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In-style small washroom design ideas

  • Bathroom Design
Oct 19, 2020
Minimal small washroom design with pastel colours with a golden pendant lamp

Get ideas for small washroom interior design as per your dreams & choice. Know more about the modern chic style bathroom interiors that we have curated for you only at Beautiful Homes


A luxury washroom is not defined by the large area it covers, but the intricate details it embodies. Hence, if you’ve always dreamed of a luxurious washroom but feared your small space didn’t allow it: fret not! Redecorating a small washroom as per your dreams is a seamless possibility - the key is using the limited space efficiently.


Whether it’s the modern chic style you like or a raw and dark hued washroom, bringing your imagination to life is easy and, perhaps, easier with these small washroom home décor ideas that we have curated for you.

White Marble for Instant Delight

Let’s start with the walls. If there’s one material that spells “refined luxury”, it’s marble. And what better way to make a small space look more spacious than using the colour white. That’s why white marble, a perfect combination of the two, delivers both style and breathability to a washroom and these are the perfect materials for small washroom design for home, especially when applied to the walls.


A detail not to be overlooked is how the white marble plays its role as supporting element effortlessly: adding wood in this small washroom design adds earthiness to the airy look of the marble for a strong, but not noisy, statement.

Small washroom design with white marble walls and wooden doors

Image courtesy, Baldiwala Edge

Small washroom design with wall-to-wall mirror, art wall and wooden furnishings

Image courtesy, ADND

Use Wall-To-Wall Mirror

It’s not a lesser known fact that mirrors add to the depth of a space and make indoor areas feel larger than they really are. In a space where mirrors are a necessity, the simplest way to enhance a small washroom design for home is by using a wall to wall mirror. Just like the image above shows, it virtually extends the walls. And while you’re at it, adorn the walls with some wall art! You’ll have double the fun as the art is replicated in the mirror.


Not sure if you noticed the hidden beauty of this small washroom idea: the patterned wall and wooden ceiling enhance all the little details making this space a captivating experience.

Keep It Minimal & Earthy

Light monotone with minimal elements is a great way to make a small washroom design for home feel spacious and cozy. While the walls are noisy and the cabinet - sleek, the harmonious play of earthy pastel colours overall, makes this small washroom look refreshing.


Not to forget, the golden pendant lamp adds a touch of modern décor to this minimal design.

Minimal small washroom design with pastel colours with a golden pendant lamp

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Small washroom design with false ceiling in an all-black style with white details

Image courtesy, ADND

Small Washroom Design with a Slant False Ceiling

If the ground space is intangible, how about playing with the height of a space? An “all-black” approach to a small washroom design oozes modern décor excellence, but the extra luxury-feeling is given by the slant wooden ceiling. Being the brightest part of this small washroom, the false ceiling design is refreshing – especially when adorned with spot lights and pendant lamps.


The greyscale wall art and vibrant flower vase brighten up the darkness in this modern small washroom design.

Design The Washroom Like an Extension of Your Room

A small washroom doesn’t necessary need to mean a boring one! Here is one way to make sure of that: extend your bedroom’s floor to the washroom. Opening up the space between two room is not only practical, but also super-chic.


While the area in this small washroom design is certainly limited, it feels exquisite, especially because of the mirror choice. Marble floors and walls in contrast with the sink section complement each other and make the tiny space feel airy and luxurious.

Luxurious small washroom idea with open-space bedroom-bathroom floor

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Efficient under-the-sink storage space in a small washroom design in Prussian blue

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Use The Space Below The Sink Efficiently

Although more commonly known as “smart” interior design, making use of a limited space in a stylish way is pure art. If you happen to have a small washroom design and are worried about cluttering it with your essentials, mounting cabinets under the sink is your lifesaver. Not only does this give you room to store what you need to, but it can also showcase your personal style as we see in the small washroom design in this picture. The Prussian blue colour adds a modern finesse to the overall décor and while everything else is in off-white marble, the use of golden elements makes this small washroom design feel fresh and stylish.

A Designated Space for Everything & Flowers

This bathroom design is a stunning sleek rural décor inspiration. While the cabinet and tiles are in pastel hues, the walls are painted imitating an unfinished concrete wall. Gold and bronze being the key metals cherished and used in countryside homes, they both fit perfectly in the space as we can see in the fittings. The main takeaway from this small washroom idea is the smart use of space for storage, all perfectly ordered. Be it your magazines, hand towel, soap or beauty products, you know what goes where, without cluttering the limited space. Our favourite detail must be the flower pots, each unique in shape and style – giving to the washroom that country-like vibe.

Sleek and rural washroom design, pastel tiles and raw concrete wall, fittings in gold and bronze

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl

Small washroom design with wood and prints, overside mirror and tiny sink

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard

Use The Space You Need & Make It Cute

You must have already noticed how the sink has been placed over a cabinet in this small washroom idea: it takes up only the little and essential space for practical use and not an inch more. On the other side, the mirror extends above and over the length of the sink, making the area look a lot more spacious.


This small washroom design is a beautiful example of how wood and prints go well with each other for a homely vibe. While half of the upper space is in spotless white, the other half is filled with printed tiles and wooden door. The small bathroom cabinet design and the oversize mirror add just that farmhouse feel to the washroom décor.


Who said that hanging bulbs like fairy lights is only for your room or balconies? You should customise your washroom however you like! 

Minimal & Retro

Let’s remind ourselves of an interior design mantra – if the canvas is small, make it pop! Notice how the sink and other installations are subtly invisible but everything else is eye-catching? The inspiration here is pop art. While the floors are in stripes, walls in tiles and ceiling in green - everything element is so well defined as one used a black marker to outline them. Even the dustbin in this small washroom design stands out and the mirror reflects the walls. This small washroom is so chic that one could envision having a photoshoot in here! Which elite fashion magazine do you prefer?

Vibrant and retro small washroom design with striped tiles, tiled walls and green ceiling

Image courtesy, Richa Bahl

Don’t let the limited space of your washroom limit also your creativity. Check out these small bathroom ideas to make your space look bigger.


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