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Navratri decoration ideas for your home

  • Festive Interior Design
Sep 26, 2022
Traditional navratri home decoration ideas - Beautiful Homes

Deck up your home for Navaratri with these stunning décor ideas

Navratri, or the festival of nine nights, is celebrated twice per Hindu calendar— in the month of Chaitra and then in the month of Sharad. But it is during the latter that the whole country celebrates it with unparalleled enthusiasm.


This nine-day festival is dedicated to the goddess Durga and her various avatars as the defeater of the demon Mahishasur. It culminates in Vijayadashami or Dussehra, the day Lord Ram defeated Ravana.


 Navratri is celebrated in diverse ways across the country. In the north, you see theatre-like set-ups depicting ram-leela with the death of Ravana effigy on Dussehra as the climax. In the east, the festival is celebrated as Durga puja with lavish pandals on every block and magnificent aartis.


In the southern regions, the celebrations are marked by Kolu decorations. And in the west, particularly in Gujarat, people worship Garba pots as manifestations of the goddess. The celebrations peak with the folk dances Garba and dandiya at the end of each day.


We have compiled a few ideas for Navratri decoration that will reflect the joy and zeal this festival incites in us.

1. Navratri Home Decoration Ideas- Rich Colours

Vibrant hues are essential to festive occasions. Not only do they spread cheer, but most colours have auspicious symbolism. Each year, a list of colours is released for Navratri— one colour corresponding to the nine days of the festival. Use this list to up your game for Navratri decoration ideas at home. Change the linens, the rangoli, the flowers, etc., around the house according to the day's colour.


If you've been looking to redo your home décor, now might be the time. Warm, lively colours for the walls, new curtains, rugs, upholstery and other textiles, and bright lighting will all help bring rich colours to your interiors. You can also try incorporating kaleidoscopic artwork to enhance Navratri decoration ideas at home.

Traditional Navratri decoration ideas for Indian homes - Beautiful Homes
Navratri mandir decoration ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

2. Navratri Decoration Ideas- Grand Entrance for this Navratri

As you invite goddess Durga in her various forms into your home, you must ensure that the entrance is befitting. Start with colourful draperies framing the door. Or paint a border design all over the door frame. Bright, hand-painted bells and windchimes are other terrific options for Navratri decoration ideas for home. Introduce some greenery with plants by the door.


Or you can go the traditional route with lanterns, torans and rangolis. Lighting is key to making the entrance feel inviting. Fairy lights, LED diyas, tiny paper lanterns, etc., are excellent hazard-proof options. Go all out and create a grand entrance with a little bit of everything. Incorporate these décor ideas into Navratri mandir decoration ideas at home as well.

3. Simple Décor for Navratri

If extravagant Navratri decoration ideas for home are not for you, worry not. Here are a few low-key yet elegant ways to prepare your home for the festivities. Bright coloured cushion covers and curtains may seem like little changes but can make a massive difference to the overall interiors. Use sarees and dupattas for draperies at the doorways for simple Navratri decoration at home.


Keep the festive décor minimal with simple rangoli border designs at the entrance, the home mandir/ mandap, and the balcony. Line up these same spaces, and the window sills with earthen diyas for that traditional charm. Another simple Navratri decoration at home could be torans and garlands framing entryways and windows. Look up creative Navratri decoration at home images for some inspiration.

4. Mandap Decorations for Navratri

Mandaps or pandals house the goddess for the nine days of the festival, making it an integral part of the decorations. For an easy Navratri decoration at home, choose ready-made mandaps. These are available in various designs and sizes. Look up creative Navratri decoration at home images to figure out what you can DIY and where you may need help.


Alternatively, you can build a mandap with colourful draperies and use string lights to create an ethereal glow. Try something different this year with flower mandaps. Construct the same scaffolding, but instead of covering it up with fabric, opt for flowers. Incorporate these decorations into your Navratri mandir decoration ideas for striking results.


5. Navratri Decoration Ideas- Wall Art Decoration

Wall art is an excellent way to not only up your décor game and show off your creativity. Here are a few options you can try for creative Navratri decoration at home:

  • Bring in art depicting scenes from mythology showing goddess Durga's might.

  • Hand embroidered torans for that desi touch.
Navratri mandap decoration for the home - Beautiful Homes
  • Beaded torans with sacred motifs such as the Kalash, diyas, the goddess'' vehicle- the lion, etc., are creative Navratri decoration ideas at home.

  • Colourful hand-painted baskets make for gorgeous and easy Navratri decoration at home.



6. Fragrant Traditional Flowers for Navratri Decoration Ideas

Flowers remain indispensable in festive décor— rich hues, fragrance, and accessibility make them the go-to choice. All in all, flowers are not just visually appealing but can help you create the ambience you want.


Traditional flora such as marigolds, hibiscus, jasmines and mango leaves are used as offerings and decorations. Browse the internet for floral Navratri decoration at home images for different flower arrangements you can try.

From wreaths and garlands to rangolis and vertical flower beds, there are ample ways you can incorporate flowers into your Navratri decoration at home. With bouquets and bowls with floating flowers, you can spread the joy and festivities throughout your home. Incorporate flowers such as lilies, roses and gerberas for a truly kaleidoscopic Navratri decoration.



7. Navratri Rangoli

Rangolis are quintessential to Navratri mandir decoration and for home at large. There are many stunning design options- geometric dot patterns and sanskar bharti rangoli are classics. Mandala designs and flower rangolis can lend to intricate and colourful results. Look up rangoli Navratri decoration at home images for innovative designs. Representations of the goddess and everything associated with her also lend to stunning rangoli designs. Try these rangoli designs if you're looking for Navratri decoration ideas for the office or Navratri decoration ideas for society.

Include creative lighting for Navratri decoration - Beautiful Homes

8. Navratri Decoration Ideas- Designer Diyas & Lights

Sources of light are integral to Navratri decorations, for it is only with these that you can achieve the warm and graceful glow we associate with festivals. Make these illumination sources the focal point by opting for designer lamps and lights. Metal diyas, ones adorned with beads and crystals, bright hand-painted diyas, etc., will all add pzazz to your decorations. Intricate sconces, striking chandeliers, hanging samai, colourful vintage lanterns, etc., are great ways to up your lighting game this Navratri.

9. Garba pot & Dandiya for Navratri celebration

The garba pot is a representation of the goddesses and hence is generally brilliant-hued and bedazzled. You can do the Navratri Garba decoration yourself. Just get the earthen pot and supplies you need for it.


Make it a family affair by buying a bunch of pots to decorate. Keep one for worship and use the rest for Navratri themed decoration around the house. Get your home mandir ready for Navaratri with ghatasthapana decoration. Start with cleaning the space and setting up the stage and background.


For more Navratri themed decoration, incorporate dandiya decoration in your home. You can use decals and artworks, paint on the walls, and utilise the dandiya sticks for décor. Dandiya decoration is another great DIY creative Navratri decoration at home option to try.



10. DIY Crafts for Navratri Decoration

Flex your artistic skills with these DIY creative Navratri decorations at home. You can turn it into a family bonding activity and involve the children.

  • Get earthen diyas, paint them in bright or pearly hues, and add some patterns to finish it off.
  • You can do the same with Navratri Garba decoration. Opt for auspicious colours such as red, yellow, orange or green and bejewel it with cut mirrors, beads and laces.
  • Experiment with rangoli by using it in paintings.
  • Origami flowers can be stitched into garlands that you can use for background Navratri puja decoration at home.
  • You can use other origami creations, such as birds, butterflies, etc., for wall décor and also as background Navratri puja decoration at home.



11. Aarti Thali Decoration For Navratri

Decorating the paraphernalia for Navratri puja is just as crucial as Navratri decoration at home and Navratri mandap decoration. Here are some ideas for aarti thali decoration for Navratri:

  • Add a gota patti lace around the edge of the thali. It is a great way to introduce colour and texture to metal utensils.
  • Use flowers and petals for Navratri thali decoration. Arrange them neatly around diyas and prashad to enhance the look.
  • You can paint the thali base with the goddess' image, a representation of her feet, and so on.

12. Background Navratri Puja Decoration

For ghatasthapana decoration, Navratri mandir decoration at home and Navratri mandap decoration, getting the background decoration right is crucial.

  • For a simple Navratri decoration at home, use a bright-coloured saree for the backdrop. Pick lush fabrics such as silk and satin to get beautiful Navratri decoration photos.

  • You can create a flower wall for Navratri's background decoration. You can also set up a vertical garden for it.

  • String paper crafts together and hang them with fairy lights to create a stunning Navratri background decoration.
Background Navratri decoration for mandir or mandap decoration - Beautiful Homes
  • Peel and stick wallpapers and decals are excellent options for background Navratri puja decoration at home. Pick traditional vivid colours and patterns with Indian motifs.



13. Navratri Decoration Ideas at HomeKolu Decoration Ideas

Kolu or golu bommai is a traditional practice wherein miniature dolls are used to depict myths and stories from scriptures and often regular events such as weddings, market scenes, etc. There are plenty of kolu decoration ideas to explore. Kolu displays are creative Navratri decoration ideas at home. Set a theme or pick a story you like and get shopping. You may have to buy or make all the props such as trees, grass, pond, etc.


Start any kolu decoration ideas by setting up a padi or mounted steps to showcase the figurines. Once that is set up, the next step is Navratri board decoration and Navratri stage decoration. Cover the padi in rich fabrics and surround it with lights. It is time to set up the scene or the theme you have chosen for this year.


14. Navratri Decoration Themes

Navratri decoration themes will help you streamline all your Navratri decorations at home and make the prep easier. If this is something up your lane, consider these Navratri decoration themes:

Navratri decoration theme with snazzy vintage lanterns & lights - Beautiful Homes
  • An easy and simple Navratri decoration at home is colour-themed décor. Pick a colour palette and use it all across for your Navratri decoration at home. For example- green and blue, red, orange and yellow, etc.
  • You can also turn it into an eco-friendly Navratri by only choosing Navratri decoration items that are sustainable or biodegradable.
  • Make the Navratri decoration at home snazzy with sparkles and shimmers. Try colourful vintage lanterns, crystal chandeliers, a disco ball, LED lights, etc.
  • Take inspiration from the grand Vaishno Devi Navratri decoration and deck up the whole house— canopies, flowers, jhalars, Navratri light decorations, combine it all.

Navratri Mandir Decoration at Home-
A checklist

All the ideas we've listed above will work for mandir and Navratri puja decoration at home. Go through this checklist to ensure that you're not missing out on anything for home Navratri decoration:

  • Navratri thali decoration
  • Navratri kalash decoration
  • Navratri stage decoration
  • Navratri light decoration
  • Ghatasthapana decoration
  • Dandiya decoration
  • Navratri garba decoration



Tips for Navratri Decoration in Society or Office

Navratri celebrations aren't restricted to homes. In many regions, it is celebrated communally as well- grand pandals are everywhere. Suppose you want to expand the festivities this year. In that case, you may be looking for Navratri decoration ideas for the office and Navratri decoration ideas for society. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Since these may be on a larger scale than Navratri puja decoration at home, you must begin preparations well in advance. Make a list of Navratri decoration items you need, and get everyone to pitch in whatever capacity they can for Navratri special decoration.
  • Embellish the entrances with garlands, rangoli and diyas.
  • Set up Navratri board decoration at the entrance. You can use Navratri decoration photos, Vaishno Devi Navratri decoration pictures, or artwork of sacred and traditional motifs.
  • Create a mandap to house the goddess. Per Vastu, it should preferably be in the northeast corner and shouldn't be south-facing.
Floral Navratri decoration theme for the home or office - Beautiful Homes
  • Earthen pots, diyas, and classic bronze lamps are great additions to Navratri decoration.


  • You will also have to prepare for Navratri puja decoration. It would include Navratri thali decorationNavratri Kalash decoration, etc.



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