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Decorative PVC ceiling designs for your house

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Nov 29, 2022
PVC ceiling design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

PVCs are the new smart ceilings of this era, affordable, durable, and classic. With Beautiful Homes by your side, turn your boring home ceilings into cozy ones in no time

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is yet another popular material in the world of architecture and interior designing that emerged as a result of the advancement in the latter field. This robust and durable material has created wonders over the past decade through innovative design creations. PVCs are these days used for multiple purposes, ranging from doors to tables and even false ceilings.


Apart from the flexibility and affordability of the material, PVCs resistance to moisture makes it yet another ideal material for interior settings. In this article, let us have a detailed look at the different latest PVC ceiling designs that are here to stay for a longer time and give your dream home that classic perfection it deserves.



Latest PVC Ceiling Designs in India:


1. PVC Ceiling Designs for Bedroom:

False ceiling designs have become a thing for quite sometime and PVC has undoubtedly been one of the materials supporting the same with fruition. With the support of back-lit lighting and PVC ceiling, it is comparatively easy to create that coffered design ultimately giving an appealing atmosphere to your bedroom space. The latest PVC ceiling designs involve both square and rectangular panels with easy-to-install provisions.

2. PVC Ceiling Designs for Living Room:

Decorative PVC ceiling designs are now a celebrated part of the interior designing industry for their flexibility to mold and transform into any shape and dimension. By lending a luxurious look, PVC ceiling sheets have already created and transformed many spaces to nothing less than an amazing ceiling of matching standards. Even PVC wooden ceilings are much loved these days and it has always been well-accepted by everyone. This PVC down ceiling design with an efficient backdrop of lighting can in no time turn the entire setting into a classic and sleek design.

PVC ceiling design ideas for your living room - Beautiful Homes
PVC false ceiling design for the hallway of your house - Beautiful Homes

3. PVC Ceiling Design for Hallway:

Be it a small-sized hallway or a bigger one for that matter, decorative PVC ceiling designs will let you transform any space into your dream space at an affordable price. These PVC panel false ceilings when crafted with precision and perfection, it has the power of transforming any space into something that is nothing less than gorgeous to groove along with your entire interior setting.

4. PVC Ceiling Design for Office:

Office spaces should ideally be motivating you to work and produce the best of your ability. For the same, the environment you work definitely plays a cardinal role without a doubt. With the addition of lights, side lights and spotlights PVC panels polished to perfection will serve the purpose in no time.  PVCs are easy to maintain and also something that comes with a lower cost which definitely makes it count as the best material for your office space false ceilings. Some of the new PVC ceiling designs just makes the interior of the space a notch higher.

PVC ceiling design for the office - Beautiful Homes
PVC ceiling design ideas for your drawing room interior - Beautiful Homes

5. PVC Ceiling Design for Drawing Room:

A drawing room is one of the most important spaces in any home or apartment and it is also one of the places where you find spending a fair amount of time. Would you like to give a marble look of wooden appeal for your ceiling with perfection but not draining your pocket? Then PVC down ceiling panels are your lucky super material to consider while designing your drawing room.

6. PVC Ceiling Designs for Kitchen:

Kitchen is the powerhouse of any home and a pleasant and welcoming interior of a kitchen showcases your happy tummy face. With PVCs ability to resist heat and humidity, it is indeed your ideal material to style your kitchen ceiling. From giving the fine finishing look to serving the purpose to perfection at affordable prices, PVC panel sheets are recognized as the most desired material to use for your false kitchen ceilings. These PVC false kitchen ceiling designs are nothing less than a boon with its special nature of temperature resistance.

Kitchen PVC ceiling design ideas - Beautiful Homes

7. Room PVC Ceiling:

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is indeed capable of creating a 3D effect on your room ceiling thereby escalating the mood and setting. By adding PVC ceiling sheets, it transforms the whole interior setting into a statement marker from the ordinary. Latest PVC ceiling designs gives a wooden outlook to the setting, there by making it more visually appealing and satisfying.


8. PVC Ceiling Tiles Designs:

Just like how the title suggests PVC tile designs are further made with suspended tiles in a geometrical fashion. It gives a sense of symmetry and alignment. PVC ceiling tile designs are mostly used in bedroom ceilings and also in PVC kitchen designs. PVC ceilings are now widely in use for its efficiency in changing the outlook of any place.

PVC wall ceiling design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

9. PVC Wall Ceiling Design:

Gone are the days of wall prints and plain painted walls, and today innovative designer minds have taken the aspect of interior designing to a level beyond wonder. PVC wall ceilings have been something that came into practice only sometime before but has also been something that gained the hearts of the population within a small span of time. These wall textures in turn act as a notable element of the interiors with the potential to add and escalate the whole mood of the setting to heartwarming, cool, calming, and more. The entire interior setting can be taken to a higher level when paired with the latest PVC ceiling designs.

10. PVC Ceiling Design for Lobby:

Be it for a home, an apartment, or even any commercial centre for that matter, first impressions are important for a reason. The same has created a major impact in choosing the ideal decorative PVC ceiling design for your lobby. Lobbies are basically the rooms that come as the first ones that your visitor sees and so creating a lasting positive impact plays a cardinal role in setting the entire mood of the space. These days latest PVC ceiling designs are chosen with much care and precision to adorn your lobby to perfection. With hidden light features and an efficient backdrop setting along with the flexibility of PVC, can turn the space into nothing but the talk of the town with proper planning.

PVC ceiling design ideas for your lobby - Beautiful Homes

11. PVC Suspended Ceiling for Home:

If you are someone who would love to showcase a combination of different color shades in alignment with the theme of the interior, then this PVC suspended ceiling design is what you all need. From setting the whole ambience warm and luxurious to perfectly balancing the homely nature, PVC down ceiling designs does wonders for your false ceiling interior design.



Your home is indeed a piece of your heart and so it deserves nothing lesser than perfection, elegance, and quality. The Architecture and Design industry has progressed so much these days that you are always left with numerous options to pick for your dream home. Just like how you dream big about your home, we at Beautiful Homes dream big for you too with the best possible authentic house designs. Our brand stores spread across the nation helps you to be just one more step closer to designing and setting up your dream home. From designing your interior spaces to getting them executed to perfection, Beautiful Homes are your one-stopper solution for all your interior designer need, ranging from designing to sourcing materials to executing them. We are now open in all the major Metropolitan Cities of India and are available online to serve you with perfection. Visit our website now to make over your house just the way you always wanted it to be.

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