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7 quick décor tips to brighten up your monsoons

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Jun 26, 2022
Monsoon home décor tips for this rainy season - Beautiful Homes

Monsoons are almost here so is the perfect time for warm & cosy indoor sessions. Here are 7 quick décor tips to glam up your house while you enjoy the rains

Well, here we are again, it’s that time of the year, the rainy season a much-desired respite from the stifling summer heat. It is the season of greenery and dubs for a windy spirit within the home décor to keep the monsoon blues at bay.


The commencement of the monsoon season is a wonderful chance to declutter the house. Having furnishings laid out close together soaks moisture and evokes the development of fungi and bacteria. This can be avoided by keeping the furniture away from each other, from the wall and the windows. The need then is for meticulous maintenance and fresh interior design tips. Glossy or painted surfaces can be shielded by avoiding wet cleaning clothes, picking protective treatments, and permitting adequate ventilation. Substituting the heavy drapes with sheer or lace curtains brings in more genuine lighting, offering a breezy and spacious feel to the house.

7 Home Decoration Tips to Brighten Up Your House

Are you looking for some monsoon home care tips? Do you think about the idea to remodel your room? Should you put the plan on hold every time? Looking for easy monsoon home décor ideas season to redo your house? To give it freshness try integrating easy home decoration tips and modifications. You can try these monsoon home décor ideas in the rooms for your kids, they will love it! Here are a few quick décor tips for your home in the rainy season that will keep your spirits up when listening to the pitter.

Home verandah with a sofa & many plants for monsoon décor - Beautiful Homes
Monsoon home décor ideas for living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

1. Adding Some Colour Always Works Wonders for your Monsoon Décor

Introducing more colours to your monsoon home décor not only adorns but also enlivens your space. Particularly when the grey weather starts to take a toll on your spirit, the lively interior paint colours help cheer your mood up. So, choose bright colours for house painting, and dodge dim shades as they grow to make the room seem pale. Go for inviting shades that reverberate with this time of the year. Give a long-everlasting brilliance to your walls. The rainwater often tends to leave an intense smell. 

To beat this monsoon smell, lighting a few aromatised candles is always a fine idea. These candles not only help you feel calm but also add a hint of warmth to your space. In place of these scented candles, incense sticks also make a suitable alternative. So, get one right away, and keep your air refreshed and delightful.


2. Windchimes for a pleasing Monsoon Home Décor

A soft tinkling of breezes is a pleasant guide to the cool monsoon currents. Hang them next to the plants or hang them along with the ceiling of the balcony. Bamboo wind chimes are excellent for a balcony, while aluminium or other metal chimes are perfect for windows or open porches on the house’s front and back sides. You can utilise décorative ropes, drips, and bells to make wind chimes as a fun DIY home décor task with other members of your family.

3. Play with Garden furniture

Do you want to immerse yourself in the convenience of your balcony or terrace in the magic of the raindrops and the soil-like scent of just soaked plants and fodder? Then adorn outdoor spaces with pots, jingles, and creepers. You can clad the area to make cosy spaces with makeshift shelters of cloth, bamboo tops, and umbrellas. Invest in elements of furniture such as a hanging chair, bamboo, or plastic furnishings for restoring benefit.

Home verandah with big umbrella over seating area & seasonal plants - Beautiful Homes
Fresh monsoon décor with indoor plants & decluttered interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. Do the Monsoon Décor with Lush Beauties

The rainy season is the best time to display your green thumb with an abundance of water around. You can adorn a balcony, a deck, window sills, verandah, and other areas open to the sky with creative monsoon décor ideas—fragrance bottles and pots. Fill them with plants of lotus, lilies, jasmine, rose and hibiscus. Position them throughout the place wherever you want their natural fragrance to overcome stale monsoon odours.

5. Brighten Up the Room

Lighting up your room is one of the easiest interior design tips to create marvels in an otherwise ordinary room. Moody lights and essence scented candles are a wonderful way to make your room cordial, romantic and cushy and a sure shot and can do phenomenal good to your home. 


 Light is a very significant part of monsoon home décor, so make sure that you pick the best lights to set the spirit during monsoon. Whilst picking your fairy lights, select something of sound quality as the monsoons can be slightly heavy on your plug points. Select something that would be able to bear the load. Enclose your space with candles and natural flowers to ace the aroma and make your house smell amazing.

Living room home décor tips with indoor plants & earthy interiors - Beautiful Homes

6. Bring in the Green Artwork

Images and photos of nature are a wonderful way to introduce the outdoors in and relish peaceful grandeur to them and these will ultimately transform your décor and make it calm. On another note, statues and structures made out of rubbish paper, found, dumped and recycled objects and earth-friendly materials are a few creative products that are characteristic and eco-friendly. Origami, quilling, quilting and moulding are some of the practices which are customarily used to make art with paper, also pulp made out of paper and waste cloth is often used to make artworks, and these make a really one of a kind embellishing statement. You can buy them from local artist studios, art showrooms and boutiques depending on your funds. This monsoon, as it rains, hail greenery along with nature and remake your décor in synergetic unity.

7. Cool and Vibrant Colour Curtains and Drapes to the Monsoon Rescue

Still thinking over cool monsoon décor ideas? Monsoon season implies slight sunshine and a lack of warmness coming into the home. So, it’s a fine thought to invest in light weighted and sheer kinds of drapes and curtains that are manageable with the breeze. Such curtains let the wind come in smoothly and help circulate the air within. Usually, hefty draperies like cotton and velvet can entrap the nasty and stale smell in the place and make the house look shadier. Thin and netted curtains give a light and breezy feel to the place.

Monsoon home care tips for vintage interior design - Beautiful Homes

Adorn your Spaces this Monsoon with Beautiful Homes

There is invariably something so fascinating about the Monsoon season that it just fetches delight to all nature enthusiasts. It carries with it a rejuvenating romantic scent that fills the atmosphere with its magic. It makes heaven in your own home without you doing much at all. Like nature just blessed you with a four-month-long vacay spirit at the convenience of your house. Be it the curtains, comfy furniture, or any other element of the home, one always requires some rainy season tips and monsoon home décor ideas to balance the pale and dark weather outside.


Changing your everyday house into a graceful and practical home of trendy elements during the monsoons, should not remain just a dream. It can be a fairly simple task with the right set of design specialists. It is essential to choose someone who will give the right time and effort to designing your office or house like the Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints. You will get the benefit of a panel of skilled and expert designers along with a devoted project manager to work out each step of the way for a fuss-free solution. You can also peruse the Beautiful Homes online shop or retail stores in various cities for furniture, lighting and creative monsoon décor ideas.


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