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Space saving design ideas for your small kitchen

  • Space Saving Design
Dec 22, 2021
Space saving ideas for your small kitchen designs - Beautiful Homes

The key to a great small kitchen layout is good planning to ensure the room meets all your needs. Here are our space-saving design ideas for your small kitchen

Sometimes the best of things truly do come in small spaces —even when it comes to kitchens. With a suitable kitchen design, small kitchens can operate just as nicely as large ones and can feel even more impressive when infused with distinctive modular kitchen design décor that reflects your character and qualities. Find out what you can include in your small kitchen.. 

The key to planning a small kitchen design that lives large is to have an open mind and think outside of the box. For instance, while white painted kitchens generally feel more breezy and spacious, narrow modular kitchen parallel kitchen design can be ideal settings to indulge colouring goals with a saturated kitchen paint colour, wallpaper backsplash or other modular kitchen interior décor. Moreover, intelligent storage design, such as going for open shelves in place of upper cabinets or kitchen drawers rather than lower cabinetry, can form a simple small modular kitchen with the best space-saving and organization concepts. From a small kitchen design cabinetry and lighting and backsplash ideas to kitchen island setup and appliances, let these small kitchen ideas inspire you to pack your little cook space with prominent style and class.


Ideas for Space Saving Small Kitchen Design

1. Pay Attention to the Kitchen Dimensions

Modular Kitchens have to be as functional as they are captivating. When designing your kitchen layout, always leave walkway space on either one or two sides of your counters, island, or peninsula counter. This is a functionally and aesthetically practical dimension to consider.


2. Make Use of the Wall Spaces for an Intelligent Kitchen Design

When space saving is in mind, a smart small modular kitchen comes to the rescue. While dealing with a compact space it is pivotal that the kitchen layout is cautiously kept in mind to ensure every inch of the kitchen is cleverly utilised. Building a pool of kitchen cabinets along one wall is a fantastic way of simplifying and opening up the space. Kitchen Tall wall units are specifically appropriate for narrow, galley-style kitchens, as utilizing this space guarantees the area feels less congested than if filled with pantry type units.


3. Go for a Crisp Colour Scheme for Your Small Kitchen

You can make a small kitchen feel light and breezy by opting for a neutral kitchen colour plan. Although, neutral doesn’t just mean beige or cream-coloured kitchens. You can pair white patterned tiles and marble counters with blue kitchen cabinets for a crisp colour palette that will spread light around, making the kitchen feel and appear spacious.

Kitchen Counter top design for small kitchen design - Beautiful Homes
Wash basin designs for your small kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. Use Every Kitchen Corner as a Storage Space

Optimise the space you already have by carefully identifying places where there’s unused space, such as the gaps between shelves, behind the cupboards, under the sink, wasted corners and windowsills. Pile wherever you can and have a clear out of kitchenware that’s rarely used or only has one function, so you have less to stow. Consider relocating items that aren’t in everyday use, but you don’t want to chuck them out, to anywhere else in your home. You can try adding a utensil rail or magnetic knife board, hooks on the sides of your cupboards or frames hung over a door. Extra shelves in corners or across nooks will also come in handy for a small modular kitchen.


5. Tidy up Your Kitchen Space

Minimalism may be the term that’s in trend but the idea behind living with less is the key to not only a stylish kitchen but a sustainable and spacious one. Buying only what you need is the best way to reduce your footprint and save time, stress, money and space. Cull unwanted items from your draws, cupboards and pantry. Moving forward, remember that new items only come into your kitchen to replace something that breaks or stops to serve its purpose.

6. Make use of Storage Helpers

The cupboards and drawers are your best friends when you are designing a small modular kitchen however it’s possible that they’re not being used completely. Internal storage solutions will make the best use out of them, therefore, consider retrofitting wire racks that pull out of corners or narrow cupboards, few plinth drawers, or utilising drawer dividers for utensils, spices or pans. You can increase your storage space further with a mobile solution, such as a trolley or butcher’s block on castors, or think about popping baskets or containers on top of your wall cabinets. Remember to keep a sturdy stool nearby so you can comfortably reach them in time of need.

Storage ideas for saving some space in your small kitchen - Beautiful Homes

7. Prepare an Intelligent Layout for Your Small Kitchen

As with any  kitchen design, big or small, you need to think about the functionality. How do you use the space? There’s a triangle of use within every kitchen, the journey made from the fridge to sink to the oven – the key elements that need to be kept in mind. Plan your kitchen layout around the best way to use the floor space. In budget kitchen renovations where there’s very little to no demolition possible, adopt an efficient layout that suits the space available.

● Adopt a U-shaped Kitchen Design

 U-shaped kitchen design are one of the most prevalent small kitchen ideas for a reason, they truly optimize on space and are excellent if you require plenty of cupboard room and surface areas. The secret to making this layout work in a small kitchen design, however, is not to load the room, opting for a U-shaped layout and then filling all the walls with cabinets can feel too congested. Thus, instead, leave at least one wall free, and then make full use of space by going floor to ceiling on other walls. This can look far more refined than just having a pool of cabinets floating in the middle of the wall with all that wasted space.


  • Go for a Parallel Kitchen Layout
    If you have a narrow kitchen, the best way to go to maximize your space is a modular kitchen parallel kitchen design layout/double galley layout. This way you make efficient use of both worktops but it doesn't feel too boxy as a U-shaped layout would in a space of similar size. Leaving one wall free from cabinets can keep a kitchen feeling open and spacious– especially if one wall has a window.


Know more about choosing parallel kitchen for your home.

Marble for your small kitchen interior design - Beautiful Homes
  • Try a Single Galley Straight Kitchen Design
    A single galley layout is just a traditional galley kitchen but just down one wall. Straight kitchen design again is a perfect kitchen design for a small space that works really well if your kitchen is part of a larger room, as it keeps the space open and comfortable to move around, nothing gets cut into or blocked. Yet, when you are restricting your kitchen to just one wall, every inch actually does have to serve a purpose. Creating a bank of cabinets along one wall is a significant way of streamlining and opening up the space. Kitchen tall units particularly work for galley style kitchens as using this space ensures the area feels less congested. And if floor-to-ceiling cabinets aren’t your preference then ensure you are really maximizing your storage with deep drawers, cabinets designed for exact items and kitchen built-in appliances so that everything looks sleek and seamless in your modular kitchen design.

Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space with Asian Paints Beautiful Homes

Identifying the right kitchen layout and design idea for your space is the most important factor in building a practical kitchen area that’s safe and comfortable for the entire family. The right kitchen layout will provide plenty of room for storage, organizing kitchen gadgets and leaving enough space for cooking without feeling cramped.

The selection of small kitchen interior design and layout should be made entirely on utility. With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can make the vision of your small modular kitchen a truth. Here’s how we can help you design an affordable small modular kitchen for your home:

  • With our vision and planning, you can design a  budget-friendly modular kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful for a small space.


  • Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure that the interior design is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility.

  • Our Modular kitchens come with ample customization  Wooden flooring for your small kitchen interior - Beautiful Homes opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.

  • We have a huge range of options to fulfill your dreams. From a low-cost semi-modular kitchen design design to a luxurious full-on modular kitchen, we can do it all for you.

  • From accessories to material, budget preference to the utility of the cabinets, we first provide a 2D design and then build a 3D render to help you get a look and feel of how your modular kitchen design will look.

  • We do not compromise on quality and craft despite having the most competitive low-cost modular kitchen price in the market.
Wooden flooring for your small kitchen interior - Beautiful Homes
  • We do not finalize the design until we have your sign-off. 


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