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Mar 01, 2023
Open wardrobe design for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Here is your ultimate stylish guide to display your clothes and signature collections

Gone are the days when people cared only about the exterior outlook of the home. With the creativity spike and passion to make comfort meet premium design quality, interior design, and decor are things that people have started thinking about judiciously with the urge to bring the best to their homes. Lately, open wardrobe designs are one such thing that has become popular for both their practical and aesthetic appeal. By breaking the concept of traditional wardrobes that are fully enclosed, open wardrobe designs feature exposed storage solutions, often consisting of shelves, racks, and hanging rods. These open wardrobe designs allow you to display your clothing and accessories as part of your room's decor, making it easier to access and organize your items. If you wish to bring that chic and sleek elegance to your bedroom's interior, then here is your fruitful guide and hack to incorporate amazing open wardrobe designs into your interior space.


Open Wardrobe Design Ideas

1. Keep it Tidy

First things first, open wardrobe ideas are a brilliant way to showcase your collections and signature styles, but it also comes with the added responsibility of keeping it neat and clean. Open wardrobes are just stunning in all ways when curated and maintained with care. Be it a modern open wardrobe shelf, wooden open wardrobe shelf, or white open wardrobe, keeping the articles tidy is the first basic rule towards maintaining it amazing in the longer run. Also, while looking out for open wardrobe design ideas, the placement of your items plays a cardinal role in achieving a chic and clean look. The lesser used and bulkier items need to be kept behind and the commonly used items towards the front and arranging things as per the colour tones bring in extra appealing aesthetics to your interior.


2. Shelve Out an Alcove

Shelving out an alcove might seem to be a little out of place at first thought, but not when you invest your thoughts into the same. This open wardrobe design idea for your closet is one of the most easily doable and DIY ideas. This easily carvable structure can be kept classy and neat when you design it aesthetically and arrange things in proper order by keeping both colour theory and size proportions in mind. The charm and the look of this type of open wardrobe design completely rely on the neatness and the alignment maintained in terms of sizes and order.

3. Invest in Stylish Rails

Investing in rails is always a good idea as its stays for longer periods and you can even use that as interior decor with creativity taking a front seat. The cloth rails serve more than the purpose when it comes to open closet designs and ideas. It further adds a statement and definition to your interior as it can effortlessly pull off a classy and chic design feature in your room. Stylish rails had always been an affordable and popular choice when it comes to elegant and modern open wardrobe design ideas for your bedroom.

Stylish rails for open wardrobe for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Shoe space for open wardrobe design for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

4. Allocate Shoe Space

A neatly arranged shoe rack is always plus one! When we say shoe space, it includes your pin-points to flats, sliders, and every other footwear. Neatly pulled-off shoe storage is indeed a stunning show in interior decor elements, and not to say anymore when it comes to open wardrobe design ideas. A modern open closet idea is considered incomplete without mentioning the shoe rack space where you could just flaunt your style statement. It further keeps things tidy and helps both in maximizing the storage space and also allow easy access.

5. Don’t Overcrowd

Liking the concept of open wardrobe ideas automatically needs to rise with avoiding all the provisions of over-crowding. Over-crowding with dresses and other accessories simply just kills the charm and beauty of open-shelf wardrobe design and thereby makes all your efforts go in vain. Choosing the size and location of an open unit plays a vital role not just in setting the aesthetics of your home but also in storage efficiency. Understanding the possibilities and choosing the right elements counts as another important aspect to note while planning for a wardrobe with an open shelf.

Walk in open closet for your bedroom design - Beautiful Homes
Stylish open wardrobe designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

6. Make it Walk-in

A walk-in wardrobe seems and sounds so fancy and uneasy to approach, but here we are to bust the myth for you. Walk-in wardrobes are much easier to incorporate into your bedrooms than you think and it saves more space and maximizes storage capacity. Isn't that an ideal brownie point?

To add on, walk-in wardrobe forces you to keep the place more organized, and tidy. Overall this open wardrobe design idea for your bedroom makes the whole concept of dressing up an even more relaxing experience.

7. Add Curtains

One must accept the fact that open closet designs come with the added responsibility of keeping things always clean. Well, sometimes it's okay to choose the shortcut and make it look neat. Curtains are your handy hack cum trick to help you out once in a while to pull off a neat outlook for your open wardrobe shelf design. There are times when you are extremely busy and don't really have the time to arrange things properly other than to leave things as it is. The same is the case with a kid's bedroom, it's pretty much chaotic and hard to keep things tidy and clean 24x7. This is exactly when a curtain turns out to be your reliable friend in need.


8. Pimp it Up

Stylish rails and additional decor articles are always a plus for your modern open wardrobe design. But why don't you go a little further and move ahead to make the open wardrobe design look all classy and chic when you can do so in no time? Yes, extra lightings and fittings can efficiently elevate the overall open wardrobe design and interior outlook game a notch higher. Pimp it up the right way and let's showcase it!

9. Close it Away

Why not keep it closed when you are bored of the open wardrobe sight?


An open wardrobe design is definitely a game changer, but there is never any harm in closing it in an equally aesthetic way, in fact, it further enhances the look. With creativity and practical knowledge, be it a shutter, a sliding door, or even a partial hinge back, the purpose can be met with aesthetic fruition.

Open wardrobe with half closed door for your home - Beautiful Homes

10. Harness Every Opportunity

There's never a thing like excess storage and so making use of every other possible thing is the deal here. A second close look at your bedroom's interior and storage efficiency can lead you to discover new areas for storage and it can also potentially contribute to the overall beauty of your open wardrobe design. Be it the dead space above carved-out shelves or the little corner that is being left untouched.


Well, after all, possibilities are wide and possibilities are everywhere.


Open wardrobes are versatile and can be incorporated into any style of interior design. If you are still unsure of the design and wish to have professional guidance, worry not as we are here to help you out.


Our commitment to creating personalized designs that reflect unique needs and preferences is all that you need to bring even the most ambitious design visions to life. With our team of experienced professionals, innovative design concepts, and exceptional customer service, Beautiful Homes are your friendly interior partner. For more information, services, and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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