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Best multi-colour wall paint design & ideas

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Feb 11, 2023
Multi colour wall paint - Beautiful Homes

Give your home an artsy flair with our curated list of the best multi colour room painting ideas

Colours in interiors can dictate a room’s mood, reflect your personality, make people feel the way you want them to feel. But it isn’t always easy to get them right, particularly when you’re working with not one or two but several hues. Multi colour interiors can be fun, lively and unique and here are top picks for wall designs that can exhibit these aspects. Read on to find out more.


1. Multi Colour Wall Paint Ideas #1: Geometric Accent Wall

A burst of colour in any room can be a breath of fresh air and multi coloured walls are a great way to achieve this. Whether you lean more towards the ‘70s retro style or something more understated, a geometric accent wall is an excellent option. Pick a wallpaper, or roll up your sleeves and turn it into a DIY project. For those who are hesitant to commit to a full geometric accent wall, geometric wall painting ideas can also be used to create a colourful and eye-catching feature in any room, with the added benefit of being easily changeable if desired.

2. Multi Colour Wall Paint Ideas #2: Multiple Tiles Accent Wall

Adorn your home a roman-esque mosaic scene with tiled multi coloured walls. Mosaic murals offer a unique, creative and posh look to home interiors. It would be a great addition to a foyer, a balcony or even the mandir space.

Multi coloured walls - Beautiful Homes
Multi colour wall paint design - Beautiful Homes

3. Multi Colour Wall Paint Ideas #3: Light Coloured Pattern

An accent wall decked up in multi coloured wall paint but in pastel hues is one way to break the monotony of white interiors. Pair the room multi colour design with directional patterns such as overlapping triangles, tall streaks, curved lines, etc., to add movement.

4. Multi Colour Wall Paint Ideas #4: Dark Coloured Pattern

For something a little moody and edgy, opt for multi colour room painting in dark hues. Vertical stripes or pop art design with colour blocking will work well in contemporary homes with clean design. But if you’re looking to add a touch of romance and whimsy, consider a blended multi coloured wall paints in watercolour effect.

5. Multi Colour Room Painting Ideas #5: Multicolour Head Wall Design

A headboard is not the only way to add a touch of drama to your bedroom. An easier but just as unique is multi colour wall paint for the head wall design. An abstract design in a bright hue will add personality to the bedroom design.

Multi colour room painting ideas - Beautiful Homes
Multi colour room painting - Beautiful Homes

6. Multi Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas #6: Grey, Pink & Green Style

This is a colour palette that’s soothing yet leaves a lot of room for experimentation. Pick one colour as the base for the room and the other two as accents. For example, in a boho style living room, choose a dusty pink wall design for hall with hints of green and an ethnic pattern and keep the furnishings neutral with warm greys. These colours would also work well for tropical-themed multi coloured walls living rooms.

7. Multi Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas #8: Sunset-style accent wall

For your wall design for hall, bring in a little sunset magic to your home with an accent wall painted in sunset colour. Make it contemporary with abstract gradient stripes or add a whimsical touch with a hand-painted sunset sky with watercolour effect.

8. Multi Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas #7: Monochromatic with pzazz

If you’re not a fan of bringing in too many colours to your interiors with multi colour room painting but still want the dramatic flair, we’ve got the perfect solution. Pick an accent wall and choose a simple pattern like polka dots or random triangles. As for the colours, pick different hues from the same family such as blues, greens or reds to jazz it up.

Neutral colour wall paint design - Beautiful Homes

9. Multi Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas #9: Vintage multi colour house paint

Vintage florals have a charm of their own and an excellent option for room multi colour. For a classic look with modern touch, add square or rectangular mouldings to your walls. These will fame the vintage, multi coloured floral wallpaper. Pull a colour from the wallpaper to cover the rest of the wall for a striking look.

Multi coloured walls living room - Beautiful Homes
Room multi colour - Beautiful Homes

10. Multi Colour Wall Paint Design Ideas #10: Rainbow all the way

You can never go wrong with the rainbow colours for multi-coloured home interiors. A pastel rainbow is a great addition to a nursery, whereas an earthy vintage one would look amazing in a study or living room. A rainbow mosaic backsplash can elevate the kitchen interiors instantly. This is an option that you can customise to truly fit your style and aesthetics.

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