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6 secret tricks to sneak in extra storage space in your home

  • Space Saving Design
Feb 23, 2022
Space saving furniture in home for extra storage space - Beautiful Homes

Whether you treasure mementos or lean more minimalist, we all know the challenge of balancing square footage with sufficient storage for our important items. Here, we’ve listed out some of the easy and creative ways to make your space stretch further and work smarter…

A key need of any home interior design plan is achieving the ideal balance between aesthetically pleasing and conveniently functional. One core aspect of this balance is creating sufficient and well planned storage, in ways that add to rather than detract from the final look. And while the tendency is to think traditionally in terms of large built-in cupboards or overhead storage lofts, today there are a host of less bulky, more creative ideas to help make your space uniquely your own. From prettily displayed wicker baskets to clever organisational fixes, we have seen a rise in smart ways to make any storage idea a reality. So let’s explore a few interior decorating secrets to better space utilisation.

Storage Idea 1: Multifunctional Furniture

Popular today are a host of multifunctional space saving furniture ideas that provide a wide range of innovative storage solutions. From pouffe seats that double as storage cubes to convertible tables that adapt from a side-table with shelving into a dining table with storage underneath, the options are uniquely designed to fit any need.


Perhaps the most common form of multi-purpose furniture is the integrated storage bed. These usually have large drawers underneath and can sometimes even have shelving along the sides or as a part of the footboard. One slight downside is that often the drawers are very long and deep, but the simple fix is to use storage containers to sort the contents into more manageable sections.

Multifunctional bed furniture with storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/ shutterstock

Finding viable storage for a child’s needs is perhaps more difficult than our own because everything needs to be both harder wearing and at a lower height for ease of access and safety. One simple hack is to DIY your own storage pouffe by camouflaging large plastic storage containers with custom cushion covers, for stools that match the rest of their playroom décor.


Another highly utilised multifunctional piece are bathroom mirror cabinets. While hardly unusual, these pieces are still high on the list of recommendations for smart bath storage, as the area behind your mirror would otherwise be wasted wall space. And the final big scorer is storage cubes that have a tray top instead of a cushion top. These are particularly useful as they can easily double as side tables and entranceway tables. 


Storage Idea 2: Benefit from Underutilised Areas

The nooks and corners of our homes are sometimes the perfect places to get a little more storage space. Although this is now a solution that more people are becoming aware of, under stairs storage ideas are still fairly rarely implemented despite the huge advantages they offer. If you don’t already have in-built shelving or cupboards, this area can be the perfect place for a bookshelf or a chest of drawers. And if perhaps, your stairway is close to your entranceway, a few wall pegs or a selection of wall mounted wire baskets can make this a smart area to store coats, umbrellas, keys, etc. In fact, the foyer or entrance is often a zone where storage solutions are underutilised. For instance, this is another ideal area to install tall mirror cabinets because truthfully everyone prefers to check their hair and outfit one last time before they head out.


Another area that is rarely taken into account is the space below windows. By choosing smart window seat storage options you can add utility and function while simultaneously making a beautifully cosy and welcoming space that is unique to your home.


Storage Idea 3: Optimise Existing Storage

Sometimes all you need to do to increase the efficiency of your space is to invest in some intelligent add-ons and organisational solutions. The best way to create a system and keep designated spaces for different types of items, is to choose containers and separators for each and stick to a clear organisational plan. Utilise drawer organisers to create neatly separated zones within your wardrobe, pick clear storage containers for loose items like purses and hats. Attach storage hooks for scarves or sashes to the inside of your cupboard doors to make sure that the least possible space is wasted. You can even install a hanging shoe organiser behind a cupboard or interior door as a solution that requires less floor space. Practise smart folding techniques, utilise shelf dividers for overlong spaces and make sure to label every zone in a clear and legible manner.


What is more, these simple tricks to better organise wardrobe storage can translate easily to other built-in or pre-installed storage, be it your desk drawers, your bathroom cabinets, or your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Especially in your kitchen, well organised labels are your best friend, keeping the plan and flow of your cupboards easy to maintain and simple to use. You can choose to supplement the shelves in your kitchen with hooks for mugs or oven gloves. Maybe pick hanging or wall mounted wire baskets for regularly used items like salt and pepper shakers or larger goods that need easy open air storage, such as fruit or potatos.

Make use of wall mounted storage space for a spacious looking room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

Storage Idea 4: Use your Walls

Wall mounted storage units are a great way to keep limited floor space clear. Put in a peg board or just a wall hook hanger strip to boost storage in a kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, some of the available wall hook hanger options come with self adhesive mounts, which make them a particularly effective solution in a space where you cannot easily drill a hole in the wall. Another storage fix that is handy when you are unable or unwilling to drill into the wall are self adhesive mounted wire baskets. These are available in a wide range of size, shape and finish, making them an easy solution for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even balconies. 

Once again the advantage of mirror cabinets does not have to be limited to bathrooms or entrance areas — using mirrored cabinet doors in your kitchen can help make a smaller kitchen seem larger and better lit.


Storage Idea 5: Redefine ‘Décor’

One traditional idea that is gradually changing is that storage has to mean that your belongings are tucked away out of sight. Today, pretty and attractive storage sometimes becomes a way to add fun and interest to your room. And while sometimes big glass jars and clear plastic storage containers, where the contents are visible, can add colour to your space, there are also solutions that are more subtle.


For example, shelves with charming wicker baskets or canvas cubes are a trendy way to introduce more modern storage methods without necessarily making the actual contents completely visible. You can even use your storage solution as a key element of your room décor. Make an unusual focus piece by mixing décor items, brightly coloured cane basket storage and books on a ladder shelf that narrows toward the top. Arrange faux greenery or even real potted plants among these for a breezy natural look and in a snap your storage space draws the eye rather than hides away.

Storage Idea 6: Think Smaller

The final tip for easy and sustainable storage solutions is to look at the smaller spaces and find ways to make them work for you. For instance, instead of a large standing rack, get a shoe organiser that fits against a corner or hangs beneath the staircase.


When you organise wardrobe spaces don’t forget how deep the shelves are use baskets and stackable containers to make the most of the back. Add adhesive pegs and hooks to make the most of vertical space too. Store accessories and jewellery in smaller jewellery drawers so that individual pieces are easy to find but the whole takes less space. 

Small cabinet & cane baskets to sneak in storage space in the living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

If instead, you prefer a hanging organiser that fits within your wardrobe, look for a design with a variety of pockets of different sizes and orientation.


A narrow cane basket is a good way to keep keys and pens organised without using up space on your vanity. Or add self adhesive baskets or pockets to the side of your counter for extra utility. 

Add décor to space & also storage with wooden open shelf & wooden box storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, shutterstock

Looking for more storage solutions? Or perhaps just simple organisation ideas? Whether you need to make the most of a small home or just want to declutter a larger one we can help you find a storage idea that’s perfect for your needs!


Partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints – our team will be there to help you through all your design decisions! Or simply find the latest in furniture, home accessories and décor styles from our curated collection, to achieve the home interiors you’ve always dreamed of.

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