They will dismiss the mouldy odour of the rain and wet clothes. A scented candle followed by incense sticks will not only add to your monsoon décor but will also do a fantastic deal in enriching and lighting up your mood.


8. Get the Melody with Window Chimes

Who doesn’t adore listening to a soft melodious sound sitting by the window? Well, relishing the attractive sound while feeling the monsoon season is the most promising therapy to boost the mood in a minute. And, wind chimes can do just that for you. Wind chimes are wholesome and soulfully pleasing and can cheer up the whole mood or ambience of the house.


9. Add a Hint of Liveliness to your Place

With grey and gloomy skies overhead, there’s no doubt your home is going to start reflecting the bland outdoors. Revitalise your living area with some pop-coloured cushions and throws. Switch your greys, blues, and dark hues for brilliant shades of peach, citrus, tangerine, and reds. Switching your cushion covers is the easiest way to keep your monsoon décor ideas refreshing and comforting.

10. Cosy Rugs for the Perfect Aesthetic

We might not understand but cosy balconies are a delight in monsoons. We can already imagine ourselves relaxing on the balcony floor with a sizzling cup of tea and relishing the captivating rain. Rugs are the most promising way to spruce your balcony in a rainy monsoon season. They bring a cosy vibe to it. Opt for colour and beautiful prints.

Give your monsoon home decor an elegance look by adding rugs to your interiors - Beautiful Homes



Monsoon home decoration with ample indoor plants & warm interiors - Beautiful Homes

Beat the Monsoon Blues with Beautiful Homes Monsoon Décor Solutions

With a  change of the seasons, it becomes crucial to change a few things around in your house while following some easy rainy season tips to keep your interior décor fresh and lively. While we don’t subscribe to the “in-with-the-new-out-with-the-old” proverb, we are ardent believers in making the best of what you have or can bring in without burning a hole in the pocket. And hence we show you how you can rejuvenate your house interiors with 9 easy and practical monsoon home décor care tips and monsoon décor ideas.

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we offer a range of finest quality interior décor solutions and rainy season tips with different pieces for every space. This permits you to select an idea that completely aligns with your budget, taste and preferences. Transform your space with monsoon home décor ideas on a budget and easily manageable monsoon home care tips from us.


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