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A comprehensive guide to help you choose the best parquet flooring

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Jan 09, 2023
Modern parquet wood flooring for the master bedroom - Beautiful Homes

In this guide we explore the pros and cons, types, colours and patterns of parquet flooring to help you pick the right kind for your homes

It comes as no surprise that your flooring can completely alter the interior design of your home. Choosing the right material, colour, texture and pattern from the vast array of flooring options can be quite confusing. The look and feel of the flooring is very important but you also need to weigh the aesthetics against factors like functionality, cost and durability. One option widely available is wooden tiles flooring which adds a lot of warmth and elegance to your living and private spaces. With wooden flooring, the slats are available in different lengths and thicknesses. The longer ones are used to create a simple running pattern while small strips or planks are used to create a myriad of designs for parquet flooring.


What is Parquet Flooring?

Employed to create a decorative effect for the floor, parquet flooring is a types of flooring designs  that is composed of smaller wooden strips or slats arranged to create geometric patterns. Made from either solid or engineered wood, parquet wood flooring usually includes geometric and angular patterns consisting of squares, triangles and diamond shapes. These patterns are laid in repeating tessellations and created using an interlocking system. Modern parquet flooring, usually made from engineered wood (also referred to as engineered parquet flooring) with a top layer of solid wood veneer, is usually installed as parquet flooring tiles rather than one piece at a time. These parquet tiles are made of the wooden pieces bonded together by a backing material in the required patterns. Then they are installed by nailing, stapling or gluing the tiles/slats to the subfloor.


Why Choose Parquet Designs for your Flooring?

The reasons to go in for modern parquet flooring are essentially the advantages to installing this type of flooring in your home. To start with, parquet designs are timeless and have the versatility to work well in any décor style. The parquet flooring strips or parquet tiles are available in a huge range of colours, textures, stains and parquet finishing which give one a lot to choose from. Engineered parquet flooring looks as good as solid wood but at a fraction of the cost. It is also a more durable option to laminate flooring. It is also easier to repair as you can easily replace the damaged tiles or planks without needing to dismantle a large area of the flooring. It is also easy to sand and reseal or repolish the flooring to extend its life. Parquet flooring tiles are also relatively easy to install on top of a level subfloor. While these advantages make parquet flooring a wonderful choice for your homes, later in this guide we explore the cons to give you a deeper understanding of whether this is right for you. 


Different Types of Parquet Floors

As we previously touched upon, parquet flooring can be made from solid pieces of timber which has all the benefits and disadvantages of hardwood flooring. They can also be made from engineered wood topped by a hardwood veneer which lowers the cost and maintenance considerably. There are also different parquet finishing to consider. Unfinished wood parquet floors aren’t recommended as they can get stained quite easily. Other finishes include brushed, brushed and lacquered, brushed and oiled, lacquered, natural oil, UV oil, etc. You can also pick from different colours including the most common ones like dark brown, light brown, dark oak, black parquet and grey parquet flooring as well as lighter shades and white-washed parquet designs. Oak parquet flooring is a great option if you prefer a traditional look and feel to your home. Black parquet adds drama to a space and can be quite edgy but be cautious about using it in a small room. Maple parquet has a soft honey colour that lends well to a variety of décor styles though it looks great when you want to add a touch of softness to a rustic décor. Pine parquet flooring lends an earthy warmth to a space and is great to add a touch of natural warmth to modern or minimal décor.



Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing Modern Parquet Flooring

With so many options available, you need to keep a budget in mind before embarking on choosing factors like materials, colours, parquet finishing and parquet patterns.

1. Choosing the Ideal Parquet Flooring Material

Solid hardwood parquet flooring is the best quality but expensive and high on maintenance.  However, these are better suited for homes with children or pets as they are very durable. Engineered parquet flooring can impart the same look as hardwood at a fraction of the cost. It is also easier to maintain. Parquet laminate flooring is another cheaper alternative but isn’t as durable as the first two. They are prone to scratches and wear and tear but provide a softer feel underfoot. Also consider whether your home experiences high levels of moisture and humidity which will affect your material choice.

Parquet laminate flooring for the dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixabay/ Pexels

Black parquet flooring for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

2. Picking the Right Colour for your Parquet Designs

With everything from light to dark wood, grey parquet flooring, black parquet and white washed parquet blocks, the colour you choose will drastically affect the appearance of the space. Keep in mind factors like the size of the room, furniture colour and style, how much natural light it receives, the kind of artificial light installed and obviously your personal style and colour scheme of the room. Smaller and darker rooms might do better with a light-coloured flooring while brightly lit rooms or bigger spaces can take on darker flooring.

3. Find Out which Parquet Flooring Patterns Look Best

Some of the most popular parquet flooring patterns include square, single and double basket weave, herringbone, chevron, brick, Chantilly, Bordeaux and Versailles. Some patterns can even create the illusion of three-dimensional designs by using light and dark stained pieces. This adds an interesting visual layer to your home interior design.

Parquet flooring pattern in a luxury bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

Parquet floor cleaning techniques - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

A Few Tips to Clean and Take Care of your Parquet Wood Flooring

  • Make sure your parquet flooring comes with a warranty. 

  • Clean up spills, especially liquids, immediately as nothing damages wooden flooring more than moisture.

  • In that vein, don’t mop your wood parquet floors every day; once a week is plenty if you absolutely have to. Make sure to dry the floors completely.

  • Don’t use regular floor cleaners, they might be to abrasive. Rather choose one that is specially formulated for wood flooring.
  • Vacuuming or wiping with a dry mop/cloth will help with long term maintenance.

  • Be careful while shifting furniture around to avoid scratching the floors. Place felt pads on furniture legs to minimize wear and tear.

  • Be mindful of direct sunlight hitting the parquet flooring; it will discolour over a period of time.

  • If your parquet flooring starts to look lack lustre, consider getting it professionally sanded and refinished.

Disadvantages of Parquet Flooring

Earlier in this guide we explored the advantages of parquet flooring, however, here are a few factors to keep in mind as well before choosing.

  • Solid hardwood parquet flooring is expensive.

  • No matter how careful you are, parquet flooring can and will get scratched over time with use especially in areas with heavy foot traffic and homes with young children and/or pets.

  • It is susceptible to discolouration in areas that get direct sunlight throughout the day.
Parquet pattern flooring for the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

  • You have to be very careful of moisture.

  • The subfloor has to be perfectly level which might require a tedious process before installing the parquet flooring tiles.

  • Refinishing is a must so factor that into your overall cost.

  • While different parquet flooring materials are treated to be moisture resistant, they might not be the best option for humid and tropical climates.

  • Parquet flooring requires careful maintenance.
Modern parquet wood flooring for the master bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Overall, parquet flooring is a great choice when it comes to both aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the pros and cons will help you choose what works best for you.  However, if you are still unsure about how to pick the ideal parquet flooring patterns or parquet tiles, reach out to the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints. We can help with modern parquet flooring ideas and the panel of experts will help guide the design process to craft a home that feels like an extension of you. They will work out every detail to make the process of home interior design easy, enjoyable and hassle-free. You will get the benefit of a panel of designers, seasoned contractors as well as a dedicated project manager to work out each step of the way. 

You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retail stores in various cities for an exceptional range of furniture, lighting, home décor, accessories and wallpapers for home.




1. Is Parquet Flooring a Good Idea?

In most cases, parquet flooring tiles are a great option. They add a soft warmth to the décor and the parquet patterns can completely uplift the space. The main case where parquet flooring might not work is in humid climates.

Parquet wood flooring for the study room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Asian Paints

Parquet tile pattern flooring for this room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Azure Interiors

2. Is Parquet Flooring High Maintenance?

With regular maintenance, you need to keep in mind that you can’t wet mop parquet flooring every day like you would other flooring materials. Sweeping, dry wiping and vacuuming are easy ways to keep the floor clean. If you have to clean up stains, you need to use a cleaner specially formulated for wood floors. What you need to consider is the need to professionally sand, reseal and varnish the floors to extend the shelf life.

3. Is Parquet Flooring Waterproof?

The short answer is, no. Regular sealing will make it moisture resistant but not waterproof. Humidity, liquid spills left for a long time and excessive moisture can make the parquet flooring warp or bulge over time.

Parquet finish pattern for this master bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

Parquet wood flooring for the bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

4. Can Wood Parquet Flooring be Installed in Bathrooms?

Bathrooms experience high moisture levels so it might not be the best idea to go in for solid hardwood parquet flooring. If you are still keen, engineered parquet flooring would be a better option but you need to make sure that the wet area of the bathroom (like the shower) is completely sealed as in the image. Make sure your bathroom is also extremely well ventilated so the parquet flooring isn’t as affected by steam. We suggest using wood parquet in the dry areas only and pair it with more suitable flooring material for the wet areas. This flooring will require a high level or care and maintenance if you are using it in the bathroom; it will also require more frequent sealing.

5. What is the Best Finish for Parquet Flooring?

Wood parquet finishing can be done with oil-based and wax-based sealants. The first thing to remember, whatever finishes or sealants you use requires a smooth sanding before application. The finish depends on your preference, however the most popular one is a matt lacquer or a matt finish which lends a more natural elegance to the look of the flooring. A matt lacquer is more resistant to small damages like regular wear and tear than an oil or wax finish. 

Parquet flooring with matte laquer finish for regular use - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

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