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How to use a pastel color palette in your home

  • Pastel Colours
Jul 10, 2022
Color Ideas For The Wall In Your House - Beautiful Homes

You may think that pastels only work in nurseries and little girl’s rooms, but the truth is, that when done right, pastel shades can be the perfect way to add gentle luxury and a high-end feel to any space. Want to know how to use this latest trend of pastel tones in your home? Read On!

Once merely considered a staple of delicate floral wallpaper prints or a feminine visual aesthetic, pastel color palette interiors are now being given a contemporary update. The use of a pastel color in rustic and farmhouse chic homes is gaining popularity! Modern Scandinavian inspired interiors have embraced pastel color room décor, replacing starker blacks and monochrome with softer colors, to create a brighter, happier minimalist style.


From upbeat tropical pastel themes to softly welcoming waterfront tones, let’s explore a few ways you can update your use of pastel colors – for home décor styles that are both cheerful and chic.

What Does ‘Pastel Color’ Mean?

Are you wondering what makes any specific color a part of the pastel color palette, or how exactly ‘pastel’ is defined? Well, a pastel color is one where the hue has sufficient white mixed into it to make it appear soft and luminous. Technically the tints of a hue, pastel shades retain the original integrity of the base color while featuring a high level of lightness and low saturation.


Why Choose Pastels & Pastel Paint Colors?

While pastel shades might not pack as much of a punch as hues with a higher saturation, since they come in every tone of the rainbow, when using a pastel color, interior design schemes can still elicit any emotion or style that you wish. 

Pastel Color Ideas For Your Home Interiors - Beautiful Homes

For bolder, warm toned pastel colors, wall paint matched with pops of the shade sprinkled throughout your décor can add a feeling of lively vitality to the room without being overpowering. While calmer, cool or nature inspired shades are a simple yet elegant way to craft a relaxing sanctuary within any room. Essentially, with the use of paint in a pastel color, house interior design plans have all the advantages of more intense shades but with the added perk of creating a space that can evoke a calm yet happy energy, or establish an oasis of chic sophistication.


Incorporating Pastel Shades Into Your Home

Pastel green color ideas for your home interior - Beautiful Homes

1. Add A Pop Of Pastel Color To A Room

Introducing a pastel scheme into your home does not only mean choosing pastel paint colors for your walls. In an otherwise neutral space, you can pick pastel shades for accessories and other décor such as wall art. Soft furnishings, like comfy cushions, fluffy throws or gauzy curtains are another great way to add pastels. Enhance your pastel color palette with vases, indoor plant pots, and table lamps. Or add a display of pastel tea-pots, mugs, and other kitschy things in pastel tones.


2. Dining In Pastel Shades

Out with austere monochrome – it’s time to embrace sorbet shades for a soothing dining experience. A pastel color interior design scheme is beautifully suited to dining spaces, as they appear light filled and welcoming. An easy way to adopt this look is to opt for ceramics that fit your pastel color scheme, or cutlery with pastel handles. Another simple way to add pastel colors for home furnishings is to give tables or chairs a quick coat of paint to fit your desired theme.

3. Creating A Pastel-on-Pastel Color Combination

One of the advantages of decorating with a pastel color combination is that the low saturation makes them adaptable. The soft white undertone means that they layer well for an interesting tonal effect. If you are exploring a pastel color combination for living room décor you might pick a creamy yellow, paired with mint and pale blue for a breezy natural effect. That said, if you wish to layer your colors for a more homogenous pastel color combination, consider the undertone of the original hue.


4. Outdoor Ideas That Use A Pastel Color Scheme

A fun area in which to try out a pastel color scheme is in an outdoor or semi-outdoor space. Paint a statement wall white, with some exposed brick picked out in a pastel color. Ice cream parlor style awnings in a pastel color combination or single pastel shade are a whimsical yet practical addition. Enhance the overall look with outdoor furniture in pastel hues and pastel color room décor, such as pots and planters.

5. Wood Finishes That Match Your Pastel Color Scheme

The flexibility of pastel colors is that they mix well with a variety of wood and natural material tones. With lighter-colored woods such as white oak, bamboo or light maple, your pastel color room design scheme could use apricot, peach or rose to warm the space. On the other hand if your wood is dark, pastel colors in shades of yellow, blue, or green will add lightness and create a nice contrast. When choosing pastel colors, wall paint needs to consider the tones and undertones of your wooden floors or furnishings.

Wooden finishes that match your pastel wall colors - Beautiful Homes


Peaceful Spaces : A Mood Setting Pastel Color Palette

1. Tranquil Tones : Using a Warm Pastel Color like Pink

Shades such as pastel pink, lemon yellow and apricot help create a friendly and warm, yet tranquil effect, which is often ideal for family rooms and bedrooms as it makes the space more welcoming. As we’ve already covered, the advantages to a pastel color room is that there is a balance between looking unique and interesting, without overpowering the eye with color. Using warm pastel bedroom paint colors encourages relaxation but helps stamp the space with your own personality and style sense.


2. Halcyon Hues : Using a Nature Inspired Pastel Color like Lavender

The aroma of lavender flowers is well known to be soothing to the senses, relaxing to both body and mind, and (possibly due to association) a pastel lavender color can have a similar effect. The current trend of nature inspired prints and nature toned colors being used in home interiors extends to pastel color shades. To create a fresh, outdoor feel within your home, incorporate such nature themed pastel colors for living room and family spaces that see frequent use.


Soothing pastel shades for your home interior - Beautiful Homes

3. Soothing Shades : Using a Cool Pastel Color like Blue

An ideal pastel color for bedroom interiors, blue and gray are soothing and neutral making them easy to pair it with other colors. If you prefer a warmer tone, pastel color shades of beige and peach can add to the cozy vibe of a snug bedroom. And in a more sophisticated look, a cloudy blue pastel color or a dusky iris can seem more grown up than a baby blue or lilac color.


Using Pastel Shades In Different Areas Of The House


●    Pastel Shades in the Living Room –

Use neutral shades mixed with pops of pastel as statement pieces.


○    Example : when using pastel colors for living room spaces in the modern minimalist style, bigger furniture and large carpets or drapes could be in natural tones like beige/cream or cane/beach, but offset this with a skinny-legged sofa in sage green or powder blue.

●    Pastel Shades in the Bedroom –

A statement wall or section of wall in a pastel tone lets you up the relaxation in the room while also adding interest and personality.


○    Example : Build your own bedroom bower with a recessed alcove at the head of the bed; paint the alcove interiors in a soothing pastel shade. This is a great way to incorporate a pastel color for bedroom spaces as the false wall used for the alcove can also be used for shelving/storage around the bed.

Pastel color for your children's room interior walls - Beautiful Homes

●    Pastel Shades in the Kitchen –

Blend natural tones to make your kitchen a more welcoming, brighter space.

○    Example :
 If your kitchen is too dark, pastel colors like rose, lemon or mint can be used to lighten up the space. Today, modular kitchens are available in pastel finishes; use the pastel shade for your overhead cabinets and a wood finish for the base cabinets for a unique effect; walls can be kept to a neutral cream. You could also pick out a pattern in your backsplash in pastels or include pops of color as herb planters, etc.

●    Pastel Shades in Children’s Rooms –

Define spaces with different uses with different color schemes.


○    Example : Children’s rooms are used for play, study and sleep. Demarcating various areas of the room using color can help define those spaces as creative play area (bright paint colors), concentrated study area (neutral paint colors) and relaxed sleep area (pastel paint colors); use a single color transitioning from one space to the other in various hues to keep the space looking harmonious.


So, are you ready to create the perfect pastel color palette for the interior design of your home? We hope this article has given you plenty of ideas! If you’re looking for assistance in adding those pastels hues to every room, then we’re here to help.


Here at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, we partner with you to craft the home of your dreams – from making those first design decisions to delivering the ideal final outcome, we’re there for you, every step of the way! We even make it easier for you to source the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles with our curated collection. So, if you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven, and live in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, now’s a good time to get in touch with our team.

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