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Pink colour combination for bedroom walls

  • Colour Combinations
Jan 17, 2022
Pink colour combinations for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes


Before you begin choosing paint colour combinations for the bedroom, it’s essential to understand which colours work best together and why pink colour combinations are a popular choice

As we delve into the world of  bedroom interior design, we're constantly seeking out new ways to express our personal style within the intimate sanctuary of our bedrooms. One colour that's been making waves recently is pink. Gone are the days when pink was relegated to children's rooms or seen as overly feminine. Today, pink has emerged as a versatile hue that can be paired with a wide array of colours to create a room that's calming, energising, or even sophisticated. In this blog, we'll explore matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls that can transform your space into a beautiful backdrop that reflects your unique style and personality. Whether you're a minimalist at heart, a lover of all things vintage, or someone who embraces bold and vibrant aesthetics, there's a pink colour combination just for you. Let's dive in and paint a picture of your dream bedroom!


Best Pink Two Colour Combination ideas for your Bedroom Walls

1. Combining Bubblegum Pink with Earthy Tones

Certainly few pinks can risk being too childish and not that there's anything wrong with liking a fierce pink colour bedroom but you can effortlessly give a more mature vibe by combining pinks with earthy tones.


In the bedroom, the walls and the iconic furniture add a delightful and quirky vibe to the room while the deeper rust tones of the curtains or a carpet can tone down the bold pink, making it feel more grown-up and chic. The dark wooden furniture helps too, creating a relaxed contrast against the combination with pink colour.

Bubblegum pink colour with earthy tones for your bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

2. Pairing Soft Pinks and Greens for Bedroom Interiors

If you are someone with the idea of decorating the bedroom with muted shades, try a pastel combination of pinks and greens. You may add accent pieces – like a bright carpet or a wall piece– to liven up the colour palette.

Pair Soft pinks & greens for your bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ninoon/ shutterstock

If you are decorating a room with very limited dimensions and wish to create a breezy look, pale pinks and greens, soft stripes with loads of white on woodwork, painted white floorboards can help. Keeping the tones muted and easy or using washed-out colours helps bring calmness into a bedroom aura. Using soft pink on the walls along with pale green fabrics and accents can create a pretty yet fresh feel in a very limited space.


You can also try pairing purple two colour combination for bedroom walls that contrasts well in combination with pink colour.

3. Give Pink and Gold a Chance as the Best Bedroom Colours

Rose hue pink and mellow gold look extremely elegant together and can make the bedroom look refined and sophisticated. An excellent option for a simple plain wall is a patterned gold wall layout, which can also be an accent wall. Create the room, especially in a powder pink colour. Present gold in little elements to bring luxury and grace. Other than the wall paint, you can opt for rose-gold or matte gold charm lights, candle holders or photo frames, to present hints of gold to your bedroom.

4. Pair Flattering Tones of Grey to the Dreamy Pink

Pastel pinks and swarthy greys look thoughtful together and are one favoured bedroom colour combinations. A soft shade of pink against a grey backdrop signals a relaxing feeling. One can accessorise with light shades or furniture which has recently made a comeback.


In such a two colour combination for bedroom walls, it makes no difference which shade of grey you choose on whether it’s a light or dark shade. Painting your bedroom in this thoughtful pink and grey blend is an amazing combination.

Pink & gold combinations for your bedroom interior walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, karamysh/ shutterstock

5. Combine Dusky Pinks with Deeper Shades of Plum and Blue

Give a dark twist to an interior design of a sweet pink bedroom by bringing in profound plum shades and rich blue. This pink colour combination of light and dark hues make a whimsical team and is known to create depth and emotion. However, the plum hue keeps things from feeling too dim and gloomy. Bringing fancy accents and lighting can also help boost the space to something more elegant and graceful.


6. Pairing Pink and Teal for a Dreamy Bedroom

If you desire an enthusiastic enrichment in your bedroom, attempt pairing pink and teal together. Both bedroom colours are bold in their own respects but have a flair for balancing each other out pleasingly. Provided their striking brilliance, you can paint any walls or get premium furniture in a solid shade of either, and the outcome will be a vital and fresh space to come home to.


7. Yellow and Rosy Pink Hue Two Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

If you think that a pink décor for walls is only suitable for children’s or girls’ bedrooms, you may be mistaken. A yellow combination with pink colour for bedroom can be integrated aesthetically, for grown-up bedrooms as well. Pick bolder and darker shades of pink for the bedroom wall colours. You can also temper the bright pink wall with orange two colour combination for bedroom walls for a soothing effect. Pale pink and mustard walls can enrich the house interiors.


8. White and Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

A classic yet evergreen choice, the combination of white and pink brings a fresh and serene ambiance to your bedroom. The innocence of white beautifully offsets the vibrant combination with pink colour, creating a harmonious balance. You could alternate walls with these two colours or paint one wall in a textured pink while keeping the rest in pristine white. Add white bedding and furniture to enhance the minimalist aesthetic, or introduce metallic accents for a touch of glamour. This colour combination is perfect for those seeking a romantic, calming, and chic decor style. 


9. Red and Matching Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

For those who dare to be different, combining red and pink can create a striking and energetic atmosphere. These two colours, both on the warmer side of the spectrum, can form an engaging and passionate palette. Consider using a more muted or pastel pink with a vibrant red to prevent the colours from overwhelming the room. You might also want to use red as an accent colour on one wall or in your accessories to maintain balance. This combination is ideal for anyone looking to create a bold and dynamic bedroom.


10. Orange and Pink two colour combination for bedroom walls

Pairing orange and pink together can result in a lively and playful bedroom environment. These two colours exude warmth and happiness, making the room feel cosy and inviting. To strike the right balance, you could use a muted or earthy orange with a soft pink. Alternatively, for a more tropical vibe, go bold with a bright orange and hot pink. Orange bedding or furniture against pink walls can create a stunning contrast. This combination is best suited for those who desire a cheerful and vibrant bedroom.


11. Ombre Pink Color Combination for Wall

The ombre effect is a captivating way to introduce a tastefully blended colour scheme into your bedroom ambiance. Beginning with a strong, deep pink shade at the bottom and gradually transitioning to lighter shades as you move upwards, this style creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a serene sunset. It's a dreamy and comforting aesthetic that adds depth and interest to your walls. Pair this with minimalist furniture and soft lighting to fully appreciate the soothing gradient effect.


12. Pink Color Combination for Wall - Paint It All Pink

Unleash the full potential of pink by choosing to paint all your bedroom walls in this delightful colour. This approach creates a wonderfully vibrant and feminine space that exudes warmth and positivity. To prevent the room from becoming overpowering, consider pairing the pink walls with neutral or white furniture and accessories. You can also experiment with different shades of pink to add dimension and personality to the room.


13. Gorgeous Wooden Flooring & Pink Color Combination For Wall

Combining the natural elegance of wooden flooring with the soft allure of pink walls can create a truly sophisticated and inviting bedroom space. The warm, earthy tones of the wood provide a perfect balance to the gentle pink hue, resulting in a harmonious blend of color and texture. Add plush rugs and cosy textiles to enhance the comfort factor and create a bedroom that's both stylish and cosy.


14. Pink Color Combination For Wall With Marble Floors

If you're looking to infuse a touch of luxury into your bedroom, consider pairing pink walls with marble floors. The glossy, reflective surface of the marble beautifully complements the matte finish of the pink walls, creating a visually appealing contrast. This combination is modern, chic, and exudes opulence. Add metallic accents and plush fabrics to complete this luxurious look.


15. Burgundy & Pink Color Combination For Wall

For those who prefer a bold and dramatic colour scheme, pairing burgundy with pink can be a fantastic choice. The deep, rich tones of burgundy provide a stunning contrast to the light, softness of pink, creating a bedroom decor that's striking and romantic. This colour combination is perfect for creating a statement-making space that reflects your daring sense of style. Complement this look with elegant furniture and sophisticated lighting to create a truly remarkable bedroom atmosphere.


Impact of Pink Colour in a Bedroom

Pink is known to have a calming effect, helping to soothe aggression or anger and promote peace within the bedroom environment.


Different shades of pink can elicit different reactions - pale pinks are often described as relaxing, while bright, vibrant pinks can be stimulating and even energising.


The colour pink represents caring, compassion, passion, and love. Deeper shades of pink can enhance feelings of intimacy and connection, making it an excellent choice for couples' bedrooms.


Depending on the amount of natural light a room receives, different shades of pink can be beneficial. Rooms with less natural light may benefit from brighter pinks, while rooms with more natural light can use softer, muted pinks.


Pink can inspire creativity and imagination, adding another layer of personal appeal to the bedroom space.


While pink was once associated mostly with femininity, it's now recognized as a versatile colour that can create a stylish and contemporary aesthetic in any bedroom, regardless of gender.


Pink is also linked to nature and flowers, which can add a soft and serene feeling to the bedroom.

Significance of pink colour combination for bedroom, according to Vastu

Pink is a favourable colour for bedrooms according to Vastu Shastra. It's associated with hope and is known to help ease anxiety in an individual, making it an ideal choice for creating a calming atmosphere.


In addition to its calming effects, pink also symbolises love, joy, intimacy, and creativity. These properties can enhance the overall energy of the bedroom.


Furthermore, pink is known to infuse a sense of positivity or positive energy into space. This makes it a suitable choice for those seeking to add vibrance and an uplifting ambiance to their bedroom.


According to Vastu, pink is one of the suitable bedroom colours for couples, including newlywed couples. The colour signifies a bond, thus promoting harmony and connection within the relationship.


When paired with white, another colour favoured by Vastu due to its symbolism of purity and peace, pink can create a harmonious and tranquil colour scheme that promotes well-being within the family.


These points highlight the significance of a pink colour combination for bedrooms, as per Vastu.


Which is the Best Pink Combination Colour for a Bedroom?

When it comes to the best matching pink two colour combination for bedroom walls, the options are unlimited. There are multiple shades, so you are invariably going to find one that functions best in a pairing, while the most trending pink contrast colour duos right now are plum and pink and teal and pink. Both of these are opposite pink on the colour wheel so will also create a good pink colour combination.


Though, if you are someone who prefers a more subtle pink combination colour for a bedroom, grey and pink always work the best. It's a refined look that's never going out of fashion and can adapt to suit any style and aesthetic. Try a soft grey with bloom pinks for a pacifying and modest vibe or go fierce with dark charcoal to make a soft pink pop out.


1. What colour accessories work best in a pink two-tone bedroom?

In a pink two-tone bedroom, accessories in neutral colours like white, cream, or grey work well to balance the pink hues. Metallic accents in gold or silver can add a touch of sophistication. For a more dramatic contrast, consider using black or navy blue accessories. Pastel shades like mint green or light blue also blend beautifully with pink.


2. Can I use pink with other bright colours for a vibrant look?

Absolutely! Color scheme with pink can be created with many bright colours to create a vibrant and cheerful room. Consider combining pink with bright yellow, turquoise, or coral for a bold and energetic look. However, it's important to balance these strong colours with some neutral elements to avoid overwhelming the space.


3. What are the few shades of green that go well with pink in the bedroom?

Several shades of green pair wonderfully in a color scheme with pink for a refreshing and soothing bedroom. Mint green offers a soft, pastel aesthetic when paired with pink, creating a calm and serene environment. Sage green adds an earthy element that balances well with warmer pinks. Meanwhile, emerald green and pink can create a rich and luxurious feel. The key is to choose the shade of green that best complements the specific shade of pink you're working with.

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