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Murphy bed ideas for small bedrooms

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Sep 16, 2022
Wall mounted bed design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

With this compilation, learn the best ways to use the murphy bed to get the most out of small spaces

With apartment living on the rise, small bedrooms and studio apartments have become the norm. But as the living space changes, the approach to designing these spaces also must change.

To make the most of the small areas in your home, you have to get creative with design and storage and lean more towards multifunctionality. Think of rooms that combine workstations and sleeping areas, storage and guest room, etc.

Bed designs for small rooms take centre stage since they require the most floor space. Now you can opt for a small bed design such as the day bed or pull-out couches. But if you want to maximise the floor use and open up the room, a Murphy bed would be an excellent addition to a small bedroom interior design.


What is a murphy bed?

Also known as the wall, pull down or fold bed, in this bed design, the frame on either one of the lengths or widths is hinged to a wall. You can pull it down when you need to use it and otherwise fold it away into a cabinet.


The versatility it offers is truly brilliant. Like other beds, it is available in all standard sizes. You can also turn it into a multifunctional piece by adding shelving, sofa, desks, etc., to its design.



Murphy Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

1. Murphy Bed #1: Wall Mounted Bed

In many situations, the bedroom also functions as a study, exercise area, or office space. With a bed that folds into the wall, you can tuck it away to create a more professional setting and open up the floor space. This would work well not only in small bedrooms but also in studio apartments. A wall-mounted bed has better structural integrity as well.


2. Murphy Bed #2: Murphy Bed with Desk

When you don't have a lot of spare rooms, the guest room may have to serve as the office space. Even so, a regular bed in these spaces will take up unnecessary space, especially if it gets occasional use. A multifunctional piece such as a Murphy bed with a desk would be a great addition. When the bed is tucked away into the wall, the bottom or back facing the outside doubles up as a desk. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

3. Murphy Bed #3: Wall Bed with Sofa

When your living room or media room is also your guest room, there might not be enough space for both a couch and a bed. While pull-out beds are often the go-to option, they are notoriously uncomfortable to sleep on, especially if it is for the long term. And a regular sofa may not have enough space to sleep. A Murphy bed with a couch is a great alternative.


This is how a Murphy bed with a sofa works. When you want to pull out the bed, all you have to do is take off the cushions from the couch or flatten the back and then pull down the bed over it. You can also use the sofa cushions as a backrest for the bed.


A wall-mounted bed with a sofa is also a great option for studio apartments with no separate living room and bedroom.

Wall bed ideas with sofas for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

4. Murphy Bed #4: Cupboard Beds with Shelves

When tucked away, wall bed design or folding bed design can look pretty unimpressive. You can elevate the murphy bed design by adding shelves, bookcases or drawers to its flanks. This way, you can make it look like a chic media/storage unit instead of just a boring cupboard in the middle of a room. With the right finishes and design, you can turn a simple wall bed design into a gorgeous Murphy bed with storage.

Roll away beds looking like chest drawers for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

5. Murphy Bed #5: Roll Away Beds that Look Like a Chest of Drawers

In small rooms, cupboard beds can look quite imposing and take up precious vertical space. A clever solution to this problem is to opt for a fold away bed with a mattress that tucks away into a chest of drawers. With this murphy bed design, you can have an airy, open room. Due to its size and folding design, not all murphy beds of this kind can store a mattress. In cases where it only holds the bed frame, you will have to store the mattress separately.

6. Murphy Bed #6: Wall Mounted Bed with Wardrobe

When you live in small spaces, every inch of storage counts. With a Murphy bed with a wardrobe, you can meet all your needs with one design solution. Install shelves into the wall panel behind the bed for some added storage. Or you can add shelving to the back of the bed. Take advantage of the wardrobe-like murphy bed design and extend the cabinetry and shelves laterally. This way, you're taking up only one wall for your closet and bed, leaving ample space in the rest of the room.

7. Murphy Bed #7: Murphy Bed with Study Table

Whether in children's rooms or studio apartments, there may not be enough space for multiple furniture pieces. This is when a Murphy bed with a study table can come in handy. A sleeker alternative to a permanent desk that juts out from the back of the bed frame is an inset desk that you can pull out. This desk section is made up of panels that fold into the doors of the wall mounted murphy bed. You can incorporate this design into a wall mounted bed design or one that is a mobile unit. Depending on your requirements, you can customise this design for a double or single Murphy bed.


8. Murphy Bed #8: Bunk Wall Bed

When the kids have to share a small space, this ingenious Murphy bed design will give them their own nooks without taking over the entire room. Instead of one large bed, the design is tweaked to carry two narrower, horizontally placed bunks. Ladders will lead to the top bunk and act as a supporting structure.

Murphy bed ideas with study table for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Space Saving Wall Mounted Bed Solutions

1. Combine a guest bedroom into a home office/den.

The guest bedroom doesn't see a lot of use apart from when you have visitors. If you design it just right, the room can double up as your in-house office, den or hobbies room. To make the most of the space available to you, clever design solutions such as Murphy bed with couch, Murphy bed with storage or a desk.


2. Use a murphy wall bed to add an extra bed for child sleepovers.

Reserve a space for your children's besties in your home with a wall mounted murphy bed. With a wall mounted foldable bed, you save a ton of space that can be put to other use when the bed is put away. On the flip side, when the little ones have their guests, you don't need to worry about arranging bedding for them every time. You can also opt for a wall bed with a sofa for additional seating in the room.


3. Create a closet guest room with a space-saving wall mounted bed.

When you're working with smaller houses, you may not have the option of a dedicated guest room. This is when you can get creative with the "half rooms", such as walk-in closets, pantries, and sunrooms. Add a "cabinet" to your shelving to house a wall bed in these rooms. A single murphy bed might be a better option in narrower rooms. 


4. Add a Murphy Bed to a Finished Basement.

It's good to have some extra bedding on a rainy day. With a space saving bed or roll away bed, you are always ready to welcome your loved ones into your home. If you don't have a guest room, you can turn your basement into a multifunctional room with a space-saving wall mounted bed. Shifting your guest room to your basement will give your guests added privacy and quiet. Choose a Murphy bed with a sofa or a Murphy bed with a wardrobe to keep the space functional when you don't have anyone over.


5. Put a Murphy bed in your dining room so that it doubles as a guest bedroom/home office.

In apartments, you may have extra space around the kitchen / dining area but not an entire guest room. Take advantage of this space with a wall mounted folding bed. Opt for a wall mounted bed with a sofa or desk to make the most of it. Such multifunctional spaces will see use year-round. 


6. Opt for a Horizontal Murphy Bed instead of a vertical one.

You can't always fit a full-size murphy wall bed in small, narrow spaces. Instead of a vertical wall attached bed, opt for one mounted horizontally. It will take up much less floor space and much less wall space. Horizontal murphy beds work well in rooms with low ceilings as well and are a better option for kids and shorter people. 

Hanging wall bed for your studio apartment - Beautiful Homes

7. Hanging wall bed for studio apartments.

In a studio apartment or a small one, a wall mounted murphy bed too might take up the precious floor and vertical space. You can now opt for a modified version of the murphy bed that pulls up to the ceiling or tucks away into one. A ceiling bed is an excellent small bedroom bed option.



Murphy Bed Dimensions & Sizes

Murphy bed and all its variations are available in all the standard sizes. Since it is a cabinet bed, you need to consider the size of the cabinet and the bed. If you install it vertically, you must also account for the ceiling height and leave space for lights and fans.


Vertically mounted Murphy Bed

Mattress Size





Single/ Twin

82 - 87 inches

43 - 46 inches

18 - 21 inches

80 - 82 inches

Double/ Full

82 - 87 inches

57 -  61 inches

18 - 21 inches

80 - 82 inches


87 - 89 inches

64 -  68 inches

18 - 21 inches

85 - 87 inches


89 - 92 inches

84 - 86 inches

18 - 21 inches

85 - 87 inches


Horizontally mounted Murphy Bed

Mattress Size





Single/ Twin

45 - 48 inches

80 - 85 inches

16 - 20 inches

44 - 46 inches

Double/ Full

62 - 64 inches 

80 - 85 inches

16 - 20 inches

58 - 60 inches


68 - 70 inches

85 - 90 inches

16 - 20 inches

65 - 68 inches


68 - 70 inches 

85 - 90 inches

16 - 20 inches

78 - 80 inches



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