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Pink colour combination for bedroom walls

  • Colour Combinations
Jan 17, 2022
Pink colour combinations for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes


Before you begin choosing paint colour combinations for the bedroom, it’s essential to understand which colours work best together and why pink colour combinations are a popular choice

As we delve deeper into the world of bedroom interior design, the one thing that we often look for is new ways in which we can express our personal style within our bedroom sanctuary. One colour that has recently become extremely popular is pink. Gone are the days when pink was relegated to children's rooms or seen as overly feminine. Among other things, it is pink that is termed as versatile, for it pairs harmoniously with a whole array of colours to create a room that can be calming, energized, or sophisticated. In this blog, we will find the best pair of pink two-colour combinations for the bedroom walls that can turn your space into a beautiful backdrop, reflecting your personal style and individuality. If you are a minimalist at heart, a lover of vintage things, or a lover of bold aesthetics: there's a pink colour combination just for you. So, let's delve in and paint the picture of your perfect dream bedroom.

Best Pink Two Colour Combination ideas for your Bedroom Walls

1. Combining Bubblegum Pink with Earthy Tones

Certainly, few pinks can risk being overly childish—not that there's anything wrong with liking a fierce pink colour bedroom, but you can easily make it carry a more mature vibe by combining pinks with earthy tones.


In the bedroom, the walls and the iconic furniture turn the room into a fun, whimsical space, and it really makes the deeper rusts of the curtains, or carpet, tone down so that the bold pink becomes somewhat more sophisticated and chicer. Dark wooden furniture also helps to tone down the contrast with the overall pink-coloured combination in the room.

Bubblegum pink colour with earthy tones for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

2. Pairing Soft Pinks and Greens for Bedroom Interiors

If you are someone with the thought of a muted palette for bedroom enhancement, then a pastel mix of both pinks and greens can do the trick. You can add accent pieces, such as a bright carpet or wall piece, to liven up the colour palette.

Pair Soft pinks & greens for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ninoon/ shutterstock

If you are decorating a room with very limited dimensions and wish to create a breezy look, pale pink and green, soft stripes with loads of white on woodwork, painted white floorboards can help. Keeping the tones muted and easy, or using washed-out colours, helps bring in the calmness into the aura of a bedroom. You can also use soft pink with pale green fabrics and accents on the walls to make a beautiful yet refreshing look in a very minimal area.


You can also try pairing purple two colour combination for bedroom walls those contrasts well in combination with pink colour.

3. Give Pink and Gold a Chance as the Best Bedroom Colours

Rose hue pink and mellow gold create a very sophisticated combination, which could make the bedroom look so refined. A patterned gold wall layout is an excellent option for a simple plain wall; it could even be just an accent wall. Create the room especially in powder pink colour. Present gold in little elements to bring luxury and grace. Apart from the wall paint, you can use rose gold or matte gold charm lights, candle holders or photo frames to give that hint of gold to your bedroom.

4. Pair Flattering Tones of Grey to the Dreamy Pink

The combination of pastel pinks and swarthy greys is a sensitive combination and is one of the popular bedroom colour combinations. The soft hue of pink against a grey backdrop signals a relaxing feeling. One can accessorise with light shades or furniture which has recently made a comeback.


In such a two colour combination for bedroom walls, it makes no difference which shade of grey you choose whether it's a light or dark shade. Painting your bedroom in this thoughtful pink and grey blend is an amazing combination.

Pink & gold combinations for your bedroom interior walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, karamysh/ shutterstock


5. Combine Dusky Pinks with Deeper Shades of Plum and Blue

Give a dark twist to an  interior design of a sweet pink bedroom by bringing in profound plum shades and rich blue. This pink colour combination of light and dark shades creates a whimsical team and is known to make things deep and emotional. However, the plum hue ensures that dim and gloomy feelings are kept at bay. Fancy accents and lighting can also be brought in to help boost the space to something more elegant and graceful.



6. Pairing Pink and Teal for a Dreamy Bedroom

Want a bright pop in your bedroom? Try pairing pink and teal together. Both these bedroom colours are bold in their own respective ways but have a flair to balance each other out in a most pleasing manner though. Provided they are remarkably bright, you can paint any walls in a solid shade of either, and the outcome will be of a vital and fresh space to come home to.


7. Yellow and Rosy Pink Hue Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

If you feel that pink colour for walls is meant only for kids' and girls' rooms, then perhaps you need to rethink your concepts. A yellow combination with pink colour for bedroom can be used tastefully even for adult bedrooms. Pick more robust and deeper hues of pink for bedroom wall colours. You can further temper the bright pink walls with orange two colour combination for bedroom walls for a soothing effect. Pale pink and mustard walls can enrich the house interiors.


8. White and Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

A classic yet evergreen choice - the combination of white and pink brings a fresh and serene ambiance to your bedroom. A vibrant composition could be attained with the innocence of white balanced on the other side by a bright pink colour. You could either alternate walls with these two colours or do one wall in textured pink and then keep the rest in pristine white. Add white bedding and furniture to this basic minimalist look, or introduce metallic accents for added glamour. This can become a perfect colour combination for romance, serenity, and chic decor style admirers.  


9. Red and Matching Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

The combination of red and pink will create a bold, lively feel for adventurous souls. These two colours, from the warm severity of both, can result in an engaging and passionate palette. Consider using a more subtle or pastel pink with a vibrant red to prevent the colours from overwhelming the room. You may also want to install red on one wall or in the accessories as an accent colour to keep balance. This combo is just right to serve a bold and dynamic room.   


10. Orange and Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Combining orange and pink is just going to create a playful and lively time in a bedroom. These colours seem almost naturally bright and cheery yet make for a very nice, warm palette for any room. To achieve this, try a softened or earthier orange with a very soft pink for balance. To get a bit more of a tropical feel, look for bright orange mixed with hot pink. Introducing orange bedding or furniture against pink walls can be dramatic. Such a scheme will work for people who want a bright and cheerful bedroom.


11. Ombre Pink Color Combination for Wall

The ombre effect is a captivating way to put a tastefully blended colour scheme into the bedroom ambiance. This shade of deep pink starts at the bottom of your design and gets lighter toward the top, much like the hues of a peaceful sunset. With a dreamy feel, this aesthetic is unique and gives walls much depth and interest in a home. So, pair this up with some minimalist furniture and soft lights to bask in the full glory of the soothing gradient effect.


12. Pink Color Combination for Wall - Paint It All Pink

Paint all the walls of the bedroom in the same colour, pink, to unlock its other possibilities. This will create an energetic and feminine room with warm and airy feelings. You can then take one of two further courses: either balance it with furnishing and accessorizing using neutrals and whites, or even use different tones of pink to create character and depth in the room.


13. Gorgeous Wooden Flooring & Pink Color Combination For Wall

The natural beauty of the wooden flooring and the soft charm of pink coloured walls are truly a beautiful combination that create a sophisticated space. The warm, earthy tones of the wood provide the perfect balance to the soft pink hue, which creates a colour-texture balance of the best kind. The plush rugs and textiles add to one's comfort factor, making this bedroom both stylish and cozy.


14. Pink Color Combination For Wall With Marble Floors

If you wish for a luxurious ambiance in your bedroom, think of pink walls with marble flooring. The glossy, reflective surface of the marble laminates amazingly well with the matte pink finished wall. Modern and chic in appearance, yet this combination itself gives off an air of opulence. Plush fabrics and added metallic accents complete this luxurious look.


15. Burgundy & Pink Color Combination For Wall

Anyone who loves daring and dramatic colours can try burgundy with pink for a very nice combination. The deep, rich tones of burgundy beautifully contrast with the light, softness of pink, hence creating a bedroom decor that is striking and romantic. This colour combination will make for a statement space and speak volumes about your daring sense of style. This can be complemented best with classy furniture and sophisticated lighting to develop the most impressive bedroom atmosphere.


Impact of Pink Colour in a Bedroom

Pink is one of those colours that have a calming effect on a human being, dissolving any aggression or anger developing peaceful energy within the bedroom. 


They evoke different feelings: pale pinks are almost always soothing, whereas bright, vibrant pinks can be exciting, or even overstimulating.


Pink is a colour that speaks to caring, compassion, passion, and love. Deeper shades may have an amplifying effect on feelings of togetherness and intimacy, making it a great choice for couples.


According to how much natural light the space receives, one can blend in various shades of pink as well. Rooms with less natural light space can easily handle brighter pinks while the opposite is true for light, soft, and subdued pinks. 


Pink improves the creative and imaginative energy flow, adding another layer of personal appeal to the bedroom space.


Although pink was mostly tagged as the colour of femininity, the truth today is this colour is chic, contemporary and can be made to look suitable for any bedroom, for both genders.


Pink is related to flowers and nature, and hence brings softness and calmness into the room. 

Significance of pink colour combination for bedroom, according to Vastu

Pink is a favorite colour for bedrooms, according to Vastu Shastra. It is the colour of hope and helps in lightening anxiety in an individual. Anything in a pink colour will work well in creating a peaceful atmosphere in a bedroom.


Pink is not only a tranquil colour, but it also indicates love, happiness, being intimate, and it brings forth creativity. These properties enhance the general energy in the bedroom.


Besides, pink is believed to add some type of positivity or positive energy to space. Hence, it is perfect for anyone intending to add some vibrance and an uplifting ambiance to the bedroom.


According to Vastu, pink is one of the most suitable bedroom colours for newlyweds. The colour signifies a bond that encourages harmony and attachment in the relationship.


Pink combines extremely well with white. This combination would result in the strengthening of feelings of affection and love. Since Vastu also prefers white as a colour due to its feelings of peace and purity, pink along with white can combine to create an extremely harmonious and calm colour scheme that brings about well-being within the family. 


Which is the Best Pink Combination Colour for a Bedroom?

So, the best matching pink two-colour combinations for bedroom walls are unlimited in number. There are a few multiple shades so you will invariably find one that will function optimally in a pair-up. Still, the most trending colour pair-ups with pink are plum and pink and teal and pink.


Though if you are someone who wants a subtle pink combination colour for a bedroom, grey and pink always work the best - sophisticated, never out of trend, and can be tailored in every style, be it any. Try the soft grey with bloomed pinks for pacifying and modest or go fierce with the dark charcoal to have the soft pink pop out.


1. What colour accessories work best in a pink two-tone bedroom?

Anything beige, cream, or white looks nice with the pink in the two-toned pink bedroom. Metallic is also fantastic—gold and silver to add a touch of elegance. Accessories in black and navy are colours to choose from if you want a dramatic contrast. Even pastel shades like light blue and mint green blend wonderfully with pink.


2. Can I use pink with other bright colours for a vibrant look?

Sure! Pink colour schemes are doable with plenty of other bright colours to make the room lively and festive. Combine the shade of coral pink with bright yellow, turquoise—or even coral itself, for that matter—to make a perfect fit that can never let you down? However, such strong colours should be balanced within your interior with some neutral details to avoid overwhelming the space.


3. What are the few shades of green that go well with pink in the bedroom?

There are numerous shades of green that coordinate perfectly in a colour scheme with pink for a fresh, calming bedroom. Mint green is a pastel, offering a soft, soothing ambiance along with pink due to their softness; sage green provides a grounding earthiness that balances nicer with more earthy, warmer pinks. Meanwhile, emerald green and pink are colours that can express a rich, sumptuous feel. The trick is selecting the shade of green that goes best with the pink you are working with.

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